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Moro airport in Moro Papua New Guinea / ICAO AYMR IATA MXH

Moro airport (Papua New Guinea) is located near Moro, Mendi in 31 mi, Umbimi in 32 mi, Ialibu in 52 mi, Porgera in 62 mi, Wabag in 69 mi, Mount Hagen in 76 mi, Kagamuga in 81 mi, Kundiawa in 121 mi, Kiunga in 135 mi, Zagomzuhu in 149 mi, Goroka in 149 mi, Ambunti in 149 mi,

Hotels in Moro


Hotels in Moro

aerial view of Moro

Elevation : 835 m = 2740 ft


weather : overcast in Mendi

ciel couvert
59 °F
57 ↗ 57 °F

Wind 1 mph
gusting to 2 mph

Aviation weather for Moro airport / ICAO AYMR IATA MXH

METAR for Moro airport - AYMR

No METAR for Moro airport, but aviation weather is available at for Mount Hagen airport (AYMH) at 131 km

TAF for Moro airport - AYMR

No TAF but aviation weather is available at

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