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The airports that have the longest runways in the world, because they are at altitude or the planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate the largest planes or non-standard aircraft like the American space shuttle in Uganda.

#1 Entebbe International airport in Kampala (Uganda) HUEN EBB

aéroport Entebbe International

Altitude : 1153 m = 3783ft

Entebbe International airport is located close to Kampala, Bukiberu in 1.5 km, Entebbe in 2.5 km, Balabala in 18 km, Kajansi in 20 km, Mpigi in 25 km, Namirembe in 33 km,

The longest runway measure : 3658 m = 12001ft

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#2 Gulu airport in Gulu (Uganda) HUGU ULU

aéroport Gulu

Altitude : 1070 m = 3510ft

Gulu airport is located close to Gulu, Bungatira in 3.3 km, Gulu in 4.6 km, Nwoya in 36 km, Amuru in 37 km, Oyam in 65 km, Kole in 74 km,

The longest runway measure : 3144 m = 10315ft

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#3 Soroti airport in Soroti (Uganda) HUSO SRT

aéroport Soroti

Altitude : 1127 m = 3698ft

Soroti airport is located close to Soroti, Soroti in 1.9 km, Opiyai in 3.2 km, Amuria in 31 km, Serere in 32 km, Ngora in 37 km, Katakwi in 42 km,

The longest runway measure : 1859 m = 6099ft

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#4 Kasese airport in Kasese (Uganda) HUKS KSE

aéroport Kasese

Altitude : 959 m = 3146ft

Kasese airport is located close to Kasese, Kasese in 1.9 km, Rukoki in 1.9 km, Kilembe in 11 km, Kiraboha in 28 km, Margherita in 35 km, Kamwenge in 39 km,

The longest runway measure : 1570 m = 5151ft

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#5 Pakuba airport in Kabalega Falls (Uganda) HUPA PAF EX-HUKF

aéroport Pakuba

Altitude : 753 m = 2470ft

Pakuba airport is located close to Kabalega Falls, Bulisa in 25 km, Nebbi in 48 km, Paidha in 58 km, Nwoya in 66 km, Palingi in 68 km, Zombo in 69 km,

The longest runway measure : 1541 m = 5056ft

-> Aviation weather for Pakuba airport

#6 Adjumani airport in Adjumani (Uganda) HUAJ

aéroport Adjumani

Altitude : 796 m = 2612ft

Adjumani airport is located close to Adjumani, Adjumani in 5.2 km, Moyo in 36 km, Yumbe in 59 km, Amuru in 62 km, Bungatira in 81 km, Nwoya in 83 km,

The longest runway measure : 1131 m = 3711ft

-> Aviation weather for Adjumani airport

#7 Kisoro airport in Kisoro (Uganda) UG-0001

aéroport Kisoro

Altitude : 1890 m = 6201ft

Kisoro airport is located close to Kisoro, Kisoro in 3.9 km, Nyalutembe in 23 km, Gahondogo in 25 km, Musanze in 26 km, Kabale in 30 km, Kanungu in 37 km,

-> Aviation weather for Kisoro airport

#8 Moyo airport in Moyo (Uganda) OYG UG-OYG

aéroport Moyo

Altitude : 991 m = 3251ft

Moyo airport is located close to Moyo, Moyo in 4.6 km, Adjumani in 30 km, Yumbe in 61 km, Magwi County in 80 km, Pajok in 83 km, PAJOK Pogee, in 85 km,

-> Aviation weather for Moyo airport

#9 Savannah Airstrip airport in Kihihi (Uganda) KHX UG-0002

aéroport Savannah Airstrip

Altitude : 1097 m = 3599ft

Savannah Airstrip airport is located close to Kihihi, Ntungamo in 19 km, Kanungu in 29 km, Rukungiri in 30 km, Mitoma in 41 km, Nyalutembe in 48 km, Bushenyi in 59 km,

-> Aviation weather for Savannah Airstrip airport

#10 Mutukula airport in Mutukula (Uganda) UG-0003

aéroport Mutukula

Altitude : 1164 m = 3819ft

Mutukula airport is located close to Mutukula, Byakabanda in 21 km, Rakai in 24 km, Nsunga in 25 km, Kyotera in 36 km, Kyaka in 36 km, Katoro in 53 km,

-> Aviation weather for Mutukula airport

#11 Nakasongola airport in Nakasongola (Uganda) UG-0004

#12 Koboko airport in Koboko (Uganda) UG-0005

#13 Kalongo airport in Kalongo (Uganda) UG-0006

#14 Chobe Safari Lodge airport in Lolim (Uganda) UG-0007

#15 Matany Airstrip airport in Matany (Uganda) UG-0008

#16 Lake Albert Lodge Airstrip airport in Munihoro (Uganda) UG-0009

#17 Buhuka airport in Buhuka (Uganda) UG-0010

#18 Buseruka airport in Buseruka (Uganda) UG-0011

#19 Butiaba airport in Butiaba (Uganda) UG-0012

#20 Bukasa airport in Kyamuswa (Uganda) UG-0014

#21 Bulago airport in Mukono (Uganda) UG-0015

#22 Kayonza airport in Kyabuyorwa (Uganda) UG-0016

#23 Tororo airport in Tororo (Uganda) HUTO TRY

#24 Mweya airport in Mweya (Uganda) HUMW

#25 Moroto airport in Moroto (Uganda) HUMO

#26 Masindi airport in Masindi (Uganda) HUMI KCU

#27 Mbarara airport in Mbarara (Uganda) HUMA MBQ

#28 Lira airport in Lira (Uganda) HULI

#29 Kitgum airport in Kitgum (Uganda) HUKT

#30 Kotido airport in Kotido (Uganda) HUKO

#31 Kakira airport in Kakira (Uganda) HUKK

#32 Kajjansi airport in Kampala (Uganda) HUKJ

#33 Kidepo airport in Kidepo Valley National Park (Uganda) HUKD

#34 Kabale airport in (Uganda) HUKB

#35 Jinja airport in Jinja (Uganda) HUJI JIN

#36 Fort Portal airport in Fort Portal (Uganda) HUFP

#37 Bundibugyo airport in Bundibugyo (Uganda) HUBU

#38 Arua airport in Arua (Uganda) HUAR RUA

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