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Former airports, eaten away by urbanization or transformed into giant car parks. List of these places where planes landed. in Palestine.

#1 Muqeible airport at Jenin (Palestine) PS-0002defunct airport

aéroport Muqeible

Altitude : 84 m = 276ft

Muqeible airport is located close to Jenin, Al Jalamah at 2.3 km, Arranah at 3.2 km, Kafr Dan at 4.3 km, Janin at 5 km, Silat al Harithiyah at 5.8 km, Birqin at 6 km,

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#2 Gush Katif airport at Khan Yunis (Palestine) LLAZdefunct airport

aéroport Gush Katif

Altitude : 34 m = 112ft

Gush Katif airport is located close to Khan Yunis, Khan Yunis at 3.2 km, Bani Suhayla at 3.8 km, Al Qararah at 4.5 km, Wadi as Salqa at 5.5 km, Abasan al Jadidah at 5.6 km, Gaza Strip at 6.6 km,

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#3 Yasser Arafat airport at Gaza (Palestine) LVGZdefunct airport

aéroport Yasser Arafat

Altitude : 98 m = 322ft

Yasser Arafat airport is located close to Gaza, Shukat as Sufi at 1.6 km, An Nasr at 4.6 km, Rafah at 4.8 km, Al Fukhkhari at 7.3 km, Abasan al Kabirah at 10 km, Khuzaah at 10 km,

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