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You leave traces while browsing the Internet. At least your IP address, even if you put your internet browser in private browsing mode which does not prevent the browser from saving your browsing history, the site leaves cookies and data on your computer, and does not keep them. information entered in the forms. But your activity remains visible to your ISP, your employer or your school and the sites you visit.

Unless you use a VPN, the IP address assigned to your box or to the router allows you to identify your ISP (Internet service provider), or your company network, school or the public network on which you are logged in to. Upon court request, the access provider is required to provide the identity of the customer corresponding to the IP address. This is what authorities fighting against piracy are doing to trace the connection to the person responsible for illegal downloads. But this is not the only use of your IP address: your IP address also allows you to locate you without having to ask you for access to your GPS because each IP address has been assigned to an ISP or to an organization whose physical address is known. Even if these organizations have been able to release IP V4 addresses because they are becoming rare, this localization mode remains in most cases effective enough for the sites you visit to use it to locate you and offer you content that uses this information. for editorial purposes (as on Bigorre.org which offers you by default the weather forecast for the place where you are located or the aeronautical weather forecast for the airport closest to you), commercial or advertising.

The traces you leave when you log in are displayed for educational purposes to help you understand the information you leave on the websites you visit. This information is not stored and you are the only ones to see the settings that concern you. For more info on the parameters we use, see Bigorre.org's legal notices.

Your connection, the hardware and the browser you use

Many people are interested in your hardware, your browser and your connection, to know what to sell you or what advertising to show you based on your material and a profile built from sociological studies such as those on PC and Mac users and involvement in lifestyle, purchasing habits or socio-professional category.

In addition, advertising networks use this information to identify users as precisely as possible. From defining to identifying there is only one step to replacing third-party cookies which are called into question by the general data protection regulation, better known by the acronym of RGPD, and which will be excluded from Chrome from by 2022.

Your connection to this website

Logging into this website allows them to see your IP address : We will use it a little further to locate you without having to ask for your authorization. It is a IP V4 address.

Reverse DNS indicates that this IP address corresponds to ec2-44-197-101-251.compute-1.amazonaws.com

The port used for this connection is 443

What you use to browse the internet

Your browser identifies itself with CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

Internet browser is Unknown version 2.0

Your location

We are trying several methods to locate you by your IP address. Information that interests the website you are viewing to adapt to your needs but also to know your position in relation to business partners or their competitors. It can interest the fast food closest to you, fashion stores, all commercial players and the advertising agencies that accompany them. They can also mobilize the weather to determine if you are a potential customer for an outdoor item from the pool to the barbecue or rather to stay warm and offer you a fireplace or TV shows. Your location is therefore very valuable information for many people!

Your navigation before arriving here

Your browser has memorized the last websites that you visited before this one. But it does not provide the list to the site you are visiting.

Cookies are used to store information about your previous visits to this website. Like for example the cookie which memorizes your choice to hide the banner of the legal notices relating to the cookies or the advertisement : you did not click on the cookie consent banner at the bottom of this screen, and you did not click on the banner ad to hide it.

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer when visiting a site or viewing an advertisement. Their main purpose is to collect information relating to your browsing on the sites and to provide you with personalized services. In your computer, cookies are managed by your internet browser. Cookies saved by us or by third parties when you visit our sites and applications do not recognize you personally as an individual, but only recognize the device you are using. Cookies do not store any sensitive personal data but simply provide information about your browsing so that your terminal can be recognized later. Cookies do not harm your device, but allow you, for example, to find your preferences, to pre-fill certain forms and to adapt the content of the site to your supposed needs. But they also allow advertising to be targeted by using information about your previous visits to websites that use the same advertising network to serve you ads chosen based on what you have visited. And this over a period which can be very long if you do not delete these cookies.

A VPN to avoid being tracked

A VPN for Virtual Private Network, or virtual private network, allows you to have an encrypted tunnel between your Internet connection and an exit point of your tunnel on a server located somewhere in the world. This allows you to surf without being localized to access content and offers as if you were there. To watch TV online for example. It allows you to surf as you want to load the content you want without them being identified. It also allows you to browse without being filtered to use the applications you want even if it is not possible in your country. Indispensable to go to Google and Facebook in China. Finally, it allows you to do it safely so that no one can intercept your data throughout the VPN tunnel. Recommended protection when you are connected to public WiFi.

The VPN service can be free, financed by advertising or information collection, or be paid with rates of 1 to 3 € per month. We chose Pure VPN for the speed, its servers present all over the world, its Android, IOS, Linux and Windows applications, its extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers, and for its very competitive prices, in particular for subscriptions over several years.