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Airports at the highest altitudes, located in the mountains or on the highlands. A high altitude which rhymes with the drop in atmospheric pressure which increases the taxiing distance to allow planes to take off and therefore requires a longer runway than at lower altitudes. in Fiji.

#1 Koro airport (Fiji) / OACI NFNO/ IATA KXF

aéroport Koro

Altitude : 109 m = 358 ft

Koro airport is located close to Koro Island, Nathekoro at 61 km, Northern Division at 94 km, Nakama at 96 km, Lambasa at 103 km, Naselai at 120 km, Central Division at 136 km,

-> Aviation weather, Koro airport NOTAM and VAC

#2 Lakemba airport (Fiji) / OACI NFNK/ IATA LKB

aéroport Lakemba

Altitude : 85 m = 279 ft

Lakemba airport is located close to Lakeba Island, Nasanggalau at 2.5 km, Naselesele at 200 km,

-> Aviation weather, Lakemba airport NOTAM and VAC

#3 Vatukoula airport (Fiji) / OACI NFNV/ IATA VAU

aéroport Vatukoula

Altitude : 48 m = 157 ft

Vatukoula airport is located close to Vatukoula, Lautoka at 42 km, Namaka at 52 km, Nadi at 56 km, Namotomoto at 56 km, Western Division at 66 km, Nasirotu at 73 km,

-> Aviation weather, Vatukoula airport NOTAM and VAC

#4 Wakaya airport (Fiji) / OACI NFNW/ IATA KAY

aéroport Wakaya

Altitude : 40 m = 131 ft

Wakaya airport is located close to Wakaya Island, Naselai at 68 km, Central Division at 84 km, Suva at 84 km, Nasirotu at 93 km, Nathekoro at 97 km, Nakama at 131 km,

-> Aviation weather, Wakaya airport NOTAM and VAC

#5 On I Lau airport (Fiji) / OACI NFOL/ IATA ONU

aéroport On I Lau

Altitude : 34 m = 112 ft

On I Lau airport is located close to Ono-i-Lau,

-> Aviation weather, On I Lau airport NOTAM and VAC

#6 Rabi airport (Fiji) / OACI NFFR/ IATA RBI

aéroport Rabi

Altitude : 27 m = 89 ft

Rabi airport is located close to Rabi Island, Northern Division at 51 km, Lambasa at 65 km, Nakama at 67 km, Nathekoro at 75 km, Naselai at 225 km, Central Division at 239 km,

-> Aviation weather, Rabi airport NOTAM and VAC

#7 Vanuabalavu airport (Fiji) / OACI NFVB/ IATA VBV

aéroport Vanuabalavu

Altitude : 23 m = 75 ft

Vanuabalavu airport is located close to Vanua Balavu, Nasanggalau at 103 km, Naselesele at 114 km,

-> Aviation weather, Vanuabalavu airport NOTAM and VAC

#8 Nadi airport (Fiji) / OACI NFFN/ IATA NAN

aéroport Nadi

Altitude : 18 m = 59 ft

Nadi airport is located close to Nadi, Namaka at 1.6 km, Nadi at 5.7 km, Namotomoto at 5.7 km, Lautoka at 15 km, Western Division at 28 km, Nasirotu at 91 km,

The longest runway measures : 3273 m = 10738 ft

-> Aviation weather, Nadi airport NOTAM and VAC

#9 Matei airport (Fiji) / OACI NFNM/ IATA TVU

aéroport Matei

Altitude : 18 m = 59 ft

Matei airport is located close to Matei, Naselesele at 1.5 km, Nasanggalau at 202 km,

The longest runway measures : 1000 m = 3281 ft

-> Aviation weather, Matei airport NOTAM and VAC

#10 Ngau airport (Fiji) / OACI NFNG/ IATA NGI

aéroport Ngau

Altitude : 15 m = 49 ft

Ngau airport is located close to Ngau, Naselai at 82 km, Suva at 95 km, Central Division at 107 km, Nasirotu at 116 km, Nathekoro at 146 km, Northern Division at 180 km,

-> Aviation weather, Ngau airport NOTAM and VAC

#11 Lambasa airport (Fiji) / OACI NFNL/ IATA LBS

#12 Vatulele airport (Fiji) / OACI NFVL/ IATA VTF

#13 Yasawa Island airport (Fiji) / OACI NFSW/ IATA YAS

#14 Mana Island airport (Fiji) / OACI NFMA/ IATA MNF

#15 Rotuma airport (Fiji) / OACI NFNR/ IATA RTA

#16 Ba airport (Fiji) / OACI NFFA

#17 Nausori airport (Fiji) / OACI NFNA/ IATA SUV

#18 Savu Savu airport (Fiji) / OACI NFNS/ IATA SVU

#19 Moala airport (Fiji) / OACI NFMO/ IATA MFJ

#20 Cicia airport (Fiji) / OACI NFCI/ IATA ICI

#21 Lauthala airport (Fiji) / OACI NFNH/ IATA LUC

#22 Bureta airport (Fiji) / OACI NFNB/ IATA LEV

#23 Malolo Lailai airport (Fiji) / OACI NFFO/ IATA PTF

#24 Kadavu airport (Fiji) / OACI NFKD/ IATA KDV

#25 Treasure Island Seaplane Base airport (Fiji) / OACI NFRS

#26 Castaway Island Seaplane Base airport (Fiji) / OACI NFCS/ IATA CST

#27 Turtle Island Seaplane Base airport (Fiji) / OACI NFUL/ IATA TTL

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