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The airports that have the longest runways in the world, because they are at altitude or the planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate the largest planes or non-standard aircraft like the American space shuttle in Thailand.

#1 Suvarnabhumi airport at Bangkok (Thailand) VTBS BKK

aéroport Suvarnabhumi

Altitude : 2 m = 7ft

Suvarnabhumi airport is located close to Bangkok, Ban Khlong Nong Kha at 2.2 km, Lat Krabang at 6.2 km, Prawet at 6.9 km, Ban Khlong Bang Sao Thong at 10 km, Suan Luang at 12 km, Saphan Sung at 12 km,

The longest runway measure : 4000 m = 13123ft

-> Aviation weather for Suvarnabhumi airport

#2 Don Mueang International airport at Bangkok (Thailand) VTBD DMK

aéroport Don Mueang International

Altitude : 3 m = 10ft

Don Mueang International airport is located close to Bangkok, Don Mueang at 1.8 km, Lak Si at 4.1 km, Sai Mai at 4.3 km, Bang Khen at 4.4 km, Chatuchak at 11 km, Ban Bang Kadi Pathum Thani at 11 km,

The longest runway measure : 3700 m = 12139ft

-> Aviation weather for Don Mueang International airport

#3 U-Tapao International airport at Rayong (Thailand) VTBU UTP

aéroport U-Tapao International

Altitude : 13 m = 43ft

U-Tapao International airport is located close to Rayong, Ban U Taphao at 1.9 km, Ban Chang at 7.4 km, Sattahip at 11 km, Nikhom Phattana at 27 km, Rayong at 27 km, Ban Charoen Suk at 30 km,

The longest runway measure : 3505 m = 11499ft

-> Aviation weather for U-Tapao International airport

#4 Nam Phung Dam airport at Khon Kaen (Thailand) VTUZ

aéroport Nam Phung Dam

Altitude : 231 m = 758ft

Nam Phung Dam airport is located close to Khon Kaen, Nam Phong at 13 km, Kranuan at 13 km, Sam Sung at 17 km, Chuen Chom at 25 km, Khon Kaen at 27 km, Huai Mek at 29 km,

The longest runway measure : 3157 m = 10358ft

-> Aviation weather for Nam Phung Dam airport

#5 Chiang Mai International airport at Chiang Mai (Thailand) VTCC CNX

aéroport Chiang Mai International

Altitude : 316 m = 1037ft

Chiang Mai International airport is located close to Chiang Mai, Ban Pong Noi at 1 km, Ban San Pa Lan at 2.2 km, Chiang Mai at 3.5 km, Saraphi at 9.6 km, Hang Dong at 10 km, San Sai at 13 km,

The longest runway measure : 3100 m = 10171ft

-> Aviation weather for Chiang Mai International airport

#6 Hat Yai International airport at Hat Yai (Thailand) VTSS HDY

aéroport Hat Yai International

Altitude : 27 m = 89ft

Hat Yai International airport is located close to Hat Yai, Ban Thon Khlong at 1.4 km, Khlong Hoi Khong at 3.9 km, Hat Yai at 12 km, Bang Klam at 17 km, Na Mom at 18 km, Changwat Pattani at 21 km,

The longest runway measure : 3050 m = 10007ft

-> Aviation weather for Hat Yai International airport

#7 Khon Kaen airport at Khon Kaen (Thailand) VTUK KKC

aéroport Khon Kaen

Altitude : 204 m = 669ft

Khon Kaen airport is located close to Khon Kaen, Ban Nong Lup at 1.8 km, Khon Kaen at 5.7 km, Ban Fang at 16 km, Phra Yuen at 21 km, Nam Phong at 27 km, Ban Haet at 30 km,

The longest runway measure : 3050 m = 10007ft

-> Aviation weather for Khon Kaen airport

#8 Udon Thani airport at Udon Thani (Thailand) VTUD UTH

aéroport Udon Thani

Altitude : 176 m = 577ft

Udon Thani airport is located close to Udon Thani, Ban Chang at 2 km, Udon Thani at 3.3 km, Changwat Udon Thani at 7.6 km, Kut Chap at 24 km, Nong Saeng at 24 km, Ban Na Muang at 29 km,

The longest runway measure : 3048 m = 10000ft

-> Aviation weather for Udon Thani airport

#9 Ubon Ratchathani airport at Ubon Ratchathani (Thailand) VTUU UBP

aéroport Ubon Ratchathani

Altitude : 124 m = 407ft

Ubon Ratchathani airport is located close to Ubon Ratchathani, Ban Na Khwai at 2.2 km, Ubon Ratchathani at 3.5 km, Warin Chamrap at 6.5 km, Ban Huai Khum at 6.7 km, Lao Suea Kok at 18 km, Don Mot Daeng at 22 km,

The longest runway measure : 3002 m = 9849ft

-> Aviation weather for Ubon Ratchathani airport

#10 Mae Fah Luang - Chiang Rai International airport at Chiang Rai (Thailand) VTCT CEI

aéroport Mae Fah Luang - Chiang Rai International

Altitude : 390 m = 1280ft

Mae Fah Luang - Chiang Rai International airport is located close to Chiang Rai, Ban Pong Luang at 1.3 km, Changwat Chiang Rai at 5.3 km, Chiang Rai at 7.2 km, Wiang Chai at 9.3 km, Wiang Chiang Rung at 19 km, Mae Chan at 22 km,

The longest runway measure : 3000 m = 9843ft

-> Aviation weather for Mae Fah Luang - Chiang Rai International airport

#11 Takhli airport at (Thailand) VTPI TKH

#12 Phitsanulok airport at (Thailand) VTPP PHS

#13 Surat Thani airport at Surat Thani (Thailand) VTSB URT

#14 Krabi airport at Krabi (Thailand) VTSG KBV

#15 Phuket International airport at Phuket (Thailand) VTSP HKT

#16 Khorat airport at (Thailand) VTUN

#17 Kamphaeng Saen airport at Nakhon Pathom (Thailand) VTBK KDT

#18 Sakhon Nakhon Bankhai airport at (Thailand) VTUI SNO

#19 Narathiwat airport at (Thailand) VTSC NAW

#20 Nakhon Phanom airport at (Thailand) VTUW KOP

#21 Cha Eian airport at Nakhon Si Thammarat (Thailand) VTSN

#22 Khok Kathiam airport at (Thailand) VTBL

#23 Phetchabun airport at (Thailand) VTPB PHY

#24 Hua Hin airport at Hua Hin (Thailand) VTPH HHQ

#25 Sukhothai airport at (Thailand) VTPO THS

#26 Chumphon airport at (Thailand) VTSE CJM

#27 Nakhon Si Thammarat airport at Nakhon Si Thammarat (Thailand) VTSF NST

#28 Trang airport at (Thailand) VTST TST

#29 Loei airport at (Thailand) VTUL LOE

#30 Buri Ram airport at (Thailand) VTUO BFV

#31 Nakhon Ratchasima airport at (Thailand) VTUQ NAK

#32 Roi Et airport at (Thailand) VTUV ROI

#33 Samui airport at Na Thon (Ko Samui Island) (Thailand) VTSM USM

#34 Prachuap airport at (Thailand) VTBP

#35 Mae Hong Son airport at (Thailand) VTCH HGN

#36 Nan airport at (Thailand) VTCN NNT

#37 Ranong airport at (Thailand) VTSR UNN

#38 Lampang airport at (Thailand) VTCL LPT

#39 Surin airport at Surin (Thailand) VTUJ PXR

#40 Songkhla airport at (Thailand) VTSH SGZ

#41 Trat airport at (Thailand) VTBO TDX

#42 Prachin Buri Watthana Nakhon airport at (Thailand) VTBW

#43 Phrae airport at (Thailand) VTCP PRH

#44 Mae Sot airport at (Thailand) VTPM MAQ

#45 Tak airport at (Thailand) VTPT TKT

#46 Khunan Phumipol airport at (Thailand) VTPY

#47 Pattani airport at (Thailand) VTSK PAN

#48 Nakhon Sawan airport at (Thailand) VTPN

#49 Sa Pran Nak airport at (Thailand) VTBH KKM

#50 Satun airport at (Thailand) VTSA

#51 Prachin Buri airport at (Thailand) VTBI

#52 Sak Long airport at (Thailand) VTPL

#53 Roi Et Rob Muang airport at (Thailand) VTUR

#54 Bang Pra airport at Bang Pra (Thailand) VTBT

#55 Phuket Airpark airport at Talang (Thailand) VTSW

#56 Eastern Flying Club airport at Pattaya (Bang Lamung) (Thailand) TH-0001

#57 Khlong Si airport at Khlong Si (Thailand) TH-0002

#58 Klong 15 airport at (Thailand) TH-0003

#59 Prachom Klao airport at Prachin Buri (Thailand) TH-0004

#60 Lektop-Thames airport at Khlong Luang (Thailand) TH-0005

#61 Thung Si Kan airport at Don Mueang (Thailand) TH-0006

#62 Chanthaburi Airstrip airport at Khao Wua (Thailand) TH-0007

#63 Koh Mai Si airport at Ko Kut (Thailand) TH-0008

#64 Klaeng airport at Klaeng (Thailand) TH-0010

#65 Nong Khor airport at Si Racha (Thailand) TH-0011

#66 Ko Chan airport at Ko Chan (Thailand) TH-0013

#67 Supawan Mini airport at Bang Yai (Thailand) TH-0014

#68 Best Ocean Airpark airport at Samut Sakhon (Thailand) TH-0015

#69 Camp Burachat (Sanam Luang) airport at Ratchaburi (Thailand) TH-0016

#70 Kaeng Krachan airport at Tha Yang (Thailand) TH-0017

#71 Pran Buri airport at Pran Buri (Thailand) TH-0018

#72 Ratthaphum airport at Rattaphum (Thailand) TH-0019

#73 Phanom Sarakham airport at Phanom Sarakham (Thailand) TH-0021

#74 Old Betong airport at Betong (Thailand) TH-0022

#75 Banana airport at Si Racha District (Thailand) TH-0023

#76 Vanchanphen Airpark airport at (Thailand) TH-0024

#77 Dropzone Thailand airport at Klaeng (Thailand) TH-0025

#78 Nong Prue airport at Pattaya (Thailand) TH-0026

#79 Lanna airport at (Thailand) TH-0027

#80 Saha Group airport at Si Racha (Thailand) TH-0028

#81 Seri Thai airport at Na Khu (Thailand) TH-0029

#82 Kut Kho Kan airport at Kut Kho Kan (Thailand) TH-0030

#83 Pattaya Huai Yai airport at Pattaya (Bang Lamung) (Thailand) TH-0032

#84 Storm airport at Lat Lum Kaeo (Thailand) TH-0033

#85 TFT airport at Nong Suea (Thailand) TH-0034

#86 Lektop-Thames Number 2 airport at Nong Suea (Thailand) TH-0035

#87 Kabin Buri airport at Kabin Buri (Thailand) TH-0036

#88 Lat Ya Army airport at Kanchanaburi (Thailand) TH-0037

#89 River Kwai airport at Kanchanaburi (Thailand) TH-0038

#90 Hinzon airport at Si Maha Phot (Thailand) TH-0039

#91 Khanong Phra airport at Khanong Phra (Thailand) TH-0040

#92 Chiang Mai Airsports airport at San Kamphaeng (Thailand) TH-0042

#93 Ongkarak (Klong 16) airport at Ongkarak (Thailand) VN-0020

#94 Prachuap Khiri Khan airport at Prachuap Khiri Khan (Thailand) VTBN

#95 Phayao Ban Chiang Kham airport at Phayao Ban Chiang Kham (Thailand) VTCB

#96 Mae Hong Son airport at Mae Hong Son (Thailand) VTCI PYY

#97 Lamphun airport at (Thailand) VTCO

#98 Mae Sariang airport at Mae Sariang (Thailand) VTCS

#99 Nok airport at (Thailand) VTCY VTCY

#100 Udorn Air Base airport at Ban Mak Khaen (Thailand) VTED BAO

#101 Photharam airport at Photharam (Thailand) VTPR

#102 Uttaradit airport at Uttaradit (Thailand) VTPU UTR

#103 Betong International airport at Betong (Thailand) VTSY BTZ

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