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Eirunepé airport in Eirunepé Brazil / ICAO SWEI IATA ERN

Eirunepé airport (Brazil) is located near Eirunepé, Eirunepe in 1 mi, Águia in 32 mi, Envira in 51 mi, Feijo in 110 mi, Jutai in 121 mi, Tarauaca in 121 mi, Benjamin Constant in 156 mi, Manoel Urbano in 158 mi, Atalaia do Norte in 158 mi, Estado do Acre in 163 mi, Ramon Castilla in 165 mi, Tabatinga in 165 mi,

Hotels in Eirunepé


Hotels in Eirunepé

aerial view of Eirunepé

Elevation : 126 m = 413 ft


weather : broken clouds in Eirunepe

nuages fragmentés
93 °F
70 ↗ 97 °F

Wind 1 mph
gusting to 3 mph

high heat alert with 97 °F in Eirunepe

Monday : high heat alert with 99 °F in Eirunepe

Aviation weather for Eirunepé airport / ICAO SWEI IATA ERN

METAR for Eirunepé airport - SWEI

No METAR for Eirunepé airport, but aviation weather is available at for Tarauaca airport (SBTK) at 196 km

TAF for Eirunepé airport - SWEI

No TAF but aviation weather is available at

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