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Former airports, eaten away by urbanization or transformed into giant car parks. List of these places where planes landed. in India.

#1 Gandhinagar airport in Nashik (India) VANRaéroport fermé

aéroport Gandhinagar

Altitude : 597 m = 1959ft

Gandhinagar airport is located close to Nashik, Nasik in 2.3 km, Nashik Division in 2.9 km, Deolali in 3.1 km, Ozar in 20 km, Sinnar in 24 km, Trimbak in 27 km,

-> Aviation weather for Gandhinagar airport

#2 Dudhkundi airport in (India) IN-0017aéroport fermé

aéroport Dudhkundi

Altitude : 89 m = 292ft

Dudhkundi airport is located close to Kalaikunda in 15 km, Jhargram in 19 km, Kharagpur in 23 km, Medinipur in 26 km, Belda in 37 km, Chakulia in 44 km,

-> Aviation weather for Dudhkundi airport

#3 Navi Mumbai International (under construction) airport in Navi Mumbai (India) IN-0276aéroport fermé

aéroport Navi Mumbai International (under construction)

Altitude : 2 m = 7ft

Navi Mumbai International (under construction) airport is located close to Navi Mumbai, Panvel in 4 km, Artist Village in 5 km, Navi Mumbai in 7 km, Kalundri in 7.5 km, Uran in 18 km, Airoli in 19 km,

-> Aviation weather for Navi Mumbai International (under construction) airport

#4 Dhubulia Airstrip airport in Dhubulia (India) IN-0058aéroport fermé

aéroport Dhubulia Airstrip

Altitude : 19 m = 62ft

Dhubulia Airstrip airport is located close to Dhubulia, Muragacha in 7.1 km, Chāprā in 11 km, Krishnanagar in 11 km, Navadwip in 12 km, Patuli in 22 km, Shantipur in 27 km,

-> Aviation weather for Dhubulia Airstrip airport

#5 Dunakonda airport in Dunakonda (India) VODKaéroport fermé

aéroport Dunakonda

Altitude : 144 m = 472ft

Dunakonda airport is located close to Dunakonda, Chemmumiahpet in 21 km, Markapur in 23 km, Vinukonda in 39 km, Kanigiri in 45 km, Cumbum in 48 km, Addanki in 53 km,

-> Aviation weather for Dunakonda airport

#6 Ledo airport in Ledo (India) IN-0016aéroport fermé

aéroport Ledo

Altitude : 143 m = 469ft

Ledo airport is located close to Ledo, Margherita in 5.7 km, Digboi in 14 km, Dum Duma in 34 km, Makum in 36 km, Khonsa in 36 km, Nahorkatiya in 40 km,

-> Aviation weather for Ledo airport

#7 Nellore airport in Dagadarthi (India) IN-0132aéroport fermé

aéroport Nellore

Altitude : 27 m = 89ft

Nellore airport is located close to Dagadarthi, Kovur in 24 km, Kavali in 25 km, Nellore in 29 km, Vadlapudi in 45 km, Kandukur in 58 km, Singarayakonda in 63 km,

-> Aviation weather for Nellore airport

#8 Pandaveswar airport in (India) IN-0080aéroport fermé

aéroport Pandaveswar

Altitude : 75 m = 246ft

Pandaveswar airport is located close to Durgapur in 18 km, Dubrajpur in 18 km, Bahula in 19 km, Raniganj in 22 km, Barjora in 24 km, Bakreswar in 27 km,

-> Aviation weather for Pandaveswar airport

#9 Kayathar Airstrip airport in Ahilandapuram (India) IN-0005aéroport fermé

aéroport Kayathar Airstrip

Altitude : 85 m = 279ft

Kayathar Airstrip airport is located close to Ahilandapuram, Kayattar in 2.9 km, Kadambur in 5.7 km, Gangaikondan in 14 km, Kovilpatti in 22 km, Kalugumalai in 23 km, Ettaiyapuram in 27 km,

-> Aviation weather for Kayathar Airstrip airport

#10 Sukinda Airstrip airport in Kaliapani (India) IN-0092aéroport fermé

aéroport Sukinda Airstrip

Altitude : 122 m = 400ft

Sukinda Airstrip airport is located close to Kaliapani, Daitari in 7.6 km, Bhuban in 18 km, Kamakhyanagar in 24 km, Dhenkanal in 44 km, Talcher in 57 km, Athagarh in 57 km,

-> Aviation weather for Sukinda Airstrip airport

#11 Kalyan Airstrip airport in Kalyan (India) IN-0056aéroport fermé

#12 Charra airport in Purulia (India) IN-0054aéroport fermé

#13 Bishnupur airport in (India) IN-0078aéroport fermé

#14 Shivamogga Greenfield airport in Shivamogga (India) IN-0301aéroport fermé

#15 Koirengei Airstrip airport in (India) IN-0014aéroport fermé

#16 no airport airport in (India) IN-0094aéroport fermé

#17 Salwas airport in (India) IN-0084aéroport fermé

#18 Cholavaram Airstrip airport in Sembilivaram (India) IN-0063aéroport fermé

#19 Hubli airport in (India) VAHB HBXaéroport fermé

#20 Naini airport in Iradatjanj (India) IN-0344aéroport fermé

#21 Rasgovindpur Airstrip airport in Rasgovindpur (India) IN-0057aéroport fermé

#22 Piardoba airport in (India) IN-0018aéroport fermé

#23 Kanchrapara airport in Kanchrapara (India) IN-0055aéroport fermé

#24 Guskhara airport in (India) IN-0079aéroport fermé

#25 Chettinad Airstrip airport in Kanadukathan (India) IN-0006aéroport fermé

#26 Badangi Airstrip airport in Badangi (India) IN-0145aéroport fermé

#27 Tadepalligudem Airstrip airport in Tadepalligudem (India) IN-0146aéroport fermé

#28 Adilabad airport in Adilabad (India) IN-0185aéroport fermé

#29 Ulundurpet Airstrip airport in Villupuram (India) IN-0020aéroport fermé

#30 Ashoknagar airport in Ashoknagar (India) IN-0105aéroport fermé

#31 Digri Airstrip airport in Digri (India) IN-0059aéroport fermé

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