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The airports that have the longest runways in the world, because they are at altitude or the planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate the largest planes or non-standard aircraft like the American space shuttle in North Korea.

#1 Pyongyang Sunan airport (North Korea) / OACI ZKPY/ IATA FNJ

aéroport Pyongyang Sunan

Altitude : 36 m = 118 ft

Pyongyang Sunan airport is located close to Pyongyang, Punam-ni at 1 km, Sunan at 3.3 km, Pyongsong at 18 km, Pyongyang at 22 km, Ch’angjŏn-dong at 24 km, Sil-li at 34 km,

The longest runway measures : 3802 m = 12474 ft

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#2 Sunchon Air Base airport (North Korea) / OACI ZKSC

aéroport Sunchon Air Base

Altitude : 43 m = 141 ft

Sunchon Air Base airport is located close to Sunchon, Pyongsong at 19 km, P’yŏngan-namdo at 27 km, Punam-ni at 29 km, Anju at 30 km, Sunan at 30 km, Sinanju at 32 km,

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#3 Sondok airport (North Korea) / OACI ZKSD/ IATA DSO

aéroport Sondok

Altitude : 4 m = 13 ft

Sondok airport is located close to Sŏndŏng-ni, Sinsang-ni at 12 km, Hungnam at 16 km, Hamhung at 20 km, Yonggwang-up at 30 km, Kowon-up at 39 km, Samho-rodongjagu at 41 km,

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#4 Wonsan Kalma International airport (North Korea) / OACI ZKWS/ IATA WOS

aéroport Wonsan Kalma International

Altitude : 2 m = 7 ft

Wonsan Kalma International airport is located close to Wonsan, Wonsan at 3.9 km, Anbyon-up at 14 km, Kosan at 35 km, Kowon-up at 37 km, Tongchon-up at 42 km, Hoeyang at 52 km,

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