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Semirara airport in Philippines / ICAO RPSR

Semirara airport (Philippines) is located near Semirara in 1 mi, Tinogboc in 5 mi, Caluya in 15 mi, Jarigue in 15 mi, Alibug in 15 mi, Mauhao in 16 mi, Bulalacao in 18 mi, Santa Teresa in 22 mi, Magsaysay in 24 mi, Paclolo in 25 mi, Manaul in 26 mi, Caminauit in 27 mi,

Hotels in Semirara


Hotels in Semirara

aerial view of Semirara

Elevation : 9 m = 30 ft

weather : moderate rain in Semirara

pluie d'intensité moyenne
81 °F

Wind 20 mph
gusting to 22 mph

Aviation weather for Semirara airport / ICAO RPSR

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