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Former airports, eaten away by urbanization or transformed into giant car parks. List of these places where planes landed. in China.

#1 Aksu Yituan airport at Aksu (Yingbin) (China) CN-0225defunct airport

aéroport Aksu Yituan

Altitude : 1052 m = 3451ft

Aksu Yituan airport is located close to Aksu (Yingbin), Awat at 44 km, Aksu at 58 km, Subexi at 103 km, Aral at 117 km, Issyk-Kul’skaya Oblast’ at 216 km, Narynkol at 229 km,

-> Aviation weather for Aksu Yituan airport

#2 Former Yueyang airport at Yueyang (Junshan) (China) CN-0047defunct airport

aéroport Former Yueyang

Altitude : 27 m = 89ft

Former Yueyang airport is located close to Yueyang (Junshan), Yueyang at 11 km, Rongjiawan at 31 km, Yongjiawan at 32 km, Xinshazhou at 41 km, Huarong Chengguanzhen at 49 km, Xindi at 60 km,

-> Aviation weather for Former Yueyang airport

#3 Hanzhong Xiguan airport at Hanzhong (Hantai) (China) CN-0065defunct airport

aéroport Hanzhong Xiguan

Altitude : 504 m = 1654ft

Hanzhong Xiguan airport is located close to Hanzhong (Hantai), Hanzhong at 2.3 km, Dahekan at 3.6 km, Hujiaying at 4.7 km, Qili at 4.8 km, Liangshan at 6.6 km, Laojun at 7.3 km,

-> Aviation weather for Hanzhong Xiguan airport

#4 Ledong Naval Air Base airport at Ledong (Huangliu) (China) CN-0376defunct airport

aéroport Ledong Naval Air Base

Altitude : 9 m = 30ft

Ledong Naval Air Base airport is located close to Ledong (Huangliu), Huangliu at 4.6 km, Leluo at 7.3 km, Jiusuo at 9.9 km, Yinggehai at 15 km, Jianfeng at 23 km, Qianjia at 28 km,

-> Aviation weather for Ledong Naval Air Base airport

#5 Datong Beijiazao airport at Datong (China) CN-0202defunct airport

aéroport Datong Beijiazao

Altitude : 1046 m = 3432ft

Datong Beijiazao airport is located close to Datong, Dangliuzhuang at 6.1 km, Beijiazao at 6.7 km, Zhoushizhuang at 10 km, Datong at 11 km, Duzhuang at 13 km, Xihanling at 13 km,

-> Aviation weather for Datong Beijiazao airport

#6 Yichang Tumenwu airport at Yichang (Wujiagang) (China) CN-0044defunct airport

aéroport Yichang Tumenwu

Altitude : 72 m = 236ft

Yichang Tumenwu airport is located close to Yichang (Wujiagang), Longquan at 8.2 km, Wujia at 9.3 km, Aijia at 10 km, Huya at 12 km, Yaqueling at 14 km, Yichang at 16 km,

-> Aviation weather for Yichang Tumenwu airport

#7 Airport (under construction) airport at (China) CN-0340defunct airport

aéroport Airport (under construction)

Altitude : 52 m = 171ft

Airport (under construction) airport is located close to Dangcheng at 15 km, Tangzhai at 29 km, Fengxian at 32 km, Shancheng at 34 km, Yucheng at 46 km, Shangqiu at 60 km,

-> Aviation weather for Airport (under construction) airport

#8 Nanchang Yaohu airport at Nanchang (China) CN-0162defunct airport

aéroport Nanchang Yaohu

Altitude : 22 m = 72ft

Nanchang Yaohu airport is located close to Nanchang, Taohua at 5.9 km, Nanchang at 7 km, Liantang at 9.5 km, Yangzizhou at 9.9 km, Dongxin at 11 km, Changleng at 13 km,

-> Aviation weather for Nanchang Yaohu airport

#9 Shanghai Longhua airport at Shanghai (Xuhui) (China) CN-0171defunct airport

aéroport Shanghai Longhua

Altitude : 2 m = 7ft

Shanghai Longhua airport is located close to Shanghai (Xuhui), Xuhui at 3.3 km, Changqiao at 3.4 km, Luwan at 4.8 km, Shànghǎi at 6.2 km, Changning at 6.4 km, Pujiang at 9.1 km,

-> Aviation weather for Shanghai Longhua airport

#10 Liuting airport at Qingdao (China) EX-ZSQDdefunct airport

aéroport Liuting

Altitude : 10 m = 33ft

Liuting airport is located close to Qingdao, Zhaocun at 2.3 km, Beizhai at 15 km, Jimo at 16 km, Kutao at 17 km, Qingdao at 19 km, Shilaoren at 21 km,

The longest runway measure : 3400 m = 11155ft

-> Aviation weather for Liuting airport

#11 Former Dangyang airport at Yichang (Dangyang) (China) CN-0042defunct airport

#12 Ngari Burang (under construction) airport at Burang Town (China) CN-0354defunct airport

#13 Yan'an Ershilipu airport at Yan'an (China) ZLYA ENYdefunct airport

#14 Beijing Nanyuan airport (北京南苑机场) at Beijing (China) ZBNYdefunct airport

#15 Dalian Jinzhouwan International (under construction) airport at Ganjingzi, Dalian (China) CN-0398defunct airport

#16 Zhanyi airport at Qujing (Zhanyi) (China) CN-0035defunct airport

#17 Dalian Yingchenzi/Xinzhaizi Air Base airport at Ganjingzi, Dalian (China) CN-0212defunct airport

#18 Wuhan Air Base airport at Wuhan (Jianghan) (China) CN-0084defunct airport

#19 Mishan Yonghong airport at Jixi (China) CN-0298defunct airport

#20 Dalachi Airbase airport at Baiyin (Pingchuan) (China) CN-0086defunct airport

#21 Jurong Air Base airport at Zhenjiang (China) CN-0234defunct airport

#22 Ruijin (under construction) airport at Ruijin (China) CN-0347defunct airport

#23 Kunming Wujiaba International airport at Kunming (China) CN-0032defunct airport

#24 Meixian Air Base airport at Meizhou (Meixian) (China) CN-0075defunct airport

#25 Former Qiemo airport at Qiemo (China) CN-0167defunct airport

#26 Shanghai Jiangwan airport at Shanghai (Yangpu) (China) CN-0173defunct airport

#27 Xi'an Xiguan airport at Xi'an (China) ZLSN SIAdefunct airport

#28 Changchun East airport at Changchun (China) CN-0070defunct airport

#29 Xiamen Xiang'an (under construction) airport at Xiang'an, Xiamen (China) CN-0399defunct airport

#30 Zhanjiang airport at Zhanjiang (China) ZGZJ ZHAdefunct airport

#31 Lianyungang airport at Lianyungang (China) ZSLG EX-ZSLGdefunct airport

#32 Tashkurgan (under construction) airport at Tashkurgan (China) CN-0237defunct airport

#33 Ankang Wulipu airport at Ankang (Hanbin) (China) CN-0160defunct airport

#34 Former Ganzhou Huangjin airport at Ganzhou (China) CN-0161defunct airport

#35 Dabao Airbase airport at Fengcheng, Dandong (China) CN-0088defunct airport

#36 Airport (under construction) airport at Urhu (China) CN-0329defunct airport

#37 Old Guangzhou Baiyun International airport at Guangzhou (Baiyun) (China) CN-0001defunct airport

#38 Chuxiong airport at Chuxiong (Xiong) (China) CN-0379defunct airport

#39 Wuzhou Changzhoudao airport at Wuzhou (China) ZGWZ WUZdefunct airport

#40 New Sichuan Leshan (under construction) airport at Leshan (Wutongqiao) (China) CN-0249defunct airport

#41 Shashi airport at Shashi (China) ZHSSdefunct airport

#42 Nanning Lingli General (under construction) airport at Nanning (China) CN-0254defunct airport

#43 Wendeng Air Base airport at Weihai (China) CN-0103defunct airport

#44 Lanzhou City airport at Lanzhou (Chengguan) (China) ZLANdefunct airport

#45 Chenggong airport at Kunming (Chenggong) (China) CN-0087defunct airport

#46 Former Bengbu airport at Bengbu (China) CN-0196defunct airport

#47 Longyou Air Base airport at (China) CN-0159defunct airport

#48 Shanghai Longhua airport at (China) ZSSLdefunct airport

#49 Yongde airport at Lincang (Yongde) (China) CN-0390defunct airport

#50 Parking Space (old runway) airport at (China) CN-0339defunct airport

#51 Lanzhou Donggang (Gongxingdun) airport at Chengguan, Dandong (China) CN-0058defunct airport

#52 Ezhou Huahu (under construction) airport at Ezhou (China)defunct airport

#53 Former Chifeng airport at Chifeng (China) CN-0187defunct airport

#54 Tangshan Air Base airport at Tangshan (China) CN-0019defunct airport

#55 Former Yushu Batang airport at Yushu (Batang) (China) CN-0397defunct airport

#56 Haikou Dayingshan (Haikou City) airport at Haikou (Meilan) (China) CN-0064defunct airport

#57 Jiuquan Suzhou (under construction) airport at Jiuquan (Suzhou) (China) CN-0330defunct airport

#58 Weining Caohai (under construction) airport at Weining (Bijie) (China) CN-0381defunct airport

#59 Luzhou Lantian airport at Luzhou (Jiangyang) (China) CN-0011defunct airport

#60 Nanjing Dajiaochang airport at Nanjing (China) CN-0002defunct airport

#61 Qingdao Liuting airport at Qingdao (China) CN-0164defunct airport

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