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The airports that have the longest runways, because they are at altitude where planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate larger aircraft or non-standard aircraft in Burkina Faso.

#1 Bobo Dioulasso airport in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFOO/ IATA BOY

aéroport Bobo Dioulasso

Altitude : 461 m = 1512 ft

Bobo Dioulasso airport is located close to Bobo Dioulasso, Samogan at 3.6 km, Bobo-Dioulasso at 4.1 km, Hauts-Bassins at 6.5 km, Dogona at 7.4 km, Orodara at 70 km, Cascades at 74 km,

The longest runway measures : 3300 m = 10827 ft

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#2 Ouagadougou (AD) airport in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFFD/ IATA OUA

aéroport Ouagadougou (AD)

Altitude : 316 m = 1037 ft

Ouagadougou (AD) airport is located close to Ouagadougou, Ouagadougou at 3.1 km, Centre at 3.6 km, Ziniare at 34 km, Plateau-Central at 35 km, Kombissiri at 37 km, Pitmoaga at 42 km,

The longest runway measures : 3028 m = 9934 ft

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#3 Dedougou airport in Dedougou (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFOD/ IATA DGU

aéroport Dedougou

Altitude : 300 m = 984 ft

Dedougou airport is located close to Dedougou, Boucle du Mouhoun at 2.3 km, Dedougou at 2.7 km, Nouna at 51 km, Salanso at 71 km, Toma at 74 km, Tougan at 82 km,

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#4 Kantchari airport in Kantchari (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFEL/ IATA XKA

aéroport Kantchari

Altitude : 268 m = 879 ft

Kantchari airport is located close to Kantchari, Diapaga at 54 km, Gayeri at 111 km, Say at 118 km, Kollo at 130 km, Est at 131 km, Fada NGourma at 132 km,

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#5 Tambao airport in Tambao (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFEM/ IATA TMQ

aéroport Tambao

Altitude : 250 m = 820 ft

Tambao airport is located close to Tambao, Gorom Gorom at 50 km, Dori at 85 km, Wèndou at 86 km, Sahel at 86 km, Ayorou at 94 km, Ansongo at 107 km,

-> Aviation weather for Tambao airport

#6 Zorgo airport in Zorgo (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFEO

aéroport Zorgo

Altitude : 298 m = 978 ft

Zorgo airport is located close to Zorgo, Zorgho at 0.2 km, Koupela at 30 km, Boulsa at 47 km, Garango at 51 km, Centre-Est at 59 km, Tenkodogo at 59 km,

-> Aviation weather for Zorgo airport

#7 Pama airport in Pama (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFEP/ IATA XPA

aéroport Pama

Altitude : 213 m = 699 ft

Pama airport is located close to Pama, Pama at 0.8 km, Dapaong at 70 km, Ouargaye at 76 km, Tanguieta at 93 km, Est at 98 km, Fada NGourma at 98 km,

-> Aviation weather for Pama airport

#8 Arli airport in Arly (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFER/ IATA ARL

aéroport Arli

Altitude : 232 m = 761 ft

Arli airport is located close to Arly, Diapaga at 62 km, Pama at 93 km, Banikoara at 109 km, Tanguieta at 111 km, Est at 132 km, Fada NGourma at 133 km,

-> Aviation weather for Arli airport

#9 Sebba airport in Sebba (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFES/ IATA XSE

aéroport Sebba

Altitude : 270 m = 886 ft

Sebba airport is located close to Sebba, Sebba at 2.1 km, Tera at 67 km, Dori at 88 km, Sahel at 89 km, Gayeri at 89 km, Bogande at 89 km,

-> Aviation weather for Sebba airport

#10 Tenkodogo airport in Tenkodogo (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFET/ IATA TEG

aéroport Tenkodogo

Altitude : 310 m = 1017 ft

Tenkodogo airport is located close to Tenkodogo, Centre-Est at 1.6 km, Tenkodogo at 2.2 km, Garango at 20 km, Koupela at 42 km, Ouargaye at 57 km, Zorgho at 57 km,

-> Aviation weather for Tenkodogo airport

#11 Ouargaye airport in Ouargaye (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFEY

#12 Zabre airport in Zabré (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFEZ/ IATA XZA

#13 Dano airport in Dano (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFOA

#14 Banfora airport in Banfora (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFOB/ IATA BNR

#15 Koupela airport in Koupela (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFEK

#16 Safane airport in Safane (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFOF

#17 Amilcar Cabral Gaoua airport in Gaoua (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFOG/ IATA XGA

#18 Hounde airport in Hounde (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFOH

#19 Loumana airport in Loumana (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFOL

#20 Nouna airport in Nouna (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFON/ IATA XNU

#21 Orodara airport in Orodara (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFOR

#22 Sideradougou airport in Sideradougou (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFOS

#23 Tougan airport in Tougan (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFOT/ IATA TUQ

#24 Diebougou airport in Diebougou (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFOU/ IATA XDE

#25 Aribinda airport in Aribinda (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFOY/ IATA XAR

#26 Poura airport in Poura (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCR

#27 Barsalogho airport in Barsalogho (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCB

#28 Ouahigouya airport in Ouahigouya (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCC/ IATA OUG

#29 Didyr airport in Didyr (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCD

#30 Batie airport in Batie (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCE

#31 Kongoussi airport in Kongoussi (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCG

#32 Titao airport in Titao (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCI

#33 Djibo airport in Djibo (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCJ/ IATA XDJ

#34 Koudougou airport in Koudougou (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCK

#35 Leo airport in Leo (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCL/ IATA XLU

#36 Manga airport in Manga (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCM

#37 Po airport in Po (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCP/ IATA PUP

#38 Kaya airport in Kaya (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCA/ IATA XKY

#39 Seguenega airport in Seguenega (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCS

#40 Tenado airport in Tenado (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCT

#41 Gourcy airport in Gourcy (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCU

#42 Yako airport in Yako (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFCY

#43 Boulsa airport in Boulsa (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFEA/ IATA XBO

#44 Bogande airport in Bogande (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFEB/ IATA XBG

#45 Komin-Yanga airport in Komin-Yanga (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFEC

#46 Diapaga airport in Diapaga (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFED/ IATA DIP

#47 Dori airport in Dori (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFEE/ IATA DOR

#48 Fada N'gourma airport in Fada N'gourma (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFEF/ IATA FNG

#49 Gorom Gorom airport in Gorom-Gorom (Burkina Faso) / OACI DFEG/ IATA XGG

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