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Musique en Hautes-Pyrénées : Dickdrops

Founded in April 2010, in Pyrenees , in south-western France, The DickDrops is the meeting of Alternative Country and Punk-Rock ..Jay Vallin and Joss Liebot of the band " The 03Dogs " as well as LaMitte of " LaMitte and The Other Fingers " bring their personality and their respective influences in wild recordings. Their imagination printed by alcohol and by smoky places feels the effects to the covers which they take back in their own style.In August of the same year, the painter Kris Rastoll joined them to the drums.

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Mercredi 10 décembre 2014



The Dickdrops au Celtic Pub


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Jeudi 26 septembre 2013

Mister Nils


La semaine musicale du Celtic Pub

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