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The airports that have the longest runways in the world, because they are at altitude or the planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate the largest planes or non-standard aircraft like the American space shuttle.

#1 Qamdo Bamda airport (China) / OACI ZUBD/ IATA BPX

aéroport Qamdo Bamda

Altitude : 4334 m = 14219 ft.

Qamdo Bamda airport is located close to Yanduo at 56 km, Baima at 59 km, Qamdo at 69 km, Agar at 108 km, Racaka at 110 km,

Airport located at an altitude of 4334 m. Given this very high altitude, it has the longest paved runway used publicly in the world to accommodate large aircraft.


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#2 Shigatsé-Heping airport (China) / OACI ZURK/ IATA RKZ

aéroport Shigatsé-Heping

Altitude : 3782 m = 12408 ft.

Shigatsé-Heping airport is located close to Luobuqiongzi at 21 km, Renwu at 41 km, Rikaze at 43 km, Pangdoi at 50 km, Jiangzi at 55 km,

Shigatse Peace Airport, or Shigatse Air Base, is a dual-use military and civilian airport serving Shigatse, the second largest city in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Located at an altitude of 3782 meters, it is one of the highest airports in the world and its runway is one of the longest runways in the world. Construction of Shigatse Airport began in 1968 and was completed in 1973. Until 2010, it had only military activity before an extension allowed it to become the fifth civilian airport in Tibet.

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#3 Denver airport (USA) / OACI KDEN/ IATA DEN

aéroport Denver

Altitude : 1655 m = 5430 ft.

Denver airport is located close to Barr Lake at 13 km, Eno at 15 km, Lochbuie at 17 km, Brighton at 19 km, Aurora at 20 km,

Denver International Airport is an international airport in the western United States located in Colorado. It is the largest airport in North America in terms of total area. It has the longest civil runway in North America because it is located at altitude and has a very large widebody traffic.


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#4 Southern California Intl airport (USA) / OACI KVCV/ IATA VCV

aéroport Southern California Intl

Altitude : 879 m = 2884 ft.

Southern California Intl airport is located close to Adelanto at 2.9 km, Victorville at 11 km, Mountain View Acres at 12 km, Bell Mountain at 16 km, Hesperia at 20 km,

Southern California Intl is a public airport located in the city of Victorville, California. Prior to civilian use, the facility was the George Air Force Base, from 1941 to 1992, a flight training center for the US Air Force. As a logistics airport, it is designed for commercial, military and freight use. There are no commercial passenger services in this facility, except for FBO and charter flights.


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#5 Upington Pierre Van Ryneveld airport (South Africa) / OACI FAUP/ IATA UTN

aéroport Upington Pierre Van Ryneveld

Altitude : 848 m = 2782 ft.

Upington Pierre Van Ryneveld airport is located close to Upington at 5.4 km, Limewell at 131 km, Sishen at 182 km, Kathu at 192 km, Prieska at 202 km,

Upington Airport in South Africa in the Northern Cape Province. It has the longest track in the southern hemisphere justified by the reception of large aircraft at a high altitude and with very high temperatures in the hot season.


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#6 Edwards Air Force Base airport (USA) / OACI KEDW/ IATA EDW

aéroport Edwards Air Force Base

Altitude : 705 m = 2313 ft.

Edwards Air Force Base airport is located close to Muroc at 2.2 km, Edwards Air Force Base at 4.1 km, North Edwards at 13 km, Boron at 24 km, Rosamond at 26 km,

Edwards Air Force Base is a United States Air Force facility located in Southern California. It is home to the Air Force Test Center, the Air Force Test Pilot School and NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center. It is the Air Force materiel command center for conducting and supporting flight research and development, and for testing and evaluating concept-to-combat aerospace systems. It also hosts numerous test activities carried out by the American commercial aerospace industry. It was on this basis that Chuck Yeager was the first man to break the sound barrier and that the first landing of the Columbia space shuttle took place.


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#7 Embraer Unidade Gavião Peixoto airport (Brazil) / OACI SBGP

aéroport Embraer Unidade Gavião Peixoto

Altitude : 609 m = 1998 ft.

Embraer Unidade Gavião Peixoto airport is located close to Gavião Peixoto at 12 km, Matao at 19 km, Araraquara at 24 km, Boa Esperanca do Sul at 24 km, Dobrada at 29 km,

Embraer Unidade Gavião Peixoto Airport is a private airport located near Gavião Peixoto, São Paulo, Brazil. It is owned and operated by Embraer and used as a test flight for civil and military aircraft.


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#8 Erbil International airport (Iraq) / OACI ORER/ IATA EBL

aéroport Erbil International

Altitude : 409 m = 1342 ft.

Erbil International airport is located close to Erbil at 6.6 km, Muḩāfaz̧at Arbīl at 8.5 km, Ghaitli at 36 km, Nahiyat Hiran at 48 km, Qada al Hamdaniyah at 53 km,

Erbil International Airport is the main airport in the city of Erbil in Iraq, one of the main international airports in the country. It has one of the longest tracks in the world because it was initially an Iraqi military base.


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#9 N'Djili International airport (Democratic Republic of Congo) / OACI FZAA/ IATA FIH

aéroport N'Djili International

Altitude : 313 m = 1027 ft.

N'Djili International airport is located close to Masina at 5.9 km, Ville de Kinshasa at 14 km, Kinshasa at 15 km, Ndolo at 16 km, Brazzaville at 22 km,


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#10 Moscou-Joukovsk airport (Russian Federation) / OACI UUBW/ IATA ZIA

aéroport Moscou-Joukovsk

Altitude : 115 m = 377 ft.

Moscou-Joukovsk airport is located close to Novoye Selo at 2.9 km, Durnikha at 2.9 km, Ivanovka at 4.4 km, Mikhaylovskaya Sloboda at 4.8 km, Zhukovskiy at 5 km,

Zhukovsky Airport (formerly Ramenskoye) is an international airport located in Moscow Oblast, 36 km south-east of central Moscow in the city of Zhukovsky. First used for military purposes, it opened to commercial traffic in March 2016. It has one of the longest tracks in the world.


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#11 Ulyanovsk Vostochny airport (Russian Federation) / OACI UWLW/ IATA ULY

#12 Hamad International airport (Qatar) / OACI OTHH/ IATA DOH

#13 Nasa Shuttle Landing Facility airport (USA) / OACI KTTS

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