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Airports at the highest altitudes, located in the mountains or on the highlands. A high altitude which rhymes with the drop in atmospheric pressure which increases the taxiing distance to allow planes to take off and therefore requires a longer runway than at lower altitudes. in Lao.

#1 Phong Savanh airport (Lao) / OACI VLPV

aéroport Phong Savanh

Altitude : 1106 m = 3629 ft

Phong Savanh airport is located close to Muang Phônsavan at 0.6 km, Ban Phonsavan at 4 km, Xiangkhouang at 30 km, Muang Vangviang at 99 km, Viengthong at 99 km, Ban Khouaphan at 100 km,

The longest runway measures : 942 m = 3091 ft

-> Aviation weather, Phong Savanh airport NOTAM and VAC

#2 Xieng Khouang airport (Lao) / OACI VLXK/ IATA XKH

aéroport Xieng Khouang

Altitude : 1050 m = 3445 ft

Xieng Khouang airport is located close to Xieng Khouang, Ban Phonsavan at 2.6 km, Muang Phônsavan at 6.5 km, Xiangkhouang at 36 km, Muang Vangviang at 94 km, Ban Khouaphan at 95 km, Viengthong at 101 km,

The longest runway measures : 2608 m = 8556 ft

-> Aviation weather, Xieng Khouang airport NOTAM and VAC

#3 Sam Neua airport (Lao) / OACI VLSN/ IATA NEU

aéroport Sam Neua

Altitude : 1000 m = 3281 ft

Sam Neua airport is located close to Ban Nathong at 0.8 km, Xam Nua at 2.8 km, Houaphan at 11 km, Viengxay at 30 km, Huameung at 37 km, Viengthong at 69 km,

The longest runway measures : 1132 m = 3714 ft

-> Aviation weather, Sam Neua airport NOTAM and VAC

#4 Luong Nam Tha airport (Lao) / OACI VLLN/ IATA LXG

aéroport Luong Nam Tha

Altitude : 600 m = 1969 ft

Luong Nam Tha airport is located close to Luang Namtha, Ban Louangnamtha at 1.3 km, Louang Namtha at 1.9 km, Khouèng Louangnamtha at 8.9 km, Muang Nale at 48 km, Mengla at 58 km, Muang Long at 62 km,

-> Aviation weather, Luong Nam Tha airport NOTAM and VAC

#5 Xienglom airport (Lao) / OACI VLXL/ IATA XIE

aéroport Xienglom

Altitude : 558 m = 1831 ft

Xienglom airport is located close to Xienglom, Thung Chang at 27 km, Chaloem Phra Kiat at 28 km, Song Khwae at 31 km, Chiang Klang at 37 km, Pua at 51 km, Chiang Kham at 55 km,

-> Aviation weather, Xienglom airport NOTAM and VAC

#6 Oudomsay airport (Lao) / OACI VLOS/ IATA ODY

aéroport Oudomsay

Altitude : 550 m = 1804 ft

Oudomsay airport is located close to Oudomsay, Muang Xay at 2.4 km, Ban Pakla at 25 km, Muang Nale at 59 km, Ban Louangnamtha at 68 km, Louang Namtha at 68 km, Khouèng Louangnamtha at 73 km,

-> Aviation weather, Oudomsay airport NOTAM and VAC

#7 Bane Houei Say airport (Lao) / OACI VLHS/ IATA HOE

aéroport Bane Houei Say

Altitude : 421 m = 1381 ft

Bane Houei Say airport is located close to Huay Xai, Ban Tinpha at 0.6 km, Ban Houakhoua at 2.3 km, Ban Houayxay at 3.4 km, Chiang Khong at 3.4 km, Wiang Kaen at 18 km, Khouèng Bokèo at 28 km,

The longest runway measures : 1500 m = 4921 ft

-> Aviation weather, Bane Houei Say airport NOTAM and VAC

#8 Sayaboury airport (Lao) / OACI VLSB/ IATA ZBY

aéroport Sayaboury

Altitude : 293 m = 961 ft

Sayaboury airport is located close to Sainyabuli, Ban Toun at 1.4 km, Xaignabouli at 4.4 km, Bo Kluea at 59 km, Chaloem Phra Kiat at 76 km, Pua at 84 km, Louangphabang at 84 km,

-> Aviation weather, Sayaboury airport NOTAM and VAC

#9 Luang Prabang airport (Lao) / OACI VLLB/ IATA LPQ

aéroport Luang Prabang

Altitude : 291 m = 955 ft

Luang Prabang airport is located close to Luang Phabang, Ban Xangkhong at 0.3 km, Louangphabang at 3 km, Khouèng Oudômxai at 75 km, Xaignabouli at 84 km, Ban Toun at 87 km, Muang Xay at 91 km,

The longest runway measures : 2200 m = 7218 ft

-> Aviation weather, Luang Prabang airport NOTAM and VAC

#10 Saravane airport (Lao) / OACI VLSV/ IATA VNA

aéroport Saravane

Altitude : 175 m = 574 ft

Saravane airport is located close to Saravane, Salavan at 1 km, Khouèng Salavan at 18 km, Thateng at 31 km, Lamam at 45 km, Pakxong at 62 km, Ban Houakèng at 93 km,

-> Aviation weather, Saravane airport NOTAM and VAC

#11 Vientiane Wattay airport (Lao) / OACI VLVT/ IATA VTE

#12 Savannakhet airport (Lao) / OACI VLSK/ IATA ZVK

#13 Thakhek airport (Lao) / OACI VLTK/ IATA THK

#14 Pakse airport (Lao) / OACI VLPS/ IATA PKZ

#15 Attopeu airport (Lao) / OACI VLAP/ IATA AOU

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