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The airports that have the longest runways in the world, because they are at altitude or the planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate the largest planes or non-standard aircraft like the American space shuttle in Kiribati.

#1 Kiritimani I airport (Kiribati) / OACI PLCH/ IATA CXI

aéroport Kiritimani I

Altitude : 2 m = 7 ft

Kiritimani I airport is located close to Banana, Banana Village at 1.7 km, London Village at 14 km, Tabwakea Village at 16 km,

The longest runway measures : 2103 m = 6900 ft

-> Aviation weather, Kiritimani I airport VAC

#2 Tarawa Is. airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGTA/ IATA TRW

aéroport Tarawa Is.

Altitude : 3 m = 10 ft

Tarawa Is. airport is located close to Tarawa, Bonriki Village at 0.9 km, Buota Village at 2 km, Nawerewere Village at 2.2 km, Temaiku Village at 2.7 km, Bikenibeu Village at 3 km, Eita Village at 7.7 km,

The longest runway measures : 2011 m = 6598 ft

-> Aviation weather, Tarawa Is. airport VAC

#3 Canton Airfield airport (Kiribati) / OACI PCIS/ IATA CIS

aéroport Canton Airfield

Altitude : 3 m = 10 ft

Canton Airfield airport is located close to Abariringa,

The longest runway measures : 1899 m = 6230 ft

-> Aviation weather, Canton Airfield airport VAC

#4 Tabiteuea N airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGTE/ IATA TBF

aéroport Tabiteuea N

Altitude : 2 m = 7 ft

Tabiteuea N airport is located close to Beru at 134 km, Eriko Village at 137 km,

The longest runway measures : 1026 m = 3366 ft

-> Aviation weather, Tabiteuea N airport VAC

#5 Washington Island airport (Kiribati) / OACI PLWN/ IATA TNQ

aéroport Washington Island

Altitude : 9 m = 30 ft

Washington Island airport is located close to Teraina,

-> Aviation weather, Washington Island airport VAC

#6 Abaiang airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGAB/ IATA ABF

aéroport Abaiang

Altitude : 10 m = 33 ft

Abaiang airport is located close to Abaiang, Rawannawi Village at 38 km, Gilbert Islands at 43 km, Tarawa at 43 km, Buota Village at 46 km, Bonriki Village at 48 km, Eita Village at 49 km,

-> Aviation weather, Abaiang airport VAC

#7 Tabuaeran Island airport (Kiribati) / OACI PLFA/ IATA TNV

aéroport Tabuaeran Island

Altitude : 8 m = 26 ft

Tabuaeran Island airport is located close to Tabuaeran Island, Tabwakea Village at 297 km, London Village at 301 km,

-> Aviation weather, Tabuaeran Island airport VAC

#8 Aranuka airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGUK/ IATA AAK

aéroport Aranuka

Altitude : 2 m = 7 ft

Aranuka airport is located close to Buariki, Temaiku Village at 141 km, Nawerewere Village at 142 km, Bikenibeu Village at 143 km, Bonriki Village at 144 km, Eita Village at 145 km, Teaoraereke Village at 145 km,

-> Aviation weather, Aranuka airport VAC

#9 Butaritari airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGTU/ IATA BBG

aéroport Butaritari

Altitude : 2 m = 7 ft

Butaritari airport is located close to Butaritari Atoll, Tabonuea Village at 1.8 km, Butaritari at 2.9 km, Makin Village at 36 km, Rawannawi Village at 125 km, Gilbert Islands at 186 km, Tarawa at 186 km,

-> Aviation weather, Butaritari airport VAC

#10 Tabiteuea South airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGTS/ IATA TSU

aéroport Tabiteuea South

Altitude : 7 m = 23 ft

Tabiteuea South airport is located close to Tabiteuea South, Beru at 103 km, Eriko Village at 105 km,

-> Aviation weather, Tabiteuea South airport VAC

#11 Arorae Island airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGTR/ IATA AIS

#12 Nonouti airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGTO/ IATA NON

#13 Tamana Island airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGTM/ IATA TMN

#14 Abemama airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGTB/ IATA AEA

#15 Onotoa airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGON/ IATA OOT

#16 Nikunau airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGNU/ IATA NIG

#17 Makin Island airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGMN/ IATA MTK

#18 Marakei airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGMK/ IATA MZK

#19 Maiana airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGMA/ IATA MNK

#20 Kuria airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGKT/ IATA KUC

#21 Beru airport (Kiribati) / OACI NGBR/ IATA BEZ

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