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Winterthur airport in Winterthur Switzerland / ICAO LSPH

Winterthur airport (Switzerland) is located near Winterthur, Oberwinterthur in 0 mi, Bezirk Winterthur in 1 mi, Oberwinterthur / Guggenbuehl in 1 mi, Wiesendangen / Wiesengrund in 1 mi, Oberwinterthur / Zinzikon in 1 mi, Oberwinterthur / Hegi in 1 mi, Oberwinterthur / Essigfabrik in 1 mi, Wiesendangen / Wiesendangen in 1 mi, Rümikon in 1 mi, Oberwinterthur / Talacker in 1 mi, Wiesendangen in 1 mi, Elsau-Raeterschen in 2 mi,

Hotels in Winterthur


Hotels in Winterthur

aerial view of Winterthur

Elevation : 459 m = 1506 ft


weather : few clouds in Oberwinterthur

quelques nuages
41 °F

Wind 1 mph

Aviation weather for Winterthur airport / ICAO LSPH

METAR for Winterthur airport - LSPH

No METAR for Winterthur airport, but aviation weather is available at for Dubendorf airport (LSMD) at 16 km

TAF for Winterthur airport - LSPH

No TAF but aviation weather is available at for Zurich airport (LSZH) in 18 km

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