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Aeronautical current weather observation and short-term forecast for pilots, flight preparation with the METAR (Meteorological Aerodrome Report : current weather report), and TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast: short-term weather forecast message for aviation). And other resources like VAC (Visual Approach Chart) and NOTAM (Notice To Airman) to prepare a flights.

METAR, TAF, VAC, NOTAM Shiraz Intl airport (Iran) / ICAO OISS/ IATA SYZ

Shiraz Intl airport (Iran) is located close to Shiraz, Ja‘farābād-e Now at 1 mile, Shiraz at 5 mile, Akbarabad at 23 mile, Firuzabad at 48 mile, Kazerun at 56 mile, Khani Yek at 59 mile, Nurabad at 75 mile, Fasa at 76 mile, Hārom at 81 mile, Borazjan at 85 mile,

Elevation : 1500 m = 4921 ft


weather : sky clear at Ja‘farābād-e Now

ciel dégagé
93 °F
70↗90 °F

Wind 4 mph

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aerial view of Shiraz Intl

METAR for Shiraz Intl airport - OISS

OISS 181200Z 05004KT 9999 FEW040 34/01 Q1013 A2992

Decoded METAR for Shiraz Intl Airport (Iran)

METAR issued by OISS on Saturday 18th of September 2021 at 12:00 UTC, Warning : this METAR is out of date, issued 6 days and 153 hours and -8587 minutes ago.

Visibility is greater than 10 km = greater than 6 mile.

Temperature is 34 °C = 93 °F and dew point is 1 °C = 34 °F . This correspond to 12% relative humidity.

QNH is 1013 mb = 29.91 inHg

Wind speed is 7 km/h = 4 kt, direction is 50°.

Clouds : few clouds at 4000 ft = 1220 m.


TAF for Shiraz Intl airport - OISS

OISS 181130Z 1812/1918 05008KT 8000 NSC

Decoded TAF for Shiraz Intl Airport (Iran)

TAF issued by OISS on Saturday 18th of September 2021 at 11:30 UTC Warning : this TAF is out of date, issued 6 days and 10 hours and 23 minutes ago. A 30 hour weather forecast that is updated every 6 hours.

from Saturday 18th of September 2021 à 12:00 heure TU to Sunday 19th of September 2021 à 18:00 heure UTC

1812/1918 05008KT 8000 NSC

Wind 8 kt = 15 km/h, direction is 50°

Visibility is 8 km = 5 mile.

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