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Airports at the highest altitudes, located in the mountains or on the highlands. A high altitude which rhymes with the drop in atmospheric pressure which increases the taxiing distance to allow planes to take off and therefore requires a longer runway than at lower altitudes. in Guatemala.

#1 San Marcos airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGSM

aéroport San Marcos

Altitude : 2418 m = 7933 ft

San Marcos airport is located close to San Marcos, San Rafael Soche at 1.3 km, Municipio de San Marcos at 1.3 km, San Marcos at 1.7 km, Esquipulas Palo Gordo at 2.8 km, San Pedro Sacatepequez at 4.4 km, San Cristobal Cucho at 6.7 km,

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#2 Quezaltenango airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGQZ/ IATA AAZ

aéroport Quezaltenango

Altitude : 2371 m = 7779 ft

Quezaltenango airport is located close to Quezaltenango, Llano de Olintepeque at 1.6 km, Quetzaltenango at 3.9 km, San Andres Xecul at 4.3 km, Almolonga at 5.4 km, Salcaja at 5.9 km, San Francisco La Union at 6.6 km,

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#3 Quiche airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGQC/ IATA AQB

aéroport Quiche

Altitude : 2021 m = 6631 ft

Quiche airport is located close to Santa Cruz del Quiche, Santa Cruz del Quiché at 2 km, Patzite at 8.7 km, San Pedro Jocopilas at 9.1 km, Chiche at 9.2 km, Pachoj at 9.5 km, Chichicastenango at 9.5 km,

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#4 Huehuetenango airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGHT/ IATA HUG

aéroport Huehuetenango

Altitude : 1943 m = 6375 ft

Huehuetenango airport is located close to Huehuetenango, Huehuetenango at 1.2 km, Municipio de Huehuetenango at 1.3 km, Chiantla at 3.1 km, Chimusinique at 5.9 km, Malacatancito at 14 km, San Sebastian Huehuetenango at 14 km,

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#5 Guatemala airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGGT/ IATA GUA

aéroport Guatemala

Altitude : 1509 m = 4951 ft

Guatemala airport is located close to Guatemala City, La Aurora at 3 km, Santa Catarina Pinula at 3.8 km, Guatemala City at 6.6 km, Puerta Parada at 6.8 km, Villa Nueva at 9 km, Petapa at 9.3 km,

The longest runway measures : 2987 m = 9800 ft

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#6 Coban airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGCB/ IATA CBV

aéroport Coban

Altitude : 1323 m = 4341 ft

Coban airport is located close to Coban, Samac at 0.8 km, Coban at 4.6 km, San Juan Chamelco at 8.8 km, San Cristobal Verapaz at 9.6 km, Santa Cruz Verapaz at 12 km, San Pedro Carcha at 15 km,

The longest runway measures : 1018 m = 3340 ft

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#7 Esquipulas airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGES

aéroport Esquipulas

Altitude : 942 m = 3091 ft

Esquipulas airport is located close to Esquipulas, Esquipulas at 0 km, Concepcion Las Minas at 12 km, Olopa at 13 km, Quezaltepeque at 13 km, San Jacinto at 20 km, Sinuapa at 22 km,

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#8 Poptun airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGPP/ IATA PON

aéroport Poptun

Altitude : 549 m = 1801 ft

Poptun airport is located close to Poptún, Poptun at 0.6 km, San Luis at 14 km, Dolores at 21 km, Cristo Rey at 33 km, Chahal at 66 km, Santa Ana at 69 km,

The longest runway measures : 2438 m = 7999 ft

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#9 Coatepeque airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGCT/ IATA CTF

aéroport Coatepeque

Altitude : 453 m = 1486 ft

Coatepeque airport is located close to Coatepeque, Coatepeque at 1.8 km, Flores Costa Cuca at 8.6 km, Genova at 10 km, El Quetzal at 11 km, Nuevo Progreso at 12 km, La Reforma at 14 km,

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#10 Malacatan airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGML

aéroport Malacatan

Altitude : 364 m = 1194 ft

Malacatan airport is located close to San Marcos, Malacatan at 4.2 km, La Libertad at 4.2 km, Catarina at 6.4 km, Tuxtla Chico at 9.7 km, San Pablo at 9.9 km, Cacahoatan at 12 km,

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#11 Carmelita airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGCR/ IATA CMM

#12 Retalhuleu airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGRT/ IATA RER

#13 Zacapa airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGZA

#14 La Libertad airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGLL

#15 Melchor de Mencos airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGMM/ IATA FRS

#16 Rubelsanto airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGRB/ IATA RUV

#17 Mundo Maya International airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGTK

#18 Bananera airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGBN

#19 Puerto Barrios airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGPB/ IATA PBR

#20 Las Vegas airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGRD/ IATA LCF

#21 San Jose airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGSJ/ IATA GSJ

#22 Monterrico airport (Guatemala) / OACI MGRF

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