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The airports that have the longest runways in the world, because they are at altitude or the planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate the largest planes or non-standard aircraft like the American space shuttle in Comoros.

#1 Moroni Hahaia airport (Comoros) / OACI FMCH/ IATA HAH

aéroport Moroni Hahaia

Altitude : 28 m = 92 ft

Moroni Hahaia airport is located close to Moroni, Mbaléni at 1.8 km, Oussivo at 5.7 km, Ntsaoueni at 7.6 km, Vanadjou at 8.2 km, Île Autonome de Grande Comore at 8.7 km, Vanambouani at 8.9 km,

The longest runway measures : 2900 m = 9514 ft

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#2 Moroni Iconi airport (Comoros) / OACI FMCN/ IATA YVA

aéroport Moroni Iconi

Altitude : 10 m = 33 ft

Moroni Iconi airport is located close to Moroni, Daché at 0.8 km, Mavingouni at 1.1 km, Moroni at 1.5 km, Mvouni at 2.3 km, Tsidje at 2.4 km, Itsandra at 4.6 km,

The longest runway measures : 1355 m = 4446 ft

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#3 Anjouan Ouani airport (Comoros) / OACI FMCV/ IATA AJN

aéroport Anjouan Ouani

Altitude : 19 m = 62 ft

Anjouan Ouani airport is located close to Ouani, Ouani at 0.5 km, Barakani at 0.9 km, Patsi at 2.8 km, Mirontsi at 3.7 km, Koki at 4.6 km, Moutsamoudou at 5.1 km,

The longest runway measures : 1350 m = 4429 ft

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#4 Moheli Bandaressalam airport (Comoros) / OACI FMCI/ IATA NWA

aéroport Moheli Bandaressalam

Altitude : 14 m = 46 ft

Moheli Bandaressalam airport is located close to Djoyezi at 0.8 km, Fomboni at 3.3 km, Ziroudani at 4 km, Ouanani at 5.5 km, Mtakoudja at 8 km, Nioumachoua at 9 km,

The longest runway measures : 1300 m = 4265 ft

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