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Airports at the highest altitudes, located in the mountains or on the highlands. A high altitude which rhymes with the drop in atmospheric pressure which increases the taxiing distance to allow planes to take off and therefore requires a longer runway than at lower altitudes. in Spain.

#1 Santiago-Pontones Airstrip airport at (Spain) ES-0235

aéroport Santiago-Pontones Airstrip

Altitude : 1721 m = 5646ft

Santiago-Pontones Airstrip airport is located close to Santiago-Pontones at 2.7 km, Montalvo at 8.1 km, Segura de la Sierra at 23 km, Puebla de Don Fadrique at 23 km, Orcera at 25 km, Nerpio at 26 km,

-> Aviation weather for Santiago-Pontones Airstrip airport

#2 Beteta airport at Beteta (Spain) ES-0121

aéroport Beteta

Altitude : 1300 m = 4265ft

Beteta airport is located close to Beteta, Beteta at 3.5 km, Masegosa at 4.4 km, Santa Maria del Val at 5 km, Cueva del Hierro at 7.3 km, Valsalobre at 8.6 km, Lagunaseca at 8.8 km,

-> Aviation weather for Beteta airport

#3 La Fondria airport at Villarejo (Spain) ES-0233

aéroport La Fondria

Altitude : 1254 m = 4114ft

La Fondria airport is located close to Villarejo, Villarejo at 3.6 km, Villar de Torre at 4.3 km, San Millán de la Cogolla at 4.7 km, Berceo at 4.9 km, Santurdejo at 4.9 km, Pazuengos at 5.1 km,

-> Aviation weather for La Fondria airport

#4 Aeródromo de Hiendelaencina-Alto Rey airport at Hiendelaencina (Spain) ES-0067

aéroport Aeródromo de Hiendelaencina-Alto Rey

Altitude : 1250 m = 4101ft

Aeródromo de Hiendelaencina-Alto Rey airport is located close to Hiendelaencina, Hiendelaencina at 3.1 km, Villares de Jadraque at 3.7 km, Robledo de Corpes at 4.4 km, Gascuena de Bornova at 4.7 km, Zarzuela de Jadraque at 6.6 km, Congostrina at 7.9 km,

-> Aviation weather for Aeródromo de Hiendelaencina-Alto Rey airport

#5 Aeródromo forestal de Ademuz airport at Ademuz (Spain) ES-0085

aéroport Aeródromo forestal de Ademuz

Altitude : 1210 m = 3970ft

Aeródromo forestal de Ademuz airport is located close to Ademuz, Ademuz at 2.1 km, Riodeva at 6.8 km, Sesga at 6.9 km, Puebla de San Miguel at 8 km, Casas Altas at 8 km, Libros at 8.2 km,

-> Aviation weather for Aeródromo forestal de Ademuz airport

#6 Campillos airport at Campillos-Paravientos (Spain) ES-0097

aéroport Campillos

Altitude : 1200 m = 3937ft

Campillos airport is located close to Campillos-Paravientos, Campillos-Paravientos at 3.2 km, San Martin de Boniches at 5.3 km, Fuentelespino de Moya at 5.9 km, Boniches at 8.3 km, Alcalá de la Vega at 9.4 km, Huerguina at 12 km,

-> Aviation weather for Campillos airport

#7 Campo de Aviación de Peralveche airport at Peralveche (Spain) ES-0152

aéroport Campo de Aviación de Peralveche

Altitude : 1200 m = 3937ft

Campo de Aviación de Peralveche airport is located close to Peralveche, Vindel at 4.4 km, Peralveche at 4.5 km, Castilforte at 5 km, Salmeron at 8.3 km, Arbeteta at 9.3 km, Valdeolivas at 11 km,

-> Aviation weather for Campo de Aviación de Peralveche airport

#8 Aeródrome de Arcones airport at Arcones (Spain) ES-0194

aéroport Aeródrome de Arcones

Altitude : 1168 m = 3832ft

Aeródrome de Arcones airport is located close to Arcones, Arcones at 0.9 km, Matabuena at 2.9 km, Pradena at 4.7 km, Gallegos at 6.1 km, Pedraza at 6.9 km, Casla at 8.6 km,

-> Aviation weather for Aeródrome de Arcones airport

#9 Base de Bomberos del Amogable airport at Covaleda (Spain) ES-0091

aéroport Base de Bomberos del Amogable

Altitude : 1160 m = 3806ft

Base de Bomberos del Amogable airport is located close to Covaleda, Navaleno at 4.8 km, Vadillo at 6.7 km, Muriel Viejo at 9.3 km, Covaleda at 9.8 km, Casarejos at 10 km, Duruelo de la Sierra at 10 km,

-> Aviation weather for Base de Bomberos del Amogable airport

#10 Las Cañadillas airport at Molinicos (Spain) ES-0042

aéroport Las Cañadillas

Altitude : 1120 m = 3675ft

Las Cañadillas airport is located close to Molinicos, Las Ánimas at 1.5 km, Molinicos at 2.2 km, Bogarra at 10 km, Ayna at 12 km, Paterna del Madera at 12 km, Riópar at 15 km,

-> Aviation weather for Las Cañadillas airport

#11 Aeródromo forestal de La Yesa airport at La Yesa (Spain) ES-0083

#12 Jayena airport at Jayena (Spain) LE84

#13 E. Castellanos-Villacastín airport at Villacastin (Spain) LEEV

#14 Santo Tome Del Puerto airport at Segovia (Spain) LETP

#15 La Cerdanya airport at Alp (Spain) LECD

#16 Valle Amblés airport at El Fresno (Spain) ES-0030

#17 Aeródromo de Sigüenza airport at Sigüenza (Spain) ES-0136

#18 Aeródromo el Maíllo airport at (Spain) ES-0074

#19 Teruel airport at Teruel (Spain) LETL TEV

#20 Terrinches Agro Airstrip airport at Terrinches (Spain) ES-0271

#21 Garray airport at Soria (Spain) LEGY

#22 Torremocha de Jiloca airport at Torremocha de Jiloca (Spain) ES-0007

#23 Rosinos de la Requejada airport at Santiago de la Requejada (Spain) ES-0006

#24 Fuentemilanos Segovia airport at Segovia (Spain) LEFM

#25 Aeródromo de Piedrahita airport at Piedrahita (Spain) ES-0154

#26 Aerodrómo de la Calderina airport at (Spain) ES-0056

#27 Guadix airport at (Spain) ES-0096

#28 La Nava - Corral De Ayllón airport at Corral de Ayllón (Spain) LECA

#29 Aeródromo Orce airport at Orce (Spain) ES-0066

#30 airport at Villanueva de Duero (Spain) ES-0262

#31 Prádanos de Ojeda Airstrip airport at (Spain) ES-0231

#32 Aeródromo de Cillamayor airport at Cillamayor (Spain) ES-0174

#33 Alhama de Granada airport at Alhama de Granada (Spain) ES-0215

#34 El Bonillo airport at El Bonillo (Spain) ES-0191

#35 Sotos airport at Sotos (Spain) LESS

#36 Campo de Vuelo de Astorga airport at Astorga (Spain) ES-0213

#37 Campo de Vuelo Bañeres de Mariola airport at Banyeres de Mariola (Spain) ES-0220

#38 Robledillo-De-Mohernando Guadalajara airport at Robledillo De Mohernando (Spain) LERM

#39 Air Marugán airport at Marugán (Spain) ES-0069

#40 Aeródromo Fontioso airport at Fontioso (Spain) ES-0169

#41 Madrigalejo Del Monte airport at Madrigalejo Del Monte (Spain) LEJO

#42 Cocoll Firefighting Airstrip airport at Castell de Castells (Spain) ES-0086

#43 Leon airport at León (Spain) LELN LEN

#44 Aeródromo de Herrera de Pisuerga airport at Herrera de Pisuerga (Spain) ES-0008

#45 Castejón de Sos airport at Castejón de Sos (Spain) ES-0205

#46 Vistabella del Maestrat airport at Vistabella del Maestrat (Spain) ES-0064

#47 Chozas de Abajo airport at (Spain) ES-0092

#48 Burgos airport at Burgos (Spain) LEBG RGS

#49 La Perdiz - Torre De Juan Abad airport at Torre de Juan Abad (Spain) LEIZ

#50 Valdenuño-Fernandez Airstrip airport at (Spain) ES-0256

#51 Aeródromo Benagéber airport at Benagéber (Spain) ES-0088

#52 Ruidera2 airport at Ruidera (Spain) ES-0221

#53 Fuenterrobles airport at (Spain) ES-0029

#54 Ruidera airport at Ruidera (Spain) ES-0156

#55 Tinajeros airport at Tinajeros (Spain) ES-0196

#56 Villamarco UL airport at (Spain) ES-0090

#57 Aerodrómo de Sanchidrián airport at Sanchidrián (Spain) ES-0049

#58 Aeródromo La Loma airport at Siete Aguas (Spain) ES-0082

#59 El Carrascal airport at Valladolid (Spain) LEVB

#60 Torozos airport at Valladolid (Spain) LETZ

#61 Valladolid airport at Valladolid (Spain) LEVD VLL

#62 Aeródromo de Guadalix de la SIerra airport at El Vellón (Spain) ES-0176

#63 Las Torres de Aliste airport at (Spain) ES-0107

#64 Aeródromo de Villa María airport at Coy (Lorca) (Spain) ES-0125

#65 airport at Requena (Spain) ES-0208

#66 La Cuesta (U.C.) airport at La Cuesta (Spain) ES-0276

#67 Los Yébenes Airstrip airport at (Spain) ES-0245

#68 Casas de Juan Gil airport at Carcelén (Spain) ES-0041

#69 Aeródromo de Villoldo airport at Villoldo (Spain) ES-0009

#70 Pozo Cañada airport at Pozo Cañada (Spain) ES-0015

#71 Fuentealamo airport at Chinchilla de Montearagón (Spain) ES-0187

#72 Pista forestal de Fuencaliente airport at Fuencaliente (Spain) ES-0222

#73 Valdemorillo Airstrip airport at Valdemorillo (Spain) ES-0265

#74 Viso del Marqués airport at Viso del Marqués (Spain) LEVI

#75 Alcalá de la Jovada Airstrip airport at Alcalá de la Jovada (Spain) ES-0093

#76 Villaumbrales UL airport at Villaumbrales (Spain) ES-0147

#77 El Busto airport at Santa Maria del Páramo (Spain) ES-0104

#78 La Caldererea airport at Valdepeñas (Spain) LELA

#79 Aeródromo de Caravaca de la Cruz airport at (Spain) ES-0073

#80 Aeródromo Calzada de Valdunciel airport at Calzada de Valdunciel (Spain) ES-0207

#81 Pirineus - la Seu d'Urgel airport at La Seu d'Urgell (Spain) LESU LEU

#82 Aeródromo de los Oteros airport at Pajares de Los Oteros (Spain) LEOS

#83 Santa Cruz de la Zarza Airstrip airport at (Spain) ES-0267

#84 Salamanca airport at Salamanca (Spain) LESA SLM

#85 Aeródromo de Beariz airport at Beariz (Spain) ES-0072

#86 Urda Agricultural Airstrip airport at Urda (Spain) ES-0137

#87 Aeródromo de Reboira airport at Reboira (Spain) ES-0047

#88 Campo de Vuelo de Pozorrubio airport at Pozorrubio (Spain) ES-0224

#89 Gérgal airport at Gérgal (Spain) ES-0048

#90 Aeródromo Juan Espadafor airport at Escúzar (Spain) ES-0129

#91 Aeródromo de Valdelaguna airport at Valdelaguna (Spain) ES-0134

#92 Aeródromo de Alcazarén airport at Alcazarén (Spain) ES-0039

#93 Ronda airport at Ronda (Spain) ES-0071

#94 Aeródromo de Loja airport at Loja (Spain) ES-0166

#95 La Caminera airport at (Spain) LENE

#96 Benabarre airport at Huesca (Spain) LENA

#97 Viver airport at Viver (Spain) ES-0052

#98 Aeródromo de Sonseca airport at Sonseca (Spain) ES-0094

#99 La-Mancha Toledo airport at Toledo (Spain) LEMX

#100 Ocaña airport at Toledo (Spain) LEOC

#101 Aeródromo de Navianos de Valverde airport at (Spain) ES-0075

#102 Valdepeñas airport at (Spain) ES-0135

#103 Aeródromo Tarancón airport at Tarancón (Spain) ES-0155

#104 Casas de los Pinos airport at Cuenca (Spain) LEPI

#105 Aeródromo de Espiel airport at Espiel (Spain) ES-0197

#106 Calaf-Barcelona airport at Sant Pere Sallavinera (Spain) LECF

#107 Fresno de Losa Airstrip airport at (Spain) ES-0250

#108 Aeródromo Requena El Rebollar airport at Requena (Spain) LERE

#109 Aeródromo forestal de Mojados airport at Mojados (Spain) LE83

#110 Campo de Vuelo de Oteo airport at Oteo (Spain) ES-0211

#111 Albacete-Los Llanos airport at Albacete (Spain) LEAB ABC

#112 Matilla De Los Caños airport at Valladolid (Spain) LETC

#113 Aeródromo de La Vid de Bureba airport at La Vid de Bureba (Spain) ES-0198

#114 Armilla Air Base airport at Armilla (Spain) LEGA

#115 Lillo airport at Lillo (Spain) LELT

#116 Cuatro Vientos airport at Madrid (Spain) LECU ECV

#117 Moià El Prat airport at Moià (Spain) ES-0098

#118 San Enrique airport at Almodóvar del Campo (Spain) LESE

#119 Almansa airport at Albacete (Spain) LELM

#120 Aeródromo de la Curiscada airport at Tineo (Spain) ES-0044

#121 Santa Cilia De Jaca airport at Huesca (Spain) LECI

#122 Moià Les Umbertes airport at Moià (Spain) ES-0099

#123 Aeródromo de Ordis airport at Ordis (Spain) ES-0157

#124 Aeródromo Pelayos de la Presa airport at Pelayos de la Presa (Spain) ES-0185

#125 Aeródromo Villanueva del Pardillo airport at Villanueva del Pardillo (Spain) ES-0111

#126 La Segarra airport at Sant Guim de Freixenet (Spain) ES-0031

#127 Ontur airport at Ontur (Spain) LEOT

#128 Aeródromo de Griñón airport at Griñón (Spain) ES-0209

#129 La Centenera airport at Marmolejo (Spain) LENN

#130 Aeródromo de San Torcuato airport at San Torcuato (Spain) ES-0146

#131 Aeródromo Tiurana airport at (Spain) ES-0192

#132 Campo de vuelo de Villanueva del Trabuco airport at Villanueva del Trabuco (Spain) ES-0119

#133 El Castaño airport at Luciana (Spain) LECT

#134 Aeródromo de Trasmirás airport at Trasmirás (Spain) ES-0046

#135 Aeródromo de la Guardia airport at La Guardia (Spain) ES-0101

#136 Ciudad Real International airport (Don Quijote South Madrid) at Ciudad Real Puertollano (Spain) LERL CQM

#137 Aeródromo de Fuente Obejuna airport at Fuente Obejuna (Spain) ES-0181

#138 Tenerife Norte airport at Tenerife (Spain) GCXO TFN

#139 Campo de Vuelo Avial airport at Berga (Spain) ES-0161

#140 Puebla de Don Rodrigo airport at Puebla de Don Rodrigo (Spain) ES-0225 ES-CR

#141 Aeródromo Forestal Villaviciosa de Córdoba airport at (Spain) ES-0264

#142 Casarrubios Del Monte airport at Toledo (Spain) LEMT

#143 Base Aérea Las Navas airport at Medina de Pomar (Spain) ES-0045

#144 Getafe Air Base airport at Getafe (Spain) LEGT

#145 Torrejón airport at Madrid (Spain) LETO TOJ

#146 Aeródromo de Antela airport at Xinzo de Limia (Spain) ES-0010

#147 Aeródromo de Villaconejos airport at Villaconejos (Spain) ES-0050

#148 El Membrillar airport at (Spain) ES-0332

#149 Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas airport at Madrid (Spain) LEMD MAD

#150 Villanueva de la Cañada airport at Villanueva de la Cañada (Spain) ES-0148

#151 Benejama UL airport at Beneixama (Spain) ES-0217

#152 Martinamatos airport at Santa Cruz del Retamar (Spain) ES-0143

#153 Aeródromo de Brunete airport at Brunete (Spain) ES-0178

#154 Aeródromo La Balanzona airport at (Spain) ES-0079

#155 Aeródromo de Treviño airport at Treviño (Spain) ES-0151

#156 La Font de la Figuera Airstrip airport at (Spain) ES-0266

#157 Chaira airport at Baños de Molgas (Spain) ES-0011

#158 Alto Vinalopó Biar Benejama airport at Beneixama (Spain) ES-0218

#159 Altarejos-Guadalcanal airport at Sevilla (Spain) LEGC

#160 Campo de Vuelo Yecla airport at Yecla (Spain) ES-0160

#161 Aeródromo de Antequera airport at Antequera (Spain) ES-0055

#162 Aeródromo de Sober airport at Sober (Spain) ES-0078

#163 Aeródromo forestal de Enguera airport at Enguera (Spain) ES-0084

#164 Aeródromo Loring airport at El Molar (Spain) ES-0162

#165 Olula del Río airport at Olula del Río (Spain) ES-0106

#166 Federico Garcia Lorca airport at Granada (Spain) LEGR GRX

#167 Los Pozuelos De Calatrava airport at Los Pozuelos De Calatrava (Spain) LEPZ

#168 Aeródromo Pozuelo de Calatrava airport at Pozuelo de Calatrava (Spain) ES-0077

#169 Petit aéroport airport at Puente De Génave (Spain) ES-0114

#170 Campo de Vuelo Moixent-Mogente airport at Mogente Moixent (Spain) ES-0159

#171 Aeródromo Virgen de La Estrella airport at Zafra (Spain) LEVE

#172 Aeródromo Coscojuela de Sobrarbe airport at Ainsa (Spain) ES-0145

#173 Beas De Segura airport at Jaén (Spain) LEBE

#174 Aeródromo de Aldeacentenara airport at Aldeacentenara (Spain) ES-0199

#175 Huesca/Pirineos airport at Monflorite Alcalá del Obispo (Spain) LEHC HSK

#176 Aeródromo de Camarenilla airport at Camarenilla (Spain) ES-0219

#177 Camp de vol La Puieda airport at Gurb (Spain) ES-0164

#178 Vitoria/Foronda airport at Alava (Spain) LEVT VIT

#179 Folgueroles airport at Folgueroles (Spain) ES-0109

#180 Aeròdrom de Cervera airport at Cervera (Spain) ES-0216

#181 Aeródromo de Algodor airport at Algodor (Toledo) (Spain) ES-0100

#182 Aeródromo de Lumbier airport at Lumbier (Spain) ES-0105

#183 Aeródromo de Almorox airport at Almorox (Spain) ES-0186

#184 Aeródromo Aerópolis airport at El Casar de Escalona (Spain) ES-0065

#185 Pamplona airport at Pamplona (Spain) LEPP PNA

#186 El Moral Airstrip airport at (Spain) ES-0238

#187 Sesma airport at Sesma (Spain) ES-0102

#188 Atlas Center Vuelos de Drones airport at (Spain) ES-0248

#189 Rozas airport at Lugo (Spain) LERO

#190 Aeródromo de Velada airport at Velada (Spain) ES-0149

#191 Castejón de los Monegros airport at Huesca (Spain) LECJ

#192 Aeródromo de Guadalupe airport at Guadalupe (Spain) LEGU

#193 Aeroclub de Barbastro airport at Barbastro (Spain) ES-0131

#194 El Tietar airport at La Iglesuela (Spain) LETI

#195 Aeródromo forestal de Herrera del Duque airport at Herrera del Duque (Spain) ES-0226

#196 Aeroclub Cáceres airport at La Cervera (Spain) ES-0017

#197 Ororbia airport at Ororbia (Spain) ES-0153

#198 Aeròdrom Municipal El Pla de Santa María airport at El Pla de Santa María (Spain) ES-0173

#199 Aeródromo Lanzahita UL airport at Lanzahita (Spain) ES-0203

#200 Aeródromo de Binéfar airport at Binéfar (Spain) ES-0051

#201 Aeródromo de Tardienta - Monegros airport at (Spain) ES-0144

#202 Santiago de Compostela airport (Lavacolla compostelle) at Santiago de Compostela (Spain) LEST SCQ

#203 Castriz/Cambe airport at Santa Comba (Spain) ES-0012

#204 Lleida-Alguaire airport at Lleida (Spain) LEDA ILD

#205 LOGRONO/AGONCILL airport at (Spain) LELO RJL

#206 Igualada/Odena airport at Barcelona (Spain) LEIG

#207 Logroño-Agoncillo airport at Logroño (Spain) LERJ RJL

#208 Castellón-Costa Azahar airport at Castellón de la Plana (Spain) LECH CDT

#209 Pista Forestal Valdelamusa airport at Valdelamusa (Spain) ES-0195

#210 Aeródromo Gurrea de Gállego airport at Gurrea de Gállego (Spain) ES-0165

#211 Monforte airport at Monforte de Lemos (Spain) ES-0014

#212 AeroCieza airport at (Spain) ES-0028

#213 Campo de Aviación de Ablitas airport at (Spain) ES-0019

#214 Alcocer de Planes airport at Alcocer de Planes (Spain) ES-0130

#215 Aeródromo de Jaen - Las Infantas airport at Jaen (Spain) ES-0182

#216 Aeródromo Almendralejo airport at Almendralejo (Spain) ES-0190

#217 Aeródromo de Linares airport at Linares (Spain) LELI

#218 Aeródromo Belvis de Monroy airport at Belvis de Monroy (Spain) ES-0183

#219 Mollerussa UL airport at Mollerussa (Spain) ES-0204

#220 Aeródromo Mazaricos airport at Fervenza (Spain) ES-0175

#221 Aeródromo Navalmoral de la Mata airport at Navalmoral de la Mata (Spain) ES-0184

#222 Pueblonuevo de Miramontes Airstrip airport at Pueblonuevo de Miramontes (Spain) ES-0251

#223 de Villanueva de Gallego airport at Villanueva de Gallego (Spain) ES-0054

#224 Manresa airport at Manresa (Spain) LEMS

#225 Aeròdrom del Pla de Bages airport at Sallent (Spain) ES-0063

#226 Zaragoza Air Base airport at Zaragoza (Spain) LEZG ZAZ

#227 Vigo airport at Vigo (Spain) LEVX VGO

#228 Aeroclub Alto Palancia airport at Sot de Ferrer (Spain) ES-0037

#229 Don Benito airport at (Spain) ES-0087

#230 El Judio airport at (Spain) ES-0027

#231 Campo de Vuelo Casimiro Patiño airport at Valverde de Leganés (Spain) ES-0108

#232 Aeródromo de Valverde del Camino airport at Valverde del Camino (Spain) ES-0080

#233 Benicolet airport at Benicolet (Spain) ES-0179

#234 Aeròdrom d'Avinyonet airport at Avinyó Nou (Spain) ES-0021

#235 Aerodrom Tapioles airport at Tortellà (Spain) ES-0123

#236 Aeródromo de Tudela airport at (Spain) ES-0095

#237 Aeródromo de Valdeazores airport at Valdeazores (Spain) ES-0141

#238 Aeródromo Valdetorres airport at Valdetorres (Spain) ES-0150

#239 Aeródromo Coria airport at Coria (Spain) ES-0177

#240 Aeródromo de Royanejos airport at (Spain) ES-0062

#241 Alcolea de Cinca airport at Alcolea de la Cinca (Spain) ES-0118

#242 Sotillo de la Andrada airport at (Spain) ES-0230

#243 Cabezas Rubias Airstrip airport at (Spain) ES-0257

#244 La Gomera airport at Alajero, La Gomera Island (Spain) GCGM GMZ

#245 El Manantío airport at Badajoz (Spain) LEEM

#246 Morante airport at Badajoz (Spain) LETE

#247 Olocau airport at Olocau (Spain) ES-0158

#248 Cogullada airport at Zaragoza (Spain) ES-0201

#249 Alhama De Murcia airport at Cánovas (Spain) LELH

#250 Villafranca de Cordoba airport at (Spain) ES-0120

#251 Campo de Vuelo de Caspe airport at Caspe (Spain) ES-0214

#252 Aeroclub Totana airport at Totana (Spain) ES-0036

#253 Beuda Besalu Private Airstrip airport at (Spain) ES-0249

#254 Región de Murcia International airport at Corvera (Spain) LEMI RMU

#255 Badajoz airport at Badajoz (Spain) LEBZ BJZ

#256 Alt Camp de Vallmoll airport at (Spain) ES-0089

#257 Aeródromo de Écija airport at Écija (Spain) ES-0172

#258 Ecija 2 private airfield airport at Ecija (Spain) ES-0171

#259 La Morgal airport at Oviedo (Spain) LEMR

#260 Los Martínez Del Puerto airport at Murcia (Spain) LEMP

#261 Jarde airport at Antigua (Spain) ES-0232

#262 Sabadell airport at Sabadell (Spain) LELL QSA

#263 Villamartin 2 airport at Villamartin (Spain) ES-0206

#264 Girona airport at Girona (Spain) LEGE GRO

#265 Tomás Fernández Espada airport at Villamartin (Spain) LETF

#266 Alcolea Airstrip airport at Alcolea (Spain) ES-0117

#267 Palma del Rio 2 UL airport at Palma del Rio (Spain) ES-0210

#268 Aeròdrom de Foixà airport at Foixà (Spain) ES-0170

#269 Les Planes UL airport at Ulldecona (Spain) ES-0124

#270 Muchamiel airport at Muchamiel (Spain) LEMU

#271 Asturias airport at Gijón Oviedo (Spain) LEAS OVD

#272 Palma Del Río airport at Palma del Rio (Spain) LEPR

#273 Vinaròs airport at Vinaròs (Spain) ES-0002

#274 Binissalem airport at Binissalem (Spain) ES-0059

#275 Beas Airstrip airport at (Spain) ES-0295

#276 A Coruña airport at La Coruña (Spain) LECO LCG

#277 Alats Club Bellvei airport at Bellvei (Spain) ES-0132

#278 Menorca airport at Menorca Island (Spain) LEMH MAH

#279 Son Albertí airport at Llucmajor (Spain) ES-0061

#280 Córdoba airport at Córdoba (Spain) LEBA ODB

#281 Aeroclub Mar Menor airport at San Javier (Spain) ES-0035

#282 Aeródromo de Córdoba-Villarrubia airport at Villarrubia (Spain) ES-0110

#283 Moron Air Base airport at Morón (Spain) LEMO OZP

#284 Club Aernautic Catalunya airport at (Spain) ES-0016

#285 Alcantarilla Air Base airport at Alcantarilla (Spain) LERI

#286 Sevares airport at Piloña (Spain) ES-0296

#287 Valencia airport at Valencia (Spain) LEVC VLC

#288 AeroSidonia airport at (Spain) ES-0018

#289 Vilafranca de Bonany-Es cruce (Mallorca) airport at Petra Pep Mercader (Spain) ES-0058

#290 Reus Air Base airport at Reus (Spain) LERS REU

#291 Aires de Doñana airport at Almonte (Spain) ES-0126

#292 Tenerife South airport at Tenerife (Spain) GCTS TFS

#293 Capdepera Aerodrom airport at (Spain) ES-0329

#294 Aeroguillena airport at Guillena (Spain) ES-0163

#295 San Luis airport at Menorca Island (Spain) LESL

#296 Ses Salines (S’Olivó) airport at Ses Salines (Spain) ES-0057

#297 Cóbreces airport at Cóbreces (Spain) ES-0234

#298 El Ejido UL airport at El Ejido (Spain) ES-0188

#299 Melilla airport at Melilla (Spain) GEML MLN

#300 Son Bonet airport at Mallorca Island (Spain) LESB

#301 La Juliana airport at Sevilla (Spain) LEJU

#302 Aeródromo Alcalá del Río airport at Alcalá del Río (Spain) ES-0070

#303 Isla Cristina Agricultural Airstrip airport at Isla Cristina (Spain) ES-0138

#304 Ondara Airstrip airport at Ondara (Spain) ES-0301

#305 Aerohíspalis airport at Mairena del Alcor (Spain) ES-0033

#306 Base BRICA de Cártama airport at Cártama (Spain) ES-0053

#307 Portocristo Airstrip airport at Manacor (Spain) ES-0294

#308 Alicante International airport at Alicante (Spain) LEAL ALC

#309 Bilbao airport at Bilbao (Spain) LEBB BIO

#310 Aeródromo de Utrera airport at Utrera (Spain) ES-0081

#311 Lebrija UL airport at Lebrija (Spain) ES-0168

#312 Santa Eulària des Riu airport at Santa Eulària des Riu (Spain) ES-0278

#313 La Axarquía-Leoni Benabu airport at Malaga (Spain) LEAX

#314 Sevilla airport at Sevilla (Spain) LEZL SVQ

#315 La Palma airport at Sta Cruz de la Palma, La Palma Island (Spain) GCLA SPC

#316 Hierro airport at El Hierro Island (Spain) GCHI VDE

#317 AeroNiebla airport at Niebla (Spain) ES-0034

#318 Jerez airport at Jerez de la Forntera Cadix (Spain) LEJR XRY

#319 Fuerteventura airport at Fuerteventura Island (Spain) GCFV FUE

#320 Mafe Huelva Gibraleon airport at Gibraleón (Spain) LEMF

#321 Rota Naval Station airport at Rota (Spain) LERT ROZ

#322 Gran Canaria airport at Gran Canaria Island (Spain) GCLP LPA

#323 Villaframil airport at Lugo (Spain) LEVF

#324 Hacienda de Orán airport at Utrero (Spain) ES-0212

#325 Aeroclub Arnao UL airport at Arnao (Spain) ES-0193

#326 Almería International airport at Almería (Spain) LEAM LEI

#327 Riola Agro Airstrip airport at Riola (Spain) ES-0268

#328 Aeròdrom de Viladamat airport at Viladamat (Spain) ES-0115

#329 Aeródromo de Garrucha airport at (Spain) ES-0202

#330 Málaga airport at Málaga (Spain) LEMG AGP

#331 Godos airport at Caldas de Reis (Spain) ES-0013

#332 Lanzarote airport at Lanzarote Island (Spain) GCRR ACE

#333 Camp de Vol de Palafolls airport at (Spain) ES-0026

#334 Aeròdrom de Llabiá airport at Llabiá (Spain) ES-0128

#335 Aeroclub Gregal airport at Albalat de la Ribera (Spain) ES-0139

#336 Albalat de la Ribera Airstrip airport at Albalat de la Ribera (Spain) ES-0140

#337 Palma De Mallorca airport at Palma De Mallorca (Spain) LEPA PMI

#338 Xeraco airport at Xeraco (Spain) ES-0200

#339 Ibiza airport at Ibiza (Spain) LEIB IBZ

#340 El Berriel Aeroc airport at Gran Canaria Island (Spain) GCLB

#341 Castellon De La Plana Aerodrome airport at Castellón de La Plana (Spain) LECN

#342 San Sebastián airport at Hondarribia (Spain) LESO EAS

#343 Santander airport at Santander (Spain) LEXJ SDR

#344 Trebujena airport at Trebujena (Spain) ES-0001

#345 Barcelona International airport at Barcelona (Spain) LEBL BCN

#346 Aeroclub L’Estartit airport at Estartit (Spain) ES-0127

#347 San Javier San Javier airport at San Javier (Spain) LELC MJV

#348 La Llosa airport at La Llosa (Spain) ES-0167

#349 Aeròdrom de Pals airport at (Spain) ES-0020

#350 Ampuriabrava airport at Empuriabrava (Spain) LEAP

#351 Sollana Agro Airstrip airport at Sollana (Spain) ES-0261

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