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Airports at the highest altitudes, located in the mountains or on the highlands. A high altitude which rhymes with the drop in atmospheric pressure which increases the taxiing distance to allow planes to take off and therefore requires a longer runway than at lower altitudes. in Northern Mariana Islands.

#1 Rota airport (Northern Mariana Islands) / OACI PGRO/ IATA ROP

aéroport Rota

Altitude : 185 m = 607 ft

Rota airport is located close to Rota Island, Sinapalo Village at 1.5 km, Rota Municipality at 5.1 km, Andersen AFB Housing Areas at 77 km, Yigo at 80 km, Yigo Mayors Office at 80 km, Yigo Village at 81 km,

The longest runway measures : 1829 m = 6001 ft

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#2 West Tinian airport (Northern Mariana Islands) / OACI PGWT/ IATA TIQ

aéroport West Tinian

Altitude : 83 m = 272 ft

West Tinian airport is located close to Tinian Island, Marpo Heights Hamlet at 2.9 km, Tinian Municipality at 3.3 km, JP Tinian Town pre-WW2 at 3.4 km, Saipan Municipality at 18 km, As Lito Hamlet at 18 km, Papago Hamlet at 24 km,

The longest runway measures : 2621 m = 8599 ft

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#3 Saipan Is. airport (Northern Mariana Islands) / OACI PGSN/ IATA SPN

aéroport Saipan Is.

Altitude : 66 m = 217 ft

Saipan Is. airport is located close to Saipan Island, As Lito Hamlet at 1.3 km, Saipan Municipality at 3.5 km, Papago Hamlet at 6.4 km, Northern Islands Municipality - Mayors Office at 10 km, CNMI Governor's Office at 11 km, Saipan at 11 km,

The longest runway measures : 2652 m = 8701 ft

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