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Airports at the highest altitudes, located in the mountains or on the highlands. A high altitude which rhymes with the drop in atmospheric pressure which increases the taxiing distance to allow planes to take off and therefore requires a longer runway than at lower altitudes. in Maldives.

#1 Madivaru airport at Naifaru (Maldives) LMV

aéroport Madivaru

Altitude : 9 m = 30ft

Madivaru airport is located close to Naifaru, Naifaru at 1.5 km, Manadhoo at 34 km, Ugoofaaru at 47 km, Eydhafushi at 51 km, Funadhoo at 78 km, Kulhudhuffushi at 134 km,

-> Aviation weather for Madivaru airport

#2 Kooddoo airport at Huvadhu Atoll (Maldives) VRMO GKK

aéroport Kooddoo

Altitude : 9 m = 30ft

Kooddoo airport is located close to Huvadhu Atoll, Thinadhoo at 60 km, Meedhoo at 148 km, Hithadhoo at 153 km, Madifushi at 181 km, Vilufushi at 197 km, Kudahuvadhoo at 224 km,

The longest runway measure : 1800 m = 5906ft

-> Aviation weather for Kooddoo airport

#3 Ifuru airport at Ifuru Island (Maldives) VREI IFU

aéroport Ifuru

Altitude : 6 m = 20ft

Ifuru airport is located close to Ifuru Island, Ugoofaaru at 5.4 km, Manadhoo at 40 km, Naifaru at 48 km, Funadhoo at 56 km, Eydhafushi at 67 km, Kulhudhuffushi at 102 km,

-> Aviation weather for Ifuru airport

#4 Fuvahmulah airport at Fuvahmulah Island (Maldives) VRMR FVM

aéroport Fuvahmulah

Altitude : 5 m = 16ft

Fuvahmulah airport is located close to Fuvahmulah Island, Meedhoo at 38 km, Hithadhoo at 51 km, Thinadhoo at 109 km, Madifushi at 297 km, Vilufushi at 313 km, Kudahuvadhoo at 337 km,

-> Aviation weather for Fuvahmulah airport

#5 Kulhudhuffushi airport at Kulhudhuffushi (Maldives) VRBK HDK HDK

aéroport Kulhudhuffushi

Altitude : 3 m = 10ft

Kulhudhuffushi airport is located close to Kulhudhuffushi, Kulhudhuffushi at 1 km, Dhidhdhoo at 28 km, Funadhoo at 58 km, Manadhoo at 102 km, Ugoofaaru at 107 km, Naifaru at 136 km,

-> Aviation weather for Kulhudhuffushi airport

#6 Maafaru International airport at Noonu Atoll (Maldives) VRDA NMF

aéroport Maafaru International

Altitude : 2 m = 7ft

Maafaru International airport is located close to Noonu Atoll, Manadhoo at 11 km, Naifaru at 43 km, Funadhoo at 43 km, Ugoofaaru at 55 km, Eydhafushi at 91 km, Kulhudhuffushi at 100 km,

-> Aviation weather for Maafaru International airport

#7 Dharavandhoo airport at Baa Atoll (Maldives) VRMD DRV

aéroport Dharavandhoo

Altitude : 2 m = 7ft

Dharavandhoo airport is located close to Baa Atoll, Eydhafushi at 8.8 km, Naifaru at 41 km, Ugoofaaru at 59 km, Manadhoo at 73 km, Funadhoo at 112 km, Maale at 117 km,

The longest runway measure : 1189 m = 3901ft

-> Aviation weather for Dharavandhoo airport

#8 Gan International airport at Gan (Maldives) VRMG GAN

aéroport Gan International

Altitude : 2 m = 7ft

Gan International airport is located close to Gan, Hithadhoo at 13 km, Meedhoo at 15 km, Thinadhoo at 139 km, Madifushi at 340 km, Vilufushi at 356 km, Kudahuvadhoo at 375 km,

The longest runway measure : 3658 m = 12001ft

-> Aviation weather for Gan International airport

#9 Thimarafushi airport at Thimarafushi (Maldives) VRNT TMF

aéroport Thimarafushi

Altitude : 2 m = 7ft

Thimarafushi airport is located close to Thimarafushi, Madifushi at 28 km, Vilufushi at 37 km, Kudahuvadhoo at 59 km, Muli at 91 km, Mahibadhoo at 176 km, Thinadhoo at 188 km,

-> Aviation weather for Thimarafushi airport

#10 Villa airport at Maamigili (Maldives) VRMV VAM

aéroport Villa

Altitude : 2 m = 7ft

Villa airport is located close to Maamigili, Mahibadhoo at 38 km, Kudahuvadhoo at 89 km, Muli at 102 km, Maale at 108 km, Male at 108 km, Vilufushi at 120 km,

The longest runway measure : 1800 m = 5906ft

-> Aviation weather for Villa airport

#11 Malé International airport at Malé (Maldives) VRMM MLE

#12 Dhaalu Atoll airport at Kudahuvadhoo (Maldives) VRMU DDD

#13 Kadhdhoo airport at Kadhdhoo (Maldives) VRMK KDO

#14 Kaadedhdhoo airport at Huvadhu Atoll (Maldives) VRMT KDM

#15 Hanimaadhoo airport at Haa Dhaalu Atoll (Maldives) VRMH HAQ

#16 Maavaarulaa airport at Maavaarulu (Maldives) VRQM RUL

#17 Funadhoo airport at Funadhoo (Maldives) FND

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