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Former airports, eaten away by urbanization or transformed into giant car parks. List of these places where planes landed ....

#1 Hershey airport (USA) / OACI KHER/ IATA HER

aéroport Hershey

Altitude : 513 m = 1683 ft.

Hershey airport is located close to Selby at 2.2 km, Mound City at 24 km, Mobridge at 29 km, Gettysburg at 56 km, Fort Yates at 78 km,

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#2 Mogimont airport (Belgium) / OACI EBBO

aéroport Mogimont

Altitude : 411 m = 1348 ft.

Mogimont airport is located close to Paliseul at 6.3 km, Bouillon at 7.8 km, Bievre at 9.1 km, Vresse-sur-Semois at 9.4 km, Bertrix at 13 km,

-> Aviation weather, Mogimont airport NOTAM and VAC

#3 Naval Auxiliary Air Station Charlestown airport (USA) / OACI KALF

aéroport Naval Auxiliary Air Station Charlestown

Altitude : 6 m = 20 ft.

Naval Auxiliary Air Station Charlestown airport is located close to Charlestown at 2.7 km, Bradford at 6.8 km, Dunn Corner at 8.7 km, Ashaway at 12 km, Westerly at 13 km,

-> Aviation weather, Naval Auxiliary Air Station Charlestown airport NOTAM and VAC

#4 Matekane Air Strip airport (Lesotho) / OACI FXME

aéroport Matekane Air Strip

Altitude : 2334 m = 7657 ft.

Matekane Air Strip airport is located close to Mohales Hoek at 43 km, Tosing at 47 km, Quthing at 54 km, Mafeteng at 60 km, Kingdom of Lesotho at 62 km,

Matekane Air Strip is a high altitude runway serving Matekane, Lesotho, with a runway that extends to the edge of a 500m cliff. The trail is often used by charities and doctors to access remote villages in the region, and is known as one of the scariest tracks in the world.

-> Aviation weather, Matekane Air Strip airport NOTAM and VAC

#5 Ballyboughal airport (Ireland) / OACI EIBA

aéroport Ballyboughal

Altitude : 55 m = 180 ft.

Ballyboughal airport is located close to Ballyboghil at 2.7 km, Swords at 5.3 km, Seafield at 5.3 km, Lusk at 5.4 km, Oldtown at 5.6 km,

-> Aviation weather, Ballyboughal airport NOTAM and VAC

#6 Héron airport (Belgium) / OACI EBHE

aéroport Héron

Altitude : 149 m = 489 ft.

Héron airport is located close to Héron at 0.6 km, Burdinne at 4.7 km, Andenne at 6.5 km, Wanze at 7.1 km, Mont Falize at 7.8 km,

-> Aviation weather, Héron airport NOTAM and VAC

#7 Klokovo Airfield airport (Russian Federation) / OACI UUWV/ IATA TYA

aéroport Klokovo Airfield

Altitude : 152 m = 499 ft.

Klokovo Airfield airport is located close to Klokovo at 1.6 km, Tula at 3.9 km, Gorelki at 4.1 km, Khomyakovo at 6.2 km, Rozhdestvenskiy at 7.1 km,

-> Aviation weather, Klokovo Airfield airport NOTAM and VAC

#8 Flushing airport (USA) / OACI KFLU

aéroport Flushing

Altitude : 2 m = 7 ft.

Flushing airport is located close to North Beach at 4.1 km, East Atlantic Beach at 7.4 km, Great Neck Estates at 8.2 km, Great Neck Plaza at 9 km, Great Neck at 9.1 km,

-> Aviation weather, Flushing airport NOTAM and VAC

#9 Terrace Bay airport (Canada) / OACI CYTJ/ IATA YTJ

aéroport Terrace Bay

Altitude : 287 m = 942 ft.

Terrace Bay airport is located close to Terrace Bay at 33 km, Schreiber at 39 km, Rossport at 51 km, Marathon at 54 km, Heron Bay at 60 km,

-> Aviation weather, Terrace Bay airport NOTAM and VAC

#10 Jimani airport (Dominican Republic) / OACI MDJI

aéroport Jimani

Altitude : 60 m = 197 ft.

Jimani airport is located close to Jimani at 2.1 km, Fond Parisien at 11 km, Fond Verrettes at 11 km, La Descubierta at 17 km, Cornillon at 22 km,

-> Aviation weather, Jimani airport NOTAM and VAC

#11 Nartron airport (USA) / OACI KRCT/ IATA RCT

#12 Fréjus airport (France) / OACI LFTU/ IATA FRJ

#13 Kemayoran airport (Indonesia) / OACI WIID

#14 Rheinstetten Glider Field airport (Germany) / OACI RHST

#15 Manston airport (United Kingdom) / OACI EGMH

#16 Cincinnati–Blue Ash airport (USA) / OACI KISZ

#17 Naval Air Station Alameda airport (USA) / OACI KNGZ/ IATA NGZ

#18 Elverum Starmoen airport (Norway) / OACI ENHN

#19 Cartierville airport (Canada) / OACI CYCV

#20 Sint-Denijs-Westrem airport (Belgium) / OACI EBGT

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