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The airports that have the longest runways, because they are at altitude where planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate larger aircraft or non-standard aircraft in Turkey.

#1 Istanbul airport at Istanbul (Turkey) LTFM IST

aéroport Istanbul

Altitude : 99 m = 325ft

Istanbul airport is located close to Istanbul, Durusu at 7.1 km, Boyalik at 10 km, Basaksehir at 21 km, Sultangazi at 21 km, Arikoey at 22 km, Halkalı at 27 km,

The longest runway measure : 4100 m = 13451ft

-> Aviation weather for Istanbul airport

#2 Sivas Nuri Demirağ airport at Sivas (Turkey) LTAR VAS

aéroport Sivas Nuri Demirağ

Altitude : 1597 m = 5240ft

Sivas Nuri Demirağ airport is located close to Sivas, Yazıbaşı at 2.7 km, Sivas at 8.8 km, Yildizeli at 27 km, Hafik at 42 km, Ulas at 43 km, Artova at 61 km,

The longest runway measure : 3811 m = 12503ft

-> Aviation weather for Sivas Nuri Demirağ airport

#3 Erzurum International airport at Erzurum (Turkey) LTCE ERZ

aéroport Erzurum International

Altitude : 1757 m = 5764ft

Erzurum International airport is located close to Erzurum, Erzurum Havaalanı at 0.2 km, Ilica at 5.3 km, Erzurum at 11 km, Erzurum at 29 km, Askale at 41 km, Cat at 42 km,

The longest runway measure : 3810 m = 12500ft

-> Aviation weather for Erzurum International airport

#4 EsenboÄŸa International airport (Ankara Esenboga) at Ankara (Turkey) LTAC ESB

aéroport EsenboÄŸa International

Altitude : 952 m = 3123ft

EsenboÄŸa International airport is located close to Ankara, Esenboğa at 1.1 km, Akyurt at 7.8 km, Cubuk at 13 km, Mamak at 22 km, Ulus at 24 km, Kolej at 25 km,

The longest runway measure : 3750 m = 12303ft

-> Aviation weather for EsenboÄŸa International airport

#5 Afyon airport at Afyonkarahisar (Turkey) LTAH AFY

aéroport Afyon

Altitude : 1009 m = 3310ft

Afyon airport is located close to Afyonkarahisar, Söğütoluk at 4 km, Afyonkarahisar at 6.3 km, Cobanlar at 16 km, Iscehisar at 20 km, Suhut at 22 km, Sincanli at 31 km,

The longest runway measure : 3660 m = 12008ft

-> Aviation weather for Afyon airport

#6 Muș airport at Muș (Turkey) LTCK MSR

aéroport Muș

Altitude : 1267 m = 4157ft

Muș airport is located close to Muș, Tabanlı at 2.6 km, Haskoy at 7.6 km, Korkut at 11 km, Mus at 13 km, Dazikom at 15 km, Muş at 29 km,

The longest runway measure : 3551 m = 11650ft

-> Aviation weather for Muș airport

#7 Diyarbakir airport at Diyarbakir (Turkey) LTCC DIY

aéroport Diyarbakir

Altitude : 686 m = 2251ft

Diyarbakir airport is located close to Diyarbakir, Diyarbakir at 2.9 km, Cinar at 27 km, Ambar at 29 km, Kerh at 31 km, Koseli at 36 km, Kazanci at 38 km,

The longest runway measure : 3549 m = 11644ft

-> Aviation weather for Diyarbakir airport

#8 Kars airport at Kars (Turkey) LTCF KSY

aéroport Kars

Altitude : 1795 m = 5889ft

Kars airport is located close to Kars, Karacaören at 2.3 km, Kars at 4.7 km, Kars at 16 km, Susuz at 24 km, Digor at 33 km, Arpacay at 37 km,

The longest runway measure : 3500 m = 11483ft

-> Aviation weather for Kars airport

#9 Antalya International airport at Antalya (Turkey) LTAI AYT

aéroport Antalya International

Altitude : 54 m = 177ft

Antalya International airport is located close to Antalya, Yeşilköy at 0.4 km, Yükseliş at 9.7 km, Antalya at 16 km, Belek at 23 km, Serik at 27 km, Kemer at 40 km,

The longest runway measure : 3400 m = 11155ft

-> Aviation weather for Antalya International airport

#10 Sivrihisar airport at Sivrihisar (Turkey) LTAV

aéroport Sivrihisar

Altitude : 971 m = 3186ft

Sivrihisar airport is located close to Sivrihisar, Sivrihisar at 14 km, Kaymaz at 18 km, Köprübaşı at 23 km, Cifteler at 29 km, Eskişehir at 29 km, Beylikova at 30 km,

The longest runway measure : 3400 m = 11155ft

-> Aviation weather for Sivrihisar airport

#11 Akıncı Air Base airport at Ankara (Turkey) LTAE

#12 Malatya Erhaç airport at Malatya (Turkey) LTAT MLX

#13 Konya airport at Konya (Turkey) LTAN KYA

#14 Adnan Menderes International airport at İzmir (Turkey) LTBJ ADB

#15 Hakkari Yüksekova airport at Hakkari (Turkey) LTCW YKO

#16 Eskișehir Air Base airport at (Turkey) LTBI ESK

#17 Ä°ncirlik Air Base airport at Adana (Turkey) LTAG UAB

#18 Batman airport at Batman (Turkey) LTCJ BAL

#19 Bantirma airport at (Turkey) LTBG BDM

#20 Ordu–Giresun airport at Ordu (Turkey) LTCB OGU OGU

#21 Gaziantep International airport at Gaziantep (Turkey) LTAJ GZT

#22 Kayseri Erkilet airport at Kayseri (Turkey) LTAU ASR

#23 Çardak Çardak airport at Denizli (Turkey) LTAY DNZ

#24 Nevșehir Kapadokya airport at Nevșehir (Turkey) LTAZ NAV

#25 Atatürk International airport (Ataturk) at Istanbul (Turkey) LTBA ISL

#26 Cengiz Topel airport at (Turkey) LTBQ KCO

#27 Dalaman International airport at Dalaman (Turkey) LTBS DLM

#28 Tekirdağ Çorlu airport at Çorlu (Turkey) LTBU TEQ

#29 Elâzığ airport at Elâzığ (Turkey) LTCA EZS

#30 Erzincan airport at Erzincan (Turkey) LTCD ERC

#31 Ağrı airport at Ağrı (Turkey) LTCO AJI

#32 Iğdır airport at Iğdır (Turkey) LTCT IGD

#33 Şırnak Åžerafettin Elçi airport at Şırnak (Turkey) LTCV NKT

#34 Hatay airport at Hatay (Turkey) LTDA HTY

#35 Kaklıç airport at (Turkey) LTFA

#36 Süleyman Demirel International airport at Isparta (Turkey) LTFC ISE

#37 Balıkesir Körfez airport at Edremit (Turkey) LTFD EDO

#38 Milas Bodrum International airport at Bodrum (Turkey) LTFE BJV

#39 Samsun Çarșamba airport at Samsun (Turkey) LTFH SZF

#40 Sabiha Gökçen International airport at Istanbul (Turkey) LTFJ SAW

#41 Rize–Artvin airport at Rize (Turkey) LTFO RZV

#42 Izmir Cigli airport at (Turkey) LTBL IGL

#43 Bursa Yenișehir airport at Bursa (Turkey) LTBR YEI

#44 Akhisar airport at (Turkey) LTBT

#45 Balıkesir Merkez airport at (Turkey) LTBF BZI

#46 Amasya Merzifon airport at Amasya (Turkey) LTAP MZH

#47 Etimesgut Air Base airport (Etimesgut Hava Üssü) at Ankara (Turkey) LTAD ANK

#48 Adana Şakirpaşa Adana Şakirpaşa airport at Seyhan (Turkey) LTAF ADA

#49 Van Ferit Melen airport at Van (Turkey) LTCI VAN

#50 Trabzon International airport at Trabzon (Turkey) LTCG TZX

#51 Ușak airport at Uşak (Turkey) LTBO USQ

#52 Anadolu airport at Eskișehir (Turkey) LTBY AOE

#53 Adıyaman airport at Adıyaman (Turkey) LTCP ADF

#54 Mardin airport at Mardin (Turkey) LTCR MQM

#55 Malatya Tulga airport at Malatya (Turkey) LTAO

#56 Kahramanmaraș airport at Kahramanmaraș (Turkey) LTCN KCM

#57 Kastamonu airport at Kastamonu (Turkey) LTAL KFS

#58 Güvercinlik airport at Ankara (Turkey) LTAB

#59 Çanakkale airport at Çanakkale (Turkey) LTBH CKZ

#60 Siirt airport at Siirt (Turkey) LTCL SXZ

#61 Selçuk Efes airport at Selçuk (Turkey) LTFB

#62 Tokat airport at Tokat (Turkey) LTAW TJK

#63 Bodrum Imsik airport at (Turkey) LTBV BXN

#64 Kutahya airport at Kütahya (Turkey) LTBN

#65 Çıldır airport at Aydın (Turkey) LTBD CII

#66 Yalova airport at Çiftlikköy (Turkey) LTBP

#67 Samandıra Air Base airport at Ümraniye (Turkey) LTBX

#68 Izmir Gaziemir airport at (Turkey) LTBK

#69 Isparta airport at (Turkey) LTBM

#70 Ä°stanbul Hezarfen airport at Istanbul (Turkey) LTBW

#71 Gökçeada airport at Gökçeada (Turkey) GKD LT86

#72 Zonguldak airport at Zonguldak (Turkey) LTAS ONQ

#73 Alașehir airport at Alașehir (Turkey) LTBC

#74 Bursa airport at Bursa (Turkey) LTBE

#75 Zafer airport at Kütahya Afyonkarahisar Uşak (Turkey) LTBZ KZR

#76 Sinop airport at Sinop (Turkey) LTCM NOP

#77 Şanlıurfa GAP airport at Şanlıurfa (Turkey) LTCS GNY

#78 Gazipașa airport at Gazipașa (Turkey) LTFG GZP

#79 Karain airport at Antalya (Turkey) LTXE

#80 Akhisar TSA airport at Akhisar (Turkey) TR-0001

#81 Divriği airport at (Turkey) TR-0002

#82 Temelli Air Base airport at Polatlı (Turkey) TR-0004

#83 Tuzla Air Base airport at Tuzla, Istanbul (Turkey) TR-0005

#84 Bozcaada airport at Bozcaada (Turkey) TR-0008

#85 Çardak Highway Strip airport at (Turkey) TR-0009

#86 Diyarbakır Northwest airport at (Turkey) TR-0011

#87 Alaçatı airport at Çeşme (Turkey) TR-0012

#88 Aksaray airport at Aksaray (Turkey) TR-0014

#89 Boranköy Air Base airport at Battalgazi (Turkey) TR-0015

#90 Balıkesir Manyas airport at Manyas (Turkey) TR-0016

#91 Bingöl Çeltiksuyu airport at Bingöl (Turkey) BGG TR-0017

#92 Bolu Air Base airport at Bolu (Turkey) TR-0018

#93 Çukurhisar airport at Alpu (Turkey) TR-0021

#94 Karabiga airport at Karabiga (Turkey) TR-0023

#95 Gemlik airport at Gemlik (Turkey) TR-0024

#96 Karacabey Hara airport at Karacabey (Turkey) TR-0027

#97 Keşan Air Base airport at Keşan (Turkey) TR-0028

#98 Niğde airport at Bor (Turkey) TR-0029

#99 Polatlı airport at Polatlı (Turkey) TR-0031

#100 Salyazı airport at Köse (Turkey) TR-0032

#101 Sarımsaklı airport at Ayvalık (Turkey) TR-0033

#102 THK İnönü airport at İnönü (Turkey) TR-0034

#103 Tatvan airport at Tatvan (Turkey) TR-0035

#104 Muş West airport at Muş (Turkey) TR-0037

#105 Yüksekova Highway Strip airport at Yüksekova (Turkey) TR-0038

#106 Kayseri Hava İkmal airport at Melikgazi (Turkey) TR-0039

#107 Manavgat airport at Manavgat (Turkey) TR-0040

#108 Fly Pergamon Sport airport at Bergama (Turkey) TR-0041

#109 Dörtyol airport at Dörtyol (Turkey) TR-0078

#110 Kumköy Blue Sky airport at Manavgat (Turkey) TR-0079

#111 Engiz airport at İstiklal (Turkey) TR-0080

#112 Kelaynak Aviation Club airport at (Turkey) TR-0092

#113 Manavgat Model Ucak Pisti airport at Antalya (Turkey) TR-0159

#114 Kadriye Airstrip airport at Serik (Turkey) TR-0213

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