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Nagurskoye airport near Russian Federation / ICAO UODN

Nagurskoye airport is located near Spitsbergen in 673 km, Longyearbyen in 697 km, Svalbard in 698 km, Nybyen in 699 km, Drovyanoy in 1116 km, Dikson in 1118 km, Gamvik in 1195 km, Mehamn in 1196 km, Berlevåg in 1202 km, Kjollefjord in 1211 km, Nordmannset in 1219 km, Båtsfjord in 1220 km,

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aerial view of Nagurskoye airport

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This airport is located near the North Pole. It is one of the northernmost airports in the world.

Elevation : 18 m = 59 ft

weather : sky clear in Spitsbergen

ciel dégagé
-23 °C
-23 ↗ -21 °C

Wind 4 km/h

extreme cold alert with -23 °C in Spitsbergen

Saturday : extreme cold alert with -23 °C in Spitsbergen

Saturday : snow alert with 15 cm in Spitsbergen

Aviation weather for Nagurskoye airport UODN

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