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Airports at the highest altitudes, located in the mountains or on the highlands. A high altitude which rhymes with the drop in atmospheric pressure which increases the taxiing distance to allow planes to take off and therefore requires a longer runway than at lower altitudes. in Djibouti.

#1 Ali Sabieh airport (Djibouti) / OACI HDAS/ IATA AII

aéroport Ali Sabieh

Altitude : 707 m = 2320 ft

Ali Sabieh airport is located close to Ali-Sabieh, Ali Sabieh at 1.3 km, Holhol at 29 km, Dikhil at 38 km, Arta at 44 km, Doon at 45 km, Ville de Djibouti at 51 km,

-> Aviation weather, Ali Sabieh airport NOTAM and VAC

#2 Assa Guella airport (Djibouti) / OACI HDAG

aéroport Assa Guella

Altitude : 625 m = 2051 ft

Assa Guella airport is located close to Assa-Gueyla, Dorra at 18 km, Alaili Dadda at 38 km, Cercle d'Obock at 49 km, Tadjoura at 52 km, Dafara at 61 km, Obock at 75 km,

-> Aviation weather, Assa Guella airport NOTAM and VAC

#3 Dikhil airport (Djibouti) / OACI HDDK

aéroport Dikhil

Altitude : 463 m = 1519 ft

Dikhil airport is located close to Dikhil, Dikhil at 2.8 km, Ali Sabieh at 40 km, Holhol at 67 km, Arta at 71 km, Ville de Djibouti at 85 km, Doon at 86 km,

-> Aviation weather, Dikhil airport NOTAM and VAC

#4 Chebelley airport (Djibouti) / OACI HDCH

aéroport Chebelley

Altitude : 85 m = 279 ft

Chebelley airport is located close to Chabelley, Ville de Djibouti at 6.7 km, Ambouli at 10 km, Djibouti at 12 km, Loyada at 22 km, Arta at 24 km, Holhol at 27 km,

The longest runway measures : 2376 m = 7795 ft

-> Aviation weather, Chebelley airport NOTAM and VAC

#5 Tadjourah airport (Djibouti) / OACI HDTJ/ IATA TDJ

aéroport Tadjourah

Altitude : 75 m = 246 ft

Tadjourah airport is located close to Tadjoura, Tadjoura at 3.6 km, Arta at 30 km, Ville de Djibouti at 31 km, Djibouti at 33 km, Ambouli at 34 km, Obock at 45 km,

-> Aviation weather, Tadjourah airport NOTAM and VAC

#6 Obock airport (Djibouti) / OACI HDOB/ IATA OBC

aéroport Obock

Altitude : 21 m = 69 ft

Obock airport is located close to Obock, Obock at 2.6 km, Cercle d'Obock at 37 km, Djibouti at 44 km, Tadjoura at 46 km, Ambouli at 46 km, Loyada at 56 km,

-> Aviation weather, Obock airport NOTAM and VAC

#7 Djibouti airport (Djibouti) / OACI HDAM/ IATA JIB

aéroport Djibouti

Altitude : 15 m = 49 ft

Djibouti airport is located close to Djibouti City, Ambouli at 3.5 km, Djibouti at 4.8 km, Loyada at 14 km, Ville de Djibouti at 18 km, Doon at 35 km, Arta at 35 km,

The longest runway measures : 3150 m = 10335 ft

-> Aviation weather, Djibouti airport NOTAM and VAC

#8 Herkale airport (Djibouti) / OACI HDHE

aéroport Herkale

Altitude : 12 m = 39 ft

Herkale airport is located close to Herkale, Cercle d'Obock at 32 km, Alaili Dadda at 43 km, Obock at 54 km, Dhubab at 57 km, Tadjoura at 86 km, Assab at 87 km,

-> Aviation weather, Herkale airport NOTAM and VAC

#9 Moucha airport (Djibouti) / OACI HDMO/ IATA MHI

aéroport Moucha

Altitude : 1 m = 3 ft

Moucha airport is located close to Moucha Island, Djibouti at 16 km, Ambouli at 18 km, Loyada at 29 km, Obock at 29 km, Ville de Djibouti at 31 km, Tadjoura at 35 km,

-> Aviation weather, Moucha airport NOTAM and VAC

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