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The airports that have the longest runways in the world, because they are at altitude or the planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate the largest planes or non-standard aircraft like the American space shuttle in Greece.

#1 Eleftherios Venizelos International airport at Athens (Greece) LGAV ATH

aéroport Eleftherios Venizelos International

Altitude : 94 m = 308ft

Eleftherios Venizelos International airport is located close to Athens, Spata at 3.8 km, Spata-Artemida at 4 km, Attica at 4 km, Dimos Markopoulo Mesogaias at 5.9 km, Markopoulo at 6 km, Vravrona at 6.2 km,

The longest runway measure : 4000 m = 13123ft

-> Aviation weather for Eleftherios Venizelos International airport

#2 Araxos airport at Patras (Greece) LGRX GPA

aéroport Araxos

Altitude : 14 m = 46ft

Araxos airport is located close to Patras, Áraxos at 1.9 km, Lapas at 5.7 km, Kato Achaia at 11 km, Nea Manolas at 12 km, Dimos West Achaea at 12 km, Manolas at 13 km,

The longest runway measure : 3352 m = 10997ft

-> Aviation weather for Araxos airport

#3 Chania International airport at Souda (Greece) LGSA CHQ

aéroport Chania International

Altitude : 149 m = 489ft

Chania International airport is located close to Souda, Mouzouras at 0.2 km, Pitharion at 6.2 km, Souda at 8.6 km, Kalivai at 9.2 km, Tsikalaria at 9.2 km, Dimos Chania at 11 km,

The longest runway measure : 3347 m = 10981ft

-> Aviation weather for Chania International airport

#4 Diagoras airport at Rodes Island (Greece) LGRP RHO

aéroport Diagoras

Altitude : 5 m = 16ft

Diagoras airport is located close to Rodes Island, Vagiés at 0.8 km, Kremasti at 3 km, Trianta at 7.1 km, Ixós at 8.8 km, Faliraki at 12 km, Rodos at 13 km,

The longest runway measure : 3306 m = 10846ft

-> Aviation weather for Diagoras airport

#5 Andravida Air Base airport at Andravida (Greece) LGAD PYR

aéroport Andravida Air Base

Altitude : 17 m = 56ft

Andravida Air Base airport is located close to Andravida, Ippoforvíon at 0.9 km, Andravida at 2.6 km, Lechaina at 2.7 km, Traganon at 3.1 km, Mirsini at 5.2 km, Dimos Andravida-Kyllini at 5.3 km,

The longest runway measure : 3139 m = 10299ft

-> Aviation weather for Andravida Air Base airport

#6 Limnos airport at Limnos Island (Greece) LGLM LXS

aéroport Limnos

Altitude : 4 m = 13ft

Limnos airport is located close to Limnos Island, Dimos Lemnos at 0.9 km, Karpásion at 1.8 km, Myrina at 14 km, North Aegean at 40 km, Gokceada at 65 km, Kamariotissa at 66 km,

The longest runway measure : 3016 m = 9895ft

-> Aviation weather for Limnos airport

#7 Skiros airport at Skiros Island (Greece) LGSY SKU

aéroport Skiros

Altitude : 13 m = 43ft

Skiros airport is located close to Skiros Island, Skyros at 9.6 km, Dimos Skyros at 13 km, Kymi at 50 km, Oxilithos at 53 km, Patitirion at 57 km, Nomós Evvoías at 67 km,

The longest runway measure : 3002 m = 9849ft

-> Aviation weather for Skiros airport

#8 Alexander the Great International airport at Kavala (Greece) LGKV KVA

aéroport Alexander the Great International

Altitude : 5 m = 16ft

Alexander the Great International airport is located close to Kavala, Agiasma at 3.2 km, Pigai at 4.5 km, Nea Karya at 7.5 km, Khrisokhorion at 8.5 km, Keramoti at 9.5 km, Chrysoupolis at 10 km,

The longest runway measure : 3000 m = 9843ft

-> Aviation weather for Alexander the Great International airport

#9 Kasteli airport at Crete Island (Greece) LGTL

aéroport Kasteli

Altitude : 360 m = 1181ft

Kasteli airport is located close to Crete Island, Kastelli at 2.1 km, Thrapsanon at 4.2 km, Dimos Minoa Pediada at 6.7 km, Arkalochori at 7.2 km, Dimos Chersonisos at 11 km, Mokhos at 12 km,

The longest runway measure : 2991 m = 9813ft

-> Aviation weather for Kasteli airport

#10 Tanagra Air Base airport at Tanagra (Greece) LGTG

aéroport Tanagra Air Base

Altitude : 148 m = 486ft

Tanagra Air Base airport is located close to Tanagra, Schimatari at 2 km, Tanágra at 3.8 km, Oinofyta at 6.5 km, Ayios Thomas at 6.8 km, Asopia at 7.2 km, Arma at 7.2 km,

The longest runway measure : 2990 m = 9810ft

-> Aviation weather for Tanagra Air Base airport

#11 Larisa airport at Larisa (Greece) LGLR LRA

#12 Aktion National airport at Preveza (Greece) LGPZ PVK

#13 Kalamata airport at Kalamata (Greece) LGKL KLX

#14 Nea Anchialos airport at Nea Anchialos (Greece) LGBL VOL

#15 Elefsis airport at Elefsina (Greece) LGEL

#16 Kastoria National airport at Kastoria (Greece) LGKA KSO

#17 Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis airport at Heraklion (Greece) LGIR HER

#18 Dimokritos airport at Alexandroupolis (Greece) LGAL AXD

#19 Thessaloniki Macedonia International airport at Thessaloniki (Greece) LGTS SKG

#20 Kefallinia airport at Kefallinia Island (Greece) LGKF EFL

#21 Mytilene International airport at Mytilene (Greece) LGMT MJT

#22 Rodos Maritsa airport at Rodes Island (Greece) LGRD

#23 Ioannina airport at Ioannina (Greece) LGIO IOA

#24 Karpathos airport at Karpathos Island (Greece) LGKP AOK

#25 Kos airport at Kos Island (Greece) LGKO KGS

#26 Ioannis Kapodistrias International airport (Corfou) at Kerkyra Island (Greece) LGKR CFU

#27 Zakinthos airport at Zakynthos Island (Greece) LGZA ZTH

#28 Santorini airport at Santorini Island (Greece) LGSR JTR

#29 Sitia airport at Crete Island (Greece) LGST JSH

#30 Samos airport at Samos Island (Greece) LGSM SMI

#31 Tripolis airport at Trípoli (Greece) LGTP

#32 Mikonos airport at Mykonos Island (Greece) LGMK JMK

#33 Filippos airport at Kozani (Greece) LGKZ KZI

#34 Alexandria airport at Alexandria (Greece) LGAX

#35 Tatoi airport at Tatoi (Greece) LGTT

#36 Skiathos Island National airport at Skiathos (Greece) LGSK JSI

#37 Amigdhaleon airport at Filipos (Greece) LGKM

#38 Chios Island National airport at Chios Island (Greece) LGHI JKH

#39 Kithira airport at Kithira Island (Greece) LGKC KIT

#40 Paros National airport at Paros Island (Greece) LGPA PAS

#41 Ikaria airport at Ikaria Island (Greece) LGIK JIK

#42 Megara airport at Megara (Greece) LGMG

#43 Kalymnos airport at Kalymnos Island (Greece) LGKY JKL

#44 Syros airport at Syros Island (Greece) LGSO JSY

#45 Leros airport at Leros Island (Greece) LGLE LRS

#46 Sparti airport at Sparti (Greece) LGSP SPJ

#47 Astypalaia airport at Astypalaia Island (Greece) LGPL JTY

#48 Kasos airport at Kasos Island (Greece) LGKS KSJ

#49 Naxos airport at Naxos Island (Greece) LGNX JNX

#50 Kastelorizo airport at Kastelorizo Island (Greece) LGKJ KZS

#51 Milos airport at Milos Island (Greece) LGML MLO

#52 Serres / Hortero airport at Khortero (Greece) GR-0018

#53 Kopaida Dimitra airport at Kopaida (Greece) GR-0009

#54 Kolhiko airport at Langadas (Greece) GR-0017

#55 Sedes Air Base airport at Sedes (Greece) LGSD

#56 Florina airport at Florina (Greece) GR-0003

#57 Dounis airport at Megara (Greece) GR-0016

#58 Molos airport at Molos (Greece) GR-0015

#59 Komotini airport at Komotini (Greece) GR-0006

#60 Dhokimion airport at Agrinion (Greece) GR-0002

#61 Myrini - Karditsa airport at Karditsa (Greece) GR-0014

#62 Missolonghi airport at Missolonghi (Greece) GR-0008

#63 Larissa Aeroclub airport at Larissa (Greece) GR-0012

#64 Maleme Air Base airport at (Greece) GR-0011

#65 Thiva Aeropark airport at Thebes (Greece) GR-0010

#66 Zalaggo Airstrip airport at (Greece) GR-0019

#67 Serres Emmanuel Pappas airport at Serres (Greece) GR-0020

#68 Silata airport at Nea Silata (Greece) GR-0021

#69 Neos Zigos airport at Neos Zigos (Greece) GR-0027

#70 Eordaea airport at Ptolemaida (Greece) GR-0029

#71 Agios Pavlos airport at (Greece) GR-0046

#72 Sitagroi Airstrip airport at (Greece) GR-0047

#73 Lechaio airport at Lechaio (Greece) GR-0048

#74 Margariti Airstrip UL airport at (Greece) GR-0049

#75 Hellenic Sport Aviation Airstrip airport at Orchomenus (Greece) GR-0050

#76 Arachthos airport at Arta (Greece) GR-0059

#77 Tympaki Air Base airport at Crete Island (Greece) LG54

#78 Triodhon airport at Triodhon (Greece) LG55

#79 Olimboi airport at Chios Island (Greece) LG56

#80 Epitalion airport at Pyrgos (Greece) LGEP

#81 Arnissa airport at Edessa (Greece) GR-0001

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