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Aeronautical current weather observation and short-term forecast for pilots, flight preparation with the METAR (Meteorological Aerodrome Report : current weather report), and TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast: short-term weather forecast message for aviation). And other resources like VAC (Visual Approach Chart) to prepare a flights.

METAR, TAF, VAC Santa Rosa airport (Ecuador) / ICAO SERO/ IATA ETR

Santa Rosa airport (Ecuador) is located close to Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa at 2 mile, Arenillas at 9 mile, Puerto Bolivar at 12 mile, Puerto Pito at 12 mile, Machala at 12 mile, Pasaje at 15 mile, Huaquillas at 17 mile, Guabo at 17 mile, Aguas Verdes at 17 mile, Zarumilla at 20 mile, Hacienda Targuarcocha at 27 mile, Primavera at 28 mile,

Elevation : 6 m = 20 ft


weather : light intensity drizzle at Santa Rosa

faible bruine
77 °F
72↗88 °F

Wind 4 mph

Hotels in Santa Rosa


aerial view of Santa Rosa

METAR for Santa Rosa airport - SERO

SERO 171600Z 32004KT 8000 -DZ SCT013 OVC020 25/23 Q1015

Decoded METAR for Santa Rosa Airport (Ecuador)

METAR issued by SERO on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 16:00 UTC, Warning : this METAR is out of date, issued 3 days and 73 hours and -4303 minutes ago.

Visibility is 8 km = 5 mile.

Temperature is 25 °C = 77 °F and dew point is 23 °C = 73 °F . This correspond to 89% relative humidity.

QNH is 1015 mb = 29.97 inHg

Wind speed is 7 km/h = 4 kt, direction is 320°.

Clouds : scattered clouds at 1300 ft = 400 m. overcast at 2000 ft = 610 m.

light intensity drizzle

TAF for Santa Rosa airport - SERO

No TAF but aviation weather is available at for Tumbes airport (SPME) at 44 km

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