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The airports that have the longest runways, because they are at altitude where planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate larger aircraft or non-standard aircraft worldwide.

#1 Qamdo Bangda airport (Changdu Bangda) at Qamdo Changdu (China) ZUBD BPX

aéroport Qamdo Bangda

Altitude : 4334 m = 14219ft

Qamdo Bangda airport is located close to Qamdo, Changdu, Yanduo at 56 km, Baima at 59 km, Qamdo at 69 km, Agar at 108 km, Racaka at 110 km, Zito at 120 km,

Airport located at an altitude of 4334 m. Given this very high altitude, it has the longest paved runway used publicly in the world to accommodate large aircraft.

The longest runway measure : 5500 m = 18045ft

-> Aviation weather for Qamdo Bangda airport

#2 Ulyanovsk East airport (Ul'yanovsk Ulyanovsk Northeast) at Ulyanovsk (Russian Federation) UWLW ULY

aéroport Ulyanovsk East

Altitude : 77 m = 253ft

Ulyanovsk East airport is located close to Ulyanovsk, Loshchina at 2.9 km, Mirnyy at 5.1 km, Cherdakly at 5.4 km, Chasovnya Verkhnyaya at 17 km, Staraya Mayna at 24 km, Ulyanovsk at 27 km,

The longest runway measure : 5000 m = 16404ft

-> Aviation weather for Ulyanovsk East airport

#3 Shigatse Air Base airport (Shigatse Air Base 日喀则和平机场) at Shigatse (China) ZURK RKZ

aéroport Shigatse Air Base

Altitude : 1153 m = 3783ft

Shigatse Air Base airport is located close to Shigatse, Luobuqiongzi at 21 km, Renwu at 41 km, Rikaze at 43 km, Pangdoi at 50 km, Jiangzi at 55 km, Lhainag at 57 km,

Shigatse Peace Airport, or Shigatse Air Base, is a dual-use military and civilian airport serving Shigatse, the second largest city in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Located at an altitude of 3782 meters, it is one of the highest airports in the world and its runway is one of the longest runways in the world. Construction of Shigatse Airport began in 1968 and was completed in 1973. Until 2010, it had only military activity before an extension allowed it to become the fifth civilian airport in Tibet.

The longest runway measure : 5000 m = 16404ft

-> Aviation weather for Shigatse Air Base airport

#4 Pierre Van Ryneveld airport at Upington (South Africa) FAUP UTN

aéroport Pierre Van Ryneveld

Altitude : 848 m = 2782ft

Pierre Van Ryneveld airport is located close to Upington, Upington at 5.4 km, Limewell at 131 km, Sishen at 182 km, Kathu at 192 km, Prieska at 202 km, Lime Acres at 216 km,

Upington Airport in South Africa in the Northern Cape Province. It has the longest track in the southern hemisphere justified by the reception of large aircraft at a high altitude and with very high temperatures in the hot season.

The longest runway measure : 4900 m = 16076ft

-> Aviation weather for Pierre Van Ryneveld airport

#5 Denver International airport at Denver (USA) KDEN DEN DEN

aéroport Denver International

Altitude : 1655 m = 5430ft

Denver International airport is located close to Denver, Barr Lake at 13 km, Eno at 15 km, Lochbuie at 17 km, Brighton at 19 km, Aurora at 20 km, Derby at 21 km,

Denver International Airport is an international airport in the western United States located in Colorado. It is the largest airport in North America in terms of total area. It has the longest civil runway in North America because it is located at altitude and has a very large widebody traffic.

The longest runway measure : 4877 m = 16001ft

-> Aviation weather for Denver International airport

#6 Hamad International airport (New Doha) at Doha (Qatar) OTHH DOH

aéroport Hamad International

Altitude : 4 m = 13ft

Hamad International airport is located close to Doha, Nu‘ayjah at 5.4 km, Umm Ghuwaylīnah at 6.1 km, Al Jasrah at 7.6 km, Doha at 7.7 km, Baladīyat ad Dawḩah at 11 km, Al Wakrah at 11 km,

Hamad International Airport is the only international airport in the State of Qatar. Located south of its capital, Doha, it replaced the former Doha International Airport as the main airport in Qatar. It has one of the longest tracks in the world because the temperature is very high and the traffic of jumbo jets is very developed.

The longest runway measure : 4850 m = 15912ft

-> Aviation weather for Hamad International airport

#7 Golmud airport at Golmud (China) ZLGM GOQ

aéroport Golmud

Altitude : 2845 m = 9334ft

Golmud airport is located close to Golmud, Da Juh at 65 km, Qinghai Sheng at 118 km, Xitieshan at 118 km, Duokake at 192 km, Chalengkou at 198 km, Hoit Taria at 204 km,

The longest runway measure : 4800 m = 15748ft

-> Aviation weather for Golmud airport

#8 HARARE/KUTSAGA(M airport at (Zimbabwe) FVHA


Altitude : 1503 m = 4931ft

HARARE/KUTSAGA(M airport is located close to Mazoe at 11 km, Glendale at 22 km, Concession at 22 km, Newlands at 29 km, Avenues at 30 km, Harare at 31 km,

The longest runway measure : 4725 m = 15502ft

-> Aviation weather for HARARE/KUTSAGA(M airport

#9 Ndjili International airport at Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) FZAA FIH

aéroport Ndjili International

Altitude : 313 m = 1027ft

Ndjili International airport is located close to Kinshasa, Masina at 5.9 km, Kinshasa at 15 km, Ndolo at 16 km, Brazzaville at 22 km, Commune de Brazzaville at 23 km, Tsiémé-Mandiélé at 25 km,

The longest runway measure : 4700 m = 15420ft

-> Aviation weather for Ndjili International airport

#10 Mmabatho International airport at Mafeking (South Africa) FAMM MBD

aéroport Mmabatho International

Altitude : 1274 m = 4180ft

Mmabatho International airport is located close to Mafeking, Lokaleng at 2.2 km, Mmabatho at 10 km, Mafikeng at 12 km, Mogobe wa Kgomo at 40 km, Janeng at 42 km, Zeerust at 60 km,

The longest runway measure : 4620 m = 15157ft

-> Aviation weather for Mmabatho International airport

#11 Hwange National Park airport at Hwange (Zimbabwe) FVWN HWN

#12 Zhukovsky International airport at Moscow (Russian Federation) UUBW ZIA

#13 Southern California Logistics airport at Victorville (USA) KVCV VCV

#14 Edwards Air Force Base airport at Edwards (USA) KEDW EDW

#15 Hosea Kutako International airport at Windhoek (Namibia) FYWH WDH

#16 Napaskiak airport at Napaskiak (USA) PAPK PKA

#17 Vandenberg Air Force Base airport at Lompoc (USA) KVBG VBG

#18 Doha International airport at Doha (Qatar) OTBD DIA

#19 Nasa Shuttle Landing Facility airport at Titusville (USA) KTTS

#20 Kunming Changshui International airport at Kunming (China) ZPPP KMG

#21 Yubileyniy airport at Baikonur (Kazakhstan) UAON

#22 Al Maktoum International airport (Dubai World Central) at Jebel Ali Dubai (United Arab Emirates) OMDW DWC

#23 Bushehr airport (Bushehr Booshehr Bushire) at Bushehr (Iran) OIBB BUZ

#24 Hamadan Air Base airport at Hamadan (Iran) OIHS

#25 Indira Gandhi International airport at New Delhi (India) VIDP DEL

#26 Eielson Air Force Base Eielson Air Force Base airport at Fairbanks (USA) PAEI EIL

#27 McCarran International airport (Mc Carran) at Las Vegas (USA) KLAS LAS

#28 John F Kennedy International airport at New York (USA) KJFK JFK JFK

#29 Esfahan Shahid Beheshti International airport at Isfahan (Iran) OIFM IFN

#30 Almaty airport at Almaty (Kazakhstan) UAAA ALA

#31 Shiraz Shahid Dastghaib International airport at Shiraz (Iran) OISS SYZ

#32 Fallon Naval Air Station airport at Fallon (USA) KNFL NFL

#33 Mandalay International airport at Mandalay (Myanmar) VYMD MDL

#34 Calgary International airport at Calgary (Canada) CYYC YYC

#35 Zahedan International airport at Zahedan (Iran) OIZH ZAH

#36 Rajiv Gandhi International airport at Hyderabad (India) VOHS HYD

#37 Imam Khomeini International airport at Tehran (Iran) OIIE IKA

#38 Fairchild Air Force Base airport at Spokane (USA) KSKA SKA

#39 Erbil International airport at Arbil (Irak) ORER EBL

#40 Dayrestan airport at (Iran) OIKQ

#41 Paris Charles de Gaulle airport (Roissy) at Paris (France) LFPG CDG

#42 King Khaled International airport at Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) OERK RUH

#43 Albuquerque International Sunport airport (Kirtland Air Force Base) at Albuquerque (USA) KABQ ABQ

#44 Inca Manco Capac International airport at Juliaca (Peru) SPJL JUL

#45 Daocheng Yading airport at Daocheng County (China) ZUDC DCY

#46 Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos International airport at Toluca (Mexico) MMTO TLC

#47 BISHKEK/MANAS airport at (Kazakhstan) UAFM

#48 Al Jufra airport at (Libya) HL69

#49 Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas airport at Madrid (Spain) LEMD MAD

#50 Davis Monthan Air Force Base airport at Tucson (USA) KDMA DMA

#51 Berbera airport at Berbera (Somalia) HCMI BBO

#52 Biggs Army Air Field (Fort Bliss) airport at Fort Bliss El Paso (USA) KBIF BIF

#53 Kuala Lumpur International airport (KLIA Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur) at Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) WMKK KUL

#54 Jomo Kenyatta International airport (Nairobi Embakasi) at Nairobi (Kenya) HKJK NBO

#55 Hill Air Force Base airport at Ogden (USA) KHIF HIF

#56 Clinton Sherman airport at Clinton (USA) KCSM CSM

#57 Grant County International airport at Moses Lake (USA) KMWH MWH

#58 Rick Husband Amarillo International airport at Amarillo (USA) KAMA AMA

#59 Glasgow Industrial airport at Glasgow (USA) 07MT

#60 City of Colorado Springs Municipal airport at Colorado Springs (USA) KCOS COS

#61 Mountain Home Air Force Base airport at Mountain Home (USA) KMUO MUO

#62 Omidyeh airport at Omidiyeh (Iran) OIAJ OMI

#63 Lemoore Naval Air Station (Reeves Field) airport at Lemoore (USA) KNLC NLC

#64 Dyess Air Force Base airport at Abilene (USA) KDYS DYS

#65 Ellsworth Air Force Base airport at Rapid City (USA) KRCA RCA

#66 Arkonam airport at (India) VOAR

#67 Abu Dhabi International airport (مطار أبوظبي الدولي) at Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) OMAA AUH

#68 Istanbul airport at Istanbul (Turkey) LTFM IST

#69 Mariscal Sucre International airport at Quito (Ecuador) SEQM UIO

#70 Shahid Sadooghi airport at Yazd (Iran) OIYY AZD

#71 Altus Air Force Base airport (Altus Air Force Base) at Altus (USA) KLTS LTS

#72 Dallas Fort Worth International airport at Dallas Fort Worth (USA) KDFW DFW

#73 Ben Gurion International airport (Natbag) at Tel Aviv (Israel) LLBG TLV

#74 Sharjah International airport (Charjah) at Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) OMSJ SHJ

#75 Lake X airport at St Cloud (USA) 57FA

#76 March ARB airport at Riverside (USA) KRIV RIV

#77 Yuma MCAS/Yuma International airport at Yuma (USA) KNYL YUM

#78 Riyadh Air Base airport at Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) OERY XXN

#79 Hang Nadim International airport at Batam Island (Indonesia) WIDD BTH

#80 Mehrabad International airport at Tehran (Iran) OIII THR

#81 Minot Air Force Base Minot Air Force Base airport at Minot (USA) KMIB MIB

#82 Makhado Air Force Base airport at Louis Trichardt Southwest (South Africa) FALM

#83 Al Taqaddum Air Base airport at Al Habbaniyah (Irak) ORAT TQD

#84 Thumamah airport at Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) OETH

#85 Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz airport (Medina) at Medina (Saudi Arabia) OEMA MED

#86 Prince Sultan Air Base airport at (Saudi Arabia) OEPS AKH

#87 Don Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla International airport at Guadalajara (Mexico) MMGL GDL

#88 Antonio Maceo International airport at Santiago (Cuba) MUCU SCU

#89 Michael AAF (Dugway Proving Ground) airport at Dugway Proving Ground (USA) KDPG DPG

#90 Jubail airport at Jubail (Saudi Arabia) OEJB QJB

#91 Cairo International airport at Cairo (Egypt) HECA CAI

#92 José Martí International airport at Havana (Cuba) MUHA HAV

#93 Luxembourg-Findel International airport at Luxembourg (Luxembourg) ELLX LUX

#94 Hurghada International airport at Hurghada (Egypt) HEGN HRG

#95 Narita International airport at Tokyo (Japan) RJAA NRT

#96 Tashkent International airport at Tashkent (Uzbekistan) UTTT TAS

#97 Kansai International airport at Osaka (Japan) RJBB KIX

#98 Munich International Franz Josef Strauß airport at Munich (Germany) EDDM MUC

#99 Dubai International airport at Dubai (United Arab Emirates) OMDB DXB

#100 Heydar Aliyev International airport at Baku (Azerbaijan) UBBB GYD

#101 Baghdad International airport at Baghdad (Irak) ORBI BGW

#102 Taba airport at Taba (Egypt) HETB TCP

#103 Suvarnabhumi airport at Bangkok (Thailand) VTBS BKK

#104 Sir Seretse Khama International airport at Gaborone (Botswana) FBSK GBE

#105 Ciudad Real International airport (Don Quijote South Madrid) at Ciudad Real Puertollano (Spain) LERL CQM

#106 Rio Galeão – Tom Jobim International airport at Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) SBGL GIG

#107 Basrah International airport at Basrah (Irak) ORMM BSR

#108 Lhasa Gonggar airport at Lhasa (China) ZULS LXA

#109 Al Ain International airport at Al Ain (United Arab Emirates) OMAL AAN

#110 Shanghai Pudong International airport at Shanghai (China) ZSPD PVG

#111 King Fahd International airport (Dammam) at Dammam (Saudi Arabia) OEDF DMM

#112 Chitose airport at (Japan) RJCJ

#113 Boryspil International airport (Kiev Borispol) at Kyiv (Ukraine) UKBB KBP

#114 Thumrait Air Base airport at Thumrait (Oman) OOTH TTH

#115 Khabarovsk-Novy airport at Khabarovsk (Russian Federation) UHHH KHV

#116 King Abdulaziz International airport (Mataar Al-Malik Abdulaziz Al-Duwaly Jeddah International) at Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) OEJN JED

#117 Eleftherios Venizelos International airport at Athens (Greece) LGAV ATH

#118 El Alto International airport at La Paz (Bolivia) SLLP LPB

#119 Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport (Satolas) at Lyon (France) LFLL LYS

#120 Singapore Changi airport at Singapore (Singapore) WSSS SIN

#121 Merowe New airport at Merowe (Sudan) HSMN MWE

#122 Kempegowda International airport at Bangalore (India) VOBL BLR

#123 Muscat International airport at Muscat (Oman) OOMS MCT

#124 Frankfurt am Main airport at Frankfurt am Main (Germany) EDDF FRA

#125 Al Asad Air Base airport (Qadisiyah) at (Irak) ORAA IQA

#126 Persian Gulf International airport at Asalouyeh (Iran) OIBP PGU

#127 Sheppard Air Force Base-Wichita Falls Municipal airport at Wichita Falls (USA) KSPS SPS

#128 Sohar airport at Sohar (Oman) OOSH OHS

#129 Hoedspruit Air Force Base airport at Hoedspruit (South Africa) FAHS HDS

#130 Sarakhs airport at Sarakhs (Iran) OIMC CKT

#131 Mariano Melgar airport at La Joya (Peru) SPLC

#132 Roswell International Air Center airport at Roswell (USA) KROW ROW

#133 Chicago O'Hare International airport at Chicago (USA) KORD ORD

#134 Sydney Kingsford Smith International airport (Mascot) at Sydney (Australia) YSSY SYD

#135 Miami International airport (Wilcox Field) at Miami (USA) KMIA MIA

#136 Incheon International airport at Seoul (South Korea) RKSI ICN

#137 Bahrain International airport at Manama (Bahrain) OBBI BAH

#138 Al Minhad Air Base airport at Dubai (United Arab Emirates) OMDM NHD

#139 Licenciado Benito Juarez International airport (Mexico City) at Mexico City (Mexico) MMMX MEX

#140 Dover Air Force Base airport at Dover (USA) KDOV DOV

#141 Lincoln airport at Lincoln (USA) KLNK LNK

#142 Mashhad International airport at Mashhad (Iran) OIMM MHD

#143 Malpensa International airport at Milan (Italy) LIMC MXP

#144 Topeka Regional - Forbes Field Topeka Regional - Forbes Field airport at Topeka (USA) KFOE FOE

#145 Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino airport at Rome (Italy) LIRF FCO

#146 Holloman Air Force Base airport at Alamogordo (USA) KHMN HMN

#147 London Heathrow airport at London (United Kingdom) EGLL LHR

#148 Mineralnyye Vody airport at Mineralnyye Vody (Russian Federation) URMM MRV

#149 Geneva Cointrin International airport (Genève Cointrin) at Geneva (Switzerland) LSGG GVA

#150 EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg airport (EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg) at Bâle Mulhouse Fribourg (France) LFSB BSL

#151 Murtala Muhammed International airport at Lagos (Nigeria) DNMM LOS

#152 Nanur airport at Bani Waled (Libya) HL83

#153 Tindouf East airport at Tindouf (Algeria) DA16

#154 Châlons-Vatry airport at Vatry (France) LFOK XCR

#155 Dezful airport at (Iran) OIAD DEF

#156 Zvartnots International airport at Yerevan (Armenia) UDYZ EVN

#157 Kerman airport at Kerman (Iran) OIKK KER

#158 Wright-Patterson Air Force Base airport at Dayton (USA) KFFO FFO

#159 CFB Cold Lake airport (CFB Cold Lake Cold Lake/Group Captain R.W. McNair) at Cold Lake (Canada) CYOD YOD

#160 Huntsville airport (Carl T. Jones Field) at Huntsville (USA) KHSV HSV

#161 Ulyanovsk Baratayevka airport at Ulyanovsk (Russian Federation) UWLL ULV

#162 Cologne Bonn airport at Cologne Köln Bonn (Germany) EDDK CGN

#163 Konarak airport at Chabahar (Iran) OIZC ZBR

#164 Sivas Nuri Demirağ airport at Sivas (Turkey) LTAR VAS

#165 Cecil airport at Jacksonville (USA) KVQQ VQQ

#166 Langkawi International airport at Langkawi (Malaysia) WMKL LGK

#167 Erzurum International airport at Erzurum (Turkey) LTCE ERZ

#168 Grissom Air Reserve Base airport at Peru (USA) KGUS GUS

#169 Laghouat airport at Laghouat (Algeria) DAUL LOO

#170 Humberto Delgado airport (Lisbon Portela) at Lisbon (Portugal) LPPT LIS

#171 Waw Al Kabir airport at (Libya) HL79

#172 Pyongyang Sunan International airport at Pyongyang (North Korea) ZKPY FNJ

#173 Senai International airport at Johor Bahru (Malaysia) WMKJ JHB

#174 Ashgabat International airport at Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) UTAA ASB

#175 Hannover airport at Hannover (Germany) EDDV HAJ

#176 El Dorado International airport at Bogotá (Colombia) SKBO BOG

#177 Noi Bai International airport at Hanoi (Viet Nam) VVNB HAN

#178 Tan Son Nhat International airport (TIA Sân bay Quốc tế Tân Sơn Nhất) at Ho Chi Minh City (Viet Nam) VVTS SGN

#179 Shenzhen Bao'an International airport at Shenzhen (China) ZGSZ SZX

#180 King Khaled Air Base airport at (Saudi Arabia) OEKM KMX

#181 Guangzhou Baiyun International airport (canton.Kwongchow) at Guangzhou (China) ZGGG CAN

#182 Addis Ababa Bole International airport at Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) HAAB ADD

#183 Sheik Isa Air Base airport at Sitrah (Bahrain) OBBS

#184 Yushu Batang airport at Yushu (China) ZYLS YUS

#185 Frankfurt-Hahn airport at Frankfurt am Main (Germany) EDFH HHN

#186 Beijing Capital International airport (北京首都国际机场) at Beijing (China) ZBAA PEK

#187 Amsterdam Schiphol airport at Amsterdam (Netherlands) EHAM AMS

#188 Hong Kong International airport at Hong Kong (Hong Kong) VHHH HKG

#189 Golog Maqên airport at Golog (Maqên) (China) GMQ

#190 Beirut Rafic Hariri International airport at Beirut (Lebanon) OLBA BEY

#191 Beijing Daxing International airport (北京大兴国际机场) at Beijing (China) ZBAD PKX

#192 Turkmenabat airport at Türkmenabat (Turkmenistan) UTAV CRZ

#193 Jorge Wilsterman International airport at Cochabamba (Bolivia) SLCB CBB

#194 Domodedovo International airport at Moscow (Russian Federation) UUDD DME

#195 Sphinx International airport at Al Jiza (Egypt) HESX SPX

#196 Whiteman Air Force Base airport at Knob Noster (USA) KSZL SZL

#197 Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah International airport at Subang (Malaysia) WMSA SZB

#198 Pulkovo airport at St. Petersburg (Russian Federation) ULLI LED

#199 Paya Lebar Air Base airport at Singapore (Singapore) WSAP QPG

#200 Sawyer International airport at Marquette (USA) KSAW MQT

#201 Sirjan airport at (Iran) OIKY SYJ

#202 Grand Forks Air Force Base airport at Grand Forks (USA) KRDR RDR

#203 Ufa International airport at Ufa (Russian Federation) UWUU UFA

#204 Ras Al Khaimah International airport at Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates) OMRK RKT

#205 Istres Le Tubé airport (Base aérienne Istres-Le Tubé BA 125 BA125) at Marseille (France) LFMI

#206 Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International airport (Santiago International Nuevo Pudahuel) at Santiago (Chile) SCEL SCL

#207 EsenboÄŸa International airport (Ankara Esenboga) at Ankara (Turkey) LTAC ESB

#208 Fujairah International airport at (United Arab Emirates) OMFJ FJR

#209 Al Udeid Air Base airport at Ar Rayyan (Qatar) OTBH XJD

#210 Kualanamu International airport at (Indonesia) WIMM KNO

#211 Daniel K Inouye International airport at Honolulu (USA) PHNL HNL

#212 Salina Municipal airport at Salina (USA) KSLN SLN

#213 Ninoy Aquino International airport at Manila (Philippines) RPLL MNL

#214 Ta’if Regional airport (Maṭār al-Ṭā'if al-Iqlīmī) at Ta’if (Saudi Arabia) OETF TIF

#215 Béchar Boudghene Ben Ali Lotfi airport (Béchar) at Béchar (Algeria) DAOR CBH

#216 Kazan International airport at Kazan (Russian Federation) UWKD KZN

#217 Mohammed V International airport at Casablanca (Morocco) GMMN CMN

#218 Ha'il airport at Ha'il (Saudi Arabia) OEHL HAS

#219 Beaufort MCAS - Merritt Field airport at Beaufort (USA) KNBC

#220 Zaragoza Air Base airport at Zaragoza (Spain) LEZG ZAZ

#221 Ontario International airport at Ontario (USA) KONT ONT

#222 Quatro de Fevereiro International airport at Luanda (Angola) FNLU LAD

#223 Václav Havel Prague airport (Prague Ruzyně) at Prague (Czechia) LKPR PRG

#224 Budapest Liszt Ferenc International airport at Budapest (Hungary) LHBP BUD

#225 Simferopol International airport at Simferopol (Ukraine) UKFF SIP

#226 King Shaka International airport at Durban (South Africa) FALE DUR

#227 Yemelyanovo airport at Krasnoyarsk (Russian Federation) UNKL KJA

#228 Bayelsa International airport at Yenagoa (Nigeria) DNBY

#229 Catumbela airport at Catumbela (Angola) FNCT CBT

#230 Don Mueang International airport at Bangkok (Thailand) VTBD DMK

#231 Guarulhos - Governador André Franco Montoro International airport at São Paulo (Brazil) SBGR GRU

#232 Zürich airport at Zürich (Switzerland) LSZH ZRH

#233 Kisimayu airport at (Somalia) HCMK KMU

#234 Egal International airport at Hargeisa (Somalia) HCMH HGA

#235 Sheremetyevo International airport at Moscow (Russian Federation) UUEE SVO

#236 Cotopaxi International airport at Latacunga (Ecuador) SELT LTX

#237 Rota Naval Station airport at Rota (Spain) LERT ROZ

#238 Warsaw Chopin airport at Warsaw (Poland) EPWA WAW

#239 Liège airport at Liège (Belgium) EBLG LGG

#240 Rickenbacker International airport at Columbus (USA) KLCK LCK

#241 Kadena Air Base airport at (Japan) RODN DNA

#242 Sheikh ul Alam airport at Srinagar (India) VISR SXR

#243 Los Angeles International airport at Los Angeles (USA) KLAX LAX

#244 Qayyarah West airport at Qayyarah (Irak) ORQW RQW

#245 Hamburg airport at Hamburg (Germany) EDDH HAM

#246 El Paso International airport at El Paso (USA) KELP ELP

#247 Antonio B. Won Pat International airport (Guam) at Hagåtña (Guam) PGUM GUM

#248 Al-Jawf Domestic airport at Al-Jawf (Saudi Arabia) OESK AJF

#249 Sukhumi airport at Sukhumi (Georgia) UGSS SUI

#250 Al Dhafra Air Base airport (Base aérienne Al Dhafra BA104) at (United Arab Emirates) OMAM DHF

#251 Soekarno-Hatta International airport at Jakarta (Indonesia) WIII CGK

#252 Taiwan Taoyuan International airport at Taipei (Taiwan) RCTP TPE

#253 Bandar Abbas International airport at Bandar Abbas (Iran) OIKB BND

#254 Afyon airport at Afyonkarahisar (Turkey) LTAH AFY

#255 Maputo airport at Maputo (Mozambique) FQMA MPM

#256 Queen Alia International airport (Reine-Alia) at Amman (Jordan) OJAI AMM

#257 Kufra airport at Kufra (Libya) HLKF AKF

#258 King Abdulaziz Air Base airport at Dhahran (Saudi Arabia) OEDR DHA

#259 Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County airport at Detroit (USA) KDTW DTW

#260 King Khalid Military City airport at King Khaled Military City (Saudi Arabia) OEKK KMC

#261 Orlando International airport at Orlando (USA) KMCO MCO

#262 Namsang airport at Namsang (Myanmar) VYNS NMS

#263 Kish International airport at Kish Island (Iran) OIBK KIH

#264 Destin-Ft Walton Beach airport at Valparaiso (USA) KVPS VPS

#265 Payam International airport at Karaj (Iran) OIIP PYK

#266 Taungoo airport at Taungoo (Myanmar) VYTO

#267 Salt Lake City International airport at Salt Lake City (USA) KSLC SLC

#268 Diego Garcia Naval Support Facility airport at Diego Garcia (British Indian Ocean Territory) FJDG NKW

#269 South Pole Station airport at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station (Antarctica) NZSP

#270 Mc Connell Air Force Base airport at Wichita (USA) KIAB IAB

#271 Quetta International airport at Quetta (Pakistan) OPQT UET

#272 Gan International airport at Gan (Maldives) VRMG GAN

#273 Montreal International (Mirabel) airport at Montréal (Canada) CYMX YMX

#274 Homey (Area 51) airport at Groom Lake (USA) KXTA

#275 Entebbe International airport at Kampala (Uganda) HUEN EBB

#276 Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International airport at Cincinnati (USA) KCVG CVG

#277 Little Rock Air Force Base airport at Jacksonville (USA) KLRF LRF LRF

#278 Palmdale Regional/USAF Plant 42 airport at Palmdale (USA) KPMD PMD

#279 Fort Wayne International airport at Fort Wayne (USA) KFWA FWA

#280 Robins Air Force Base airport at Warner Robins (USA) KWRB WRB

#281 Miramar Marine Corps Air Station - Mitscher Field airport at San Diego (USA) KNKX NKX

#282 Chennai International airport (Meenabakkam Madras) at Chennai (India) VOMM MAA

#283 Shawano Municipal airport at Shawano (USA) KEZS

#284 George Bush Intercontinental Houston airport at Houston (USA) KIAH IAH

#285 Brunei International airport at Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei Darussalam) WBSB BWN

#286 Columbus Air Force Base airport at Columbus (USA) KCBM CBM

#287 Northeast Florida Regional airport at St Augustine (USA) KSGJ UST

#288 Islamabad International airport at Attock (Pakistan) OPIS ISB

#289 Taichung Ching Chuang Kang airport at Taichung City (Taiwan) RCMQ RMQ

#290 Sierra Vista Municipal Libby Army Air Field airport at Fort Huachuca Sierra Vista (USA) KFHU FHU

#291 Tonopah Test Range airport at Tonopah (USA) KTNX XSD

#292 Beale Air Force Base airport at Marysville (USA) KBAB BAB

#293 Torrejón airport at Madrid (Spain) LETO TOJ

#294 NAS Fort Worth JRB/Carswell Field airport at Fort Worth (USA) KNFW FWH

#295 Southwest Florida International airport at Fort Myers (USA) KRSW RSW

#296 Melbourne International airport at Melbourne (Australia) YMML MEL

#297 Oceana Naval Air Station airport at Virginia Beach (USA) KNTU NTU

#298 Sharurah airport at (Saudi Arabia) OESH SHW

#299 Al Wigh airport at Al Wigh (Libya) HL57

#300 Paris-Orly airport at Paris (France) LFPO ORY

#301 Hommalin airport at Hommalinn (Myanmar) VYHL HOX

#302 Hsinchu Air Base airport at Hsinchu City (Taiwan) RCPO HSZ

#303 Minsk National airport at Minsk (Belarus) UMMS MSQ

#304 Skardu airport at Skardu (Pakistan) OPSD KDU

#305 Brussels airport at Brussels (Belgium) EBBR BRU

#306 Auckland International airport at Auckland (New Zealand) NZAA AKL

#307 Seattle Tacoma International airport (sea-tac) at Seattle (USA) KSEA SEA

#308 Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International airport (Calcutta) at Kolkata (India) VECC CCU

#309 Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International airport at Atlanta (USA) KATL ATL

#310 Boufarik airport at (Algeria) DAAK

#311 San Francisco International airport at San Francisco (USA) KSFO SFO SFO

#312 Qamishli airport at Qamishly (Syrian Arab Republic) OSKL KAC

#313 Fuzhou Changle International airport at Fuzhou (China) ZSFZ FOC

#314 Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport at Abuja (Nigeria) DNAA ABV

#315 Al Khadim airport at Charruba (Libya) HL59

#316 Kilimanjaro International airport at Arusha (Tanzania) HTKJ JRO

#317 Tabriz International airport at Tabriz (Iran) OITT TBZ

#318 Mekele airport (Mekelle) at Mekelle (Ethiopia) HAMK MQX

#319 La Abraq airport at Al Bayda' (Libya) HLLQ LAQ

#320 Mont-de-Marsan (BA 118) Air Base airport (Base aérienne Mont-de-Marsan BA118) at Mont-de-Marsan (France) LFBM

#321 Bagram Air Base airport at Bagram (Afghanistan) OAIX OAI

#322 Griffiss International airport at Rome (USA) KRME RME

#323 Tolmachevo airport at Novosibirsk (Russian Federation) UNNT OVB

#324 New York Stewart International airport at Newburgh (USA) KSWF SWF

#325 Sofia airport at Sofia (Bulgaria) LBSF SOF

#326 Hermanos Serdán International airport at Puebla (Mexico) MMPB PBC

#327 Ramon airport at Eilat (Israel) LLER ETM

#328 Chengdu Shuangliu International airport at Chengdu (China) ZUUU CTU

#329 Oslo Gardermoen Oslo Gardermoen airport at Oslo (Norway) ENGM OSL

#330 Akwa Ibom International airport at Uyo (Nigeria) DNAI QUO

#331 Gimpo International airport at Seoul (South Korea) RKSS GMP

#332 King Mswati III International airport (Sikhuphe) at Manzini (Eswatini) FDSK SHO

#333 Xichang Qingshan airport at Xichang (China) ZUXC XIC

#334 Hangzhou Xiaoshan International airport at Hangzhou (China) ZSHC HGH

#335 Yaoqiang airport at Jinan (China) ZSJN TNA

#336 Damascus International airport at Damascus (Syrian Arab Republic) OSDI DAM

#337 Ghat airport at Ghat (Libya) HLGT GHT

#338 Chulman Nerungri airport at Neryungri (Russian Federation) UELL NER

#339 Banjul International airport at Banjul (Gambia) GBYD BJL

#340 Copenhagen Kastrup airport at Copenhagen (Denmark) EKCH CPH

#341 Sialkot airport at Sialkot (Pakistan) OPST SKT

#342 Ghadames airport at Ghadames (Libya) HLTD LTD

#343 Aguenar – Hadj Bey Akhamok airport (Tamanrasset) at Tamanrasset (Algeria) DAAT TMR

#344 Alcantarí airport at Yamparaez (Bolivia) SLAL SRE

#345 Ãœrümqi Diwopu International airport (乌鲁木齐地窝堡国际机场) at Ürümqi (China) ZWWW URC

#346 Qingdao Jiaodong International airport at Jiaozhou, Qingdao (China) ZSQD TAO

#347 Platov International airport at Rostov-on-Don (Russian Federation) URRP ROV

#348 Leipzig/Halle airport at Leipzig (Germany) EDDP LEJ

#349 Al Khuwaymat airport at (Libya) HL70

#350 Bujumbura International airport at Bujumbura (Burundi) HBBA BJM

#351 Baita International airport at Hohhot (China) ZBHH HET

#352 Haikou Meilan International airport at Haikou (China) ZJHK HAK

#353 Nanjing Lukou airport at Nanjing (China) ZSNJ NKG

#354 Wuhan Tianhe International airport at Wuhan (China) ZHHH WUH

#355 Lanzhou Zhongchuan airport at Lanzhou (China) ZLLL LHW

#356 Vienna International airport at Vienna (Austria) LOWW VIE

#357 Gardabya airport at Sirt (Libya) HLGD SRX

#358 Patuxent River Naval Air Station (Trapnell Field) airport at Patuxent River (USA) KNHK NHK

#359 Campbell AAF airport (Fort Campbell) at Fort Campbell Hopkinsville (USA) KHOP HOP

#360 Oscoda Wurtsmith airport at Oscoda (USA) KOSC OSC

#361 Castle airport at Merced (USA) KMER MER

#362 Moron Air Base airport at Morón (Spain) LEMO OZP

#363 Fairbanks International airport at Fairbanks (USA) PAFA FAI

#364 San Antonio de Los Banyos airport at San Antonio de los Banos (Cuba) MUSA

#365 Mecheria airport at Mecheria (Algeria) DAAY MZW

#366 Sabha airport at Sabha (Libya) HLLS SEB

#367 Chișinău International airport at Chișinău (Moldova) LUKK KIV

#368 Plattsburgh International airport at Plattsburgh (USA) KPBG PBG

#369 Seymour Johnson Air Force Base airport at Goldsboro (USA) KGSB GSB

#370 Barksdale Air Force Base Barksdale Air Force Base airport at Bossier City (USA) KBAD BAD

#371 Benina International airport at Benghazi (Libya) HLLB BEN

#372 Frans Kaisiepo airport at Biak-Supiori Island (Indonesia) WABB BIK

#373 Rafael Hernandez airport at Aguadilla (Puerto Rico) TJBQ BQN

#374 Offutt Air Force Base airport at Omaha (USA) KOFF OFF

#375 Irkutsk airport at Irkutsk (Russian Federation) UIII IKT

#376 Grootfontein airport at Grootfontein (Namibia) FYGF GFY

#377 Brisbane International airport at Brisbane (Australia) YBBN BNE

#378 Ubaydah Bin Al Jarrah airport at Al Cut (Irak) ORUB

#379 Barcelona International airport at Barcelona (Spain) LEBL BCN

#380 Muș airport at Muș (Turkey) LTCK MSR

#381 Piloto Civil N. Fernández airport at Rio Gallegos (Argentina) SAWG RGL

#382 Diyarbakir airport at Diyarbakir (Turkey) LTCC DIY

#383 Malta International airport at Valletta (Malta) LMML MLA

#384 Lilongwe International airport at Lilongwe (Malawi) FWKI LLW

#385 Arkansas International airport at Blytheville (USA) KBYH BYH

#386 Westover ARB/Metropolitan airport at Springfield Chicopee (USA) KCEF CEF

#387 Ciego de Avila airport at Ciego de Avila (Cuba) MUCA AVI

#388 Ted Stevens Anchorage International airport at Anchorage (USA) PANC ANC

#389 Beni Suef Air Base airport at Beni Suef (Egypt) HEBS

#390 Powidz airport at (Poland) EPPW

#391 Lackland Air Force Base airport at San Antonio (USA) KSKF SKF

#392 Xuzhou Guanyin airport at Xuzhou (China) ZSXZ XUZ

#393 Assab airport at Asab (Eritrea) HHSB ASA

#394 Washington Dulles International airport at Washington (USA) KIAD IAD

#395 Kinston Regional Jetport At Stallings Field airport at Kinston (USA) KISO ISO

#396 Pittsburgh International airport at Pittsburgh (USA) KPIT PIT

#397 Lubbock Preston Smith International airport at Lubbock (USA) KLBB LBB

#398 Pointe-à-Pitre Le Raizet airport at Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe) TFFR PTP

#399 U-Tapao International airport at Rayong (Thailand) VTBU UTP

#400 Vancouver International airport at Vancouver (Canada) CYVR YVR

#401 Joint Base Balad airport at Balad (Irak) ORBD XQC

#402 Avord airport (Base aérienne Avord BA702) at Avord (France) LFOA

#403 Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport at Phoenix (USA) KPHX PHX

#404 Juan Gualberto Gomez International airport at Varadero (Cuba) MUVR VRA

#405 Toulouse-Blagnac airport at Toulouse (France) LFBO TLS

#406 Bangoka International airport at Kisangani (Democratic Republic of Congo) FZIC FKI

#407 Astana International airport at Astana (Kazakhstan) UACC TSE

#408 Å iauliai International airport at Å iauliai (Lithuania) EYSA SQQ

#409 Ibn Batouta airport at Tangier (Morocco) GMTT TNG

#410 Kigali International airport at Kigali (Rwanda) HRYR KGL

#411 Marseille Provence airport (Marignane) at Marseille (France) LFML MRS

#412 Shark El Oweinat airport at (Egypt) HEOW GSQ

#413 El Kharga airport at (Egypt) HEKG UVL

#414 Chubu Centrair International airport at Tokoname (Japan) RJGG NGO

#415 Menongue airport at Menongue (Angola) FNME SPP

#416 Jose Maria Córdova International airport at Medellín (Colombia) SKRG MDE

#417 Saadah airport at Sadah (Yemen) OYSH SYE

#418 Henri Coandă International airport at Bucharest (Romania) LROP OTP

#419 Kars airport at Kars (Turkey) LTCF KSY

#420 Gostomel airport at Kiev (Ukraine) UKKM GML

#421 Houari Boumediene airport at Algiers (Algeria) DAAG ALG

#422 Vnukovo International airport at Moscow (Russian Federation) UUWW VKO

#423 Querétaro Intercontinental airport at Querétaro (Mexico) MMQT QRO

#424 Timișoara Traian Vuia airport at Timișoara (Romania) LRTR TSR

#425 Teniente Benjamin Matienzo airport at San Miguel de Tucumán (Argentina) SANT TUC

#426 Bajío International airport (Guanajuato) at León (Mexico) MMLO BJX

#427 Dr. Luis Maria Argaña International airport at Mariscal Estigarribia (Paraguay) SGME ESG

#428 Kuwait International airport at Kuwait City (Kuwait) OKBK KWI

#429 Padre Aldamiz International airport at Puerto Maldonado (Peru) SPTU PEM

#430 Mihail Kogălniceanu International airport at Constanţa (Romania) LRCK CND

#431 Blaise Diagne International airport at Dakar (Senegal) GOBD DSS

#432 Rabat-Salé airport at Rabat (Morocco) GMME RBA

#433 Cancún International airport at Cancún (Mexico) MMUN CUN

#434 Viru Viru International airport at Santa Cruz (Bolivia) SLVR VVI

#435 Hamid Karzai International airport (Kaboul Kabul) at Kabul (Afghanistan) OAKB KBL

#436 Ostrava Leos Janáček airport at Ostrava (Czechia) LKMT OSR

#437 Vladivostok International airport at Vladivostok (Russian Federation) UHWW VVO

#438 Da Nang International airport at Da Nang (Viet Nam) VVDN DAD

#439 Vitoria/Foronda airport at Alava (Spain) LEVT VIT

#440 Simón Bolívar International airport at Caracas (Venezuela) SVMI CCS

#441 Ugolny airport at Anadyr (Russian Federation) UHMA DYR

#442 Chateauroux-Deols airport at Châteauroux (France) LFLX CHR

#443 Mattala Rajapaksa International airport at (Sri Lanka) VCRI HRI

#444 El Alamein airport at El Alamein (Egypt) HEAL DBB

#445 Sulaymaniyah International airport at Sulaymaniyah (Irak) ORSU ISU

#446 Eldoret International airport at Eldoret (Kenya) HKEL EDL

#447 Prince George airport at Prince George (Canada) CYXS YXS

#448 Léopold Sédar Senghor International airport at Dakar (Senegal) GOOY DKR

#449 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International airport at Ahmedabad (India) VAAH AMD

#450 Bangor International airport at Bangor (USA) KBGR BGR

#451 Mac Dill Air Force Base airport at Tampa (USA) KMCF MCF

#452 Johan Adolf Pengel International airport at Zandery (Suriname) SMJP PBM

#453 Francisco de Sá Carneiro airport at Porto (Portugal) LPPR OPO

#454 Massawa International airport at Massawa (Eritrea) HHMS MSW

#455 Hunter Army Air Field airport at Savannah (USA) KSVN SVN

#456 Faa'a International airport at Papeete (French Polynesia) NTAA PPT

#457 Lynden Pindling International airport at Nassau (Bahamas) MYNN NAS

#458 Sokol airport at Magadan (Russian Federation) UHMM GDX

#459 Portsmouth International at Pease airport at Portsmouth (USA) KPSM PSM

#460 Beja / Airbase airport at Beja (Portugal) LPBJ BYJ

#461 Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport (Sahar) at Mumbai (India) VABB BOM

#462 Sidi Slimane airport at Sidi Slimane (Morocco) GMSL

#463 Sacramento Mather airport at Sacramento (USA) KMHR MHR

#464 Perth International airport at Perth (Australia) YPPH PER

#465 Norilsk-Alykel airport at Norilsk (Russian Federation) UOOO NSK

#466 Helsinki Vantaa Helsinki Vantaa airport at Helsinki (Finland) EFHK HEL

#467 Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani airport at Kermanshah (Iran) OICC KSH

#468 Homestead ARB airport at Homestead (USA) KHST HST

#469 Indianapolis International airport at Indianapolis (USA) KIND IND

#470 Yangon International airport at Yangon (Myanmar) VYYY RGN

#471 Hato International airport at Willemstad (Curaçao) TNCC CUR

#472 Andersen Air Force Base airport at Yigo, Mariana Island (Guam) PGUA UAM

#473 Kotoka International airport at Accra (Ghana) DGAA ACC

#474 Aswan International airport at Aswan (Egypt) HESN ASW

#475 Zhengzhou Xinzheng International airport at Zhengzhou (China) ZHCC CGO

#476 Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russian Federation) UHSS UUS

#477 Jinnah International airport (Drigh Road) at Karachi (Pakistan) OPKC KHI

#478 Shijiazhuang Daguocun International airport at Shijiazhuang (China) ZBSJ SJW

#479 Guarani International airport at Ciudad del Este (Paraguay) SGES AGT

#480 Yakutsk airport at Yakutsk (Russian Federation) UEEE YKS

#481 Nouakchott–Oumtounsy International airport at Nouakchott (Mauritania) GQNO NKC

#482 Tenerife Norte airport at Tenerife (Spain) GCXO TFN

#483 Saurimo airport at Saurimo (Angola) FNSA VHC

#484 Ninglang Luguhu airport at Ninglang (China) NLH ZPNL

#485 Yaoundé Nsimalen International airport at Yaoundé (Cameroon) FKYS NSI

#486 Borg El Arab International airport at Alexandria (Egypt) HEBA HBE

#487 Sanya Phoenix International airport at Sanya (China) ZJSY SYX

#488 General Francisco J. Mujica International airport at Morelia (Mexico) MMMM MLM

#489 Shanghai Hongqiao International airport at Shanghai (China) ZSSS SHA

#490 Sivrihisar airport at Sivrihisar (Turkey) LTAV

#491 Yelizovo airport at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (Russian Federation) UHPP PKC

#492 Haibei Qilian airport at Haibei (Qilian) (China) HBQ

#493 Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa airport at Bauchi (Nigeria) DNBC BCU

#494 Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport at Belgrade (Serbia) LYBE BEG

#495 Antalya International airport at Antalya (Turkey) LTAI AYT

#496 Asaba International airport at Asaba (Nigeria) DNAS ABB

#497 Cochin International airport at Kochi (India) VOCI COK

#498 Xiamen Gaoqi International airport at Xiamen (China) ZSAM XMN

#499 Minna airport at Minna (Nigeria) DNMN MXJ

#500 Ahwaz airport at Ahwaz (Iran) OIAW AWZ

#501 Trivandrum International airport at Thiruvananthapuram (India) VOTV TRV

#502 Alejandro Velasco Astete International airport at Cusco (Peru) SPZO CUZ

#503 Bodø airport at Bodø (Norway) ENBO BOO

#504 Tamanhint airport at Tamanhint (Libya) HL66

#505 Lester B. Pearson International airport (Toronto Pearson) at Toronto (Canada) CYYZ YYZ

#506 Memphis International airport at Memphis (USA) KMEM MEM

#507 Bam airport at (Iran) OIKM BXR

#508 Florennes Air Base airport at Florennes (Belgium) EBFS

#509 Point Mugu Naval Air Station (Naval Base Ventura Co) airport at Point Mugu (USA) KNTD NTD

#510 Tinker Air Force Base airport at Oklahoma City (USA) KTIK TIK

#511 Hao airport at (French Polynesia) NTTO HOI

#512 Mitiga airport at Tripoli (Libya) HLLM MJI

#513 Urgench airport at Urgench (Uzbekistan) UTNU UGC

#514 Taidong Zhihang airport at Taitung City (Taiwan) RCQS

#515 Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International airport at Plaine Magnein (Mauritius) FIMP MRU

#516 Ras Mishab airport at (Saudi Arabia) OERM

#517 Goose Bay airport (CFB Goose Bay) at Goose Bay (Canada) CYYR YYR

#518 Garoua International airport at Garoua (Cameroon) FKKR GOU

#519 Nashville International airport at Nashville (USA) KBNA BNA

#520 Nampong Air Base airport at Myitkyina (Myanmar) VYNP

#521 Sevilla airport at Sevilla (Spain) LEZL SVQ

#522 Tokyo Haneda International airport at Tokyo (Japan) RJTT HND

#523 Alama Iqbal International airport at Lahore (Pakistan) OPLA LHE

#524 Grand Bahama International airport at Freeport (Bahamas) MYGF FPO

#525 Saint Louis Lambert International airport (Lambert) at Saint Louis (USA) KSTL STL

#526 Matan al-Sarra Air Base airport at (Libya) HL56

#527 Fort Worth Alliance airport at Fort Worth (USA) KAFW AFW

#528 Minneapolis-Saint Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain airport at Minneapolis (USA) KMSP MSP

#529 Rundu airport at Rundu (Namibia) FYRU NDU

#530 Darwin International airport at Darwin (Australia) YPDN DRW

#531 Deir Er Zzor airport at Deir ez-Zor (Syrian Arab Republic) OSDZ DEZ

#532 Edmonton International airport at Edmonton (Canada) CYEG YEG

#533 Tampa International airport at Tampa (USA) KTPA TPA

#534 Roberts International airport at Monrovia (Liberia) GLRB ROB

#535 Greenville Spartanburg International airport at Greenville (USA) KGSP GSP

#536 Portland International airport at Portland (USA) KPDX PDX

#537 Travis Air Force Base airport at Fairfield (USA) KSUU SUU

#538 Ellison Onizuka Kona International At Keahole airport at Kailua Kona (USA) PHKO KOA

#539 Las Américas International airport at Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) MDSD SDQ

#540 José Aponte de la Torre airport at Ceiba (Puerto Rico) TJRV NRR

#541 Yokota Air Base airport at Fussa (Japan) RJTY OKO

#542 Spokane International airport at Spokane (USA) KGEG GEG

#543 Waterkloof Air Force Base airport (AFB Waterkloof) at Pretoria (South Africa) FAWK WKF

#544 Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International airport at San Jose (USA) KSJC SJC

#545 Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson International airport at Winnipeg (Canada) CYWG YWG

#546 Newark Liberty International airport at Newark (USA) KEWR EWR

#547 Sir Grantley Adams International airport at Bridgetown (Barbados) TBPB BGI

#548 Buckley Air Force Base airport at Aurora (USA) KBKF BFK

#549 Reno Tahoe International airport at Reno (USA) KRNO RNO

#550 Montreal / Pierre Elliott Trudeau International airport (Dorval) at Montréal (Canada) CYUL YUL

#551 Tucson International airport at Tucson (USA) KTUS TUS

#552 Silvio Pettirossi International airport at Asunción (Paraguay) SGAS ASU

#553 Penang International airport at Penang (Malaysia) WMKP PEN

#554 Araxos airport at Patras (Greece) LGRX GPA

#555 Okara airport at Okara (Pakistan) OPOK

#556 Diego Aracena airport at Iquique (Chile) SCDA IQQ

#557 Malatya Erhaç airport at Malatya (Turkey) LTAT MLX

#558 Al Baha airport at (Saudi Arabia) OEBA ABT

#559 Abha airport at Abha (Saudi Arabia) OEAB AHB

#560 Bandaranaike International Colombo airport at Colombo (Sri Lanka) VCBI CMB

#561 Akıncı Air Base airport at Ankara (Turkey) LTAE

#562 Luleå airport at Luleå (Sweden) ESPA LLA

#563 Tabuk airport at Tabuk (Saudi Arabia) OETB TUU

#564 Mombasa Moi International airport at Mombasa (Kenya) HKMO MBA

#565 Nevatim Air Base airport at Beersheba (Israel) LLNV VTM

#566 Konya airport at Konya (Turkey) LTAN KYA

#567 Chania International airport at Souda (Greece) LGSA CHQ

#568 Stuttgart airport (Stuttgart-Echterdingen) at Stuttgart (Germany) EDDS STR

#569 Salalah airport at Salalah (Oman) OOSA SLL

#570 Ali Air Base airport at Nasiriyah (Irak) ORTL XNH

#571 Songwe airport at Mbeya (Tanzania) HTGW MBI

#572 Badr Air Base airport at Esfahan (Iran) OIFP

#573 Falcone Borsellino airport at Palermo (Italy) LICJ PMO

#574 James M Cox Dayton International airport at Dayton (USA) KDAY DAY

#575 London Gatwick airport at London (United Kingdom) EGKK LGW

#576 Lajes airport at Praia da Vitória (Portugal) LPLA TER

#577 Bata airport at (Equatorial Guinea) FGBT BSG

#578 Meadows Field airport at Bakersfield (USA) KBFL BFL

#579 Louisville International Standiford Field airport at Louisville (USA) KSDF SDF

#580 HAL airport at Bangalore (India) VOBG

#581 Diagoras airport at Rodes Island (Greece) LGRP RHO

#582 Lviv International airport at Lviv (Ukraine) UKLL LWO

#583 General Juan N Alvarez International airport at Acapulco (Mexico) MMAA ACA

#584 Sary-Arka airport at Karaganda (Kazakhstan) UAKK KGF

#585 Stockholm-Arlanda airport at Stockholm (Sweden) ESSA ARN

#586 Mallam Aminu International airport at Kano (Nigeria) DNKN KAN

#587 Oyo Ollombo airport at Oyo (Congo) FCOD OLL

#588 Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport (Brnik) at Ljubljana (Slovenia) LJLJ LJU

#589 Bobo Dioulasso airport at Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) DFOO BOY

#590 Bouaké airport at (Côte d'Ivoire) DIBK BYK

#591 Cataratas Del Iguazú International airport at Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) SARI IGR

#592 Mataveri airport at Isla De Pascua (Chile) SCIP IPC

#593 Turin airport (Torino) at Torino (Italy) LIMF TRN

#594 Presidente Juscelino Kubistschek International airport at Brasília (Brazil) SBBR BSB

#595 Dubrovnik airport at Dubrovnik (Croatia) LDDU DBV

#596 Ministro Pistarini International airport at Buenos Aires (Argentina) SAEZ EZE

#597 Maya-Maya airport at Brazzaville (Congo) FCBB BZV

#598 Zhoushuizi airport (大连周水子国际机场) at Dalian (China) ZYTL DLC

#599 Socotra International airport at Socotra Islands (Yemen) OYSQ SCT

#600 Mactan Cebu International airport at Lapu-Lapu City (Philippines) RPVM CEB

#601 Martinique Aimé Césaire International airport at Fort-de-France (Martinique) TFFF FDF

#602 Nakhchivan airport at Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan) UBBN NAJ

#603 Base Aérea airport (ALA2) at Anápolis (Brazil) SBAN

#604 Venezia Marco Polo airport (Venise Tessera venice) at Venezia (Italy) LIPZ VCE

#605 Conakry International airport at Conakry (Guinea) GUCY CKY

#606 Hazrat Sultan International airport at (Kazakhstan) UAIT HSA

#607 Ardabil airport at Ardabil (Iran) OITL ADU

#608 Gothenburg-Landvetter airport at Gothenburg (Sweden) ESGG GOT

#609 Shahrekord airport at Shahrekord (Iran) OIFS CQD

#610 Tianjin Binhai International airport (天津滨海国际机场) at Tianjin (China) ZBTJ TSN

#611 Kansas City International airport at Kansas City (USA) KMCI MCI

#612 Vir Savarkar International airport at Port Blair (India) VOPB IXZ

#613 Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International airport at Amritsar (India) VIAR ATQ

#614 Christchurch International airport at Christchurch (New Zealand) NZCH CHC

#615 Benazir Bhutto International airport (Chaklala Airbase بینظیر بھٹو بین الاقوامی ہوائی اڈے) at Islamabad (Pakistan) OPRN

#616 Canberra International airport at Canberra (Australia) YSCB CBR

#617 Amman-Marka International airport at Amman (Jordan) OJAM ADJ

#618 Nadi International airport at Nadi (Fiji) NFFN NAN

#619 Volgograd International airport at Volgograd (Russian Federation) URWW VOG

#620 Amílcar Cabral International airport at Espargos (Cape Verde) GVAC SID

#621 Palma De Mallorca airport at Palma De Mallorca (Spain) LEPA PMI

#622 Chennault International airport at Lake Charles (USA) KCWF CWF

#623 Wilmington Airpark airport at Wilmington (USA) KILN ILN

#624 NAMANGAN airport at (Uzbekistan) UTKN

#625 Ain Oussera airport at (Algeria) DAAQ

#626 Sana'a International airport at Sana'a (Yemen) OYSN SAH

#627 Zagreb airport at Zagreb (Croatia) LDZA ZAG

#628 Abakan airport at Abakan (Russian Federation) UNAA ABA

#629 Magnitogorsk airport at Magnitogorsk (Russian Federation) USCM MQF

#630 Yogyakarta International airport at Yogyakarta (Indonesia) WAHI YIA

#631 La Tontouta International airport (Base aérienne Nouméa BA186) at Nouméa (New Caledonia) NWWW NOU

#632 Lien Khuong airport at Da Lat (Viet Nam) VVDL DLI

#633 Urmia airport at Urmia (Iran) OITR OMH

#634 Stockton Metropolitan airport at Stockton (USA) KSCK SCK

#635 Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso airport at El Vigía (Venezuela) SVVG VIG

#636 Ngjiva Pereira airport at Ngiva (Angola) FNGI VPE

#637 Viracopos International airport at Campinas (Brazil) SBKP VCP

#638 Adnan Menderes International airport at İzmir (Turkey) LTBJ ADB

#639 Tashkent East airport at Tashkent (Uzbekistan) UTTP

#640 Frank Pais International airport at Holguin (Cuba) MUHG HOG

#641 Lubumbashi International airport at Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of Congo) FZQA FBM

#642 Hamadan airport at Hamadan (Iran) OIHH HDM

#643 Kushke Nosrat airport at (Iran) OIIC

#644 Toledo Express airport at Toledo (USA) KTOL TOL

#645 Mc Clellan airport at Sacramento (USA) KMCC MCC

#646 Begumpet airport at Hyderabad (India) VOHY BPM

#647 General Santos International airport at General Santos (Philippines) RPMR GES

#648 Bojnord airport at Bojnord (Iran) OIMN BJB

#649 Tozeur Nefta International airport at Tozeur (Tunisia) DTTZ TOE

#650 Shirak International airport at Gyumri (Armenia) UDSG LWN

#651 Ismailia Air Base airport at Ismailia (Egypt) HEIS

#652 Macau International airport at Macau (Macao) VMMC MFM

#653 MoD Boscombe Down airport at Amesbury (United Kingdom) EGDM

#654 Prince Abdulmohsin Bin Abdulaziz airport at Yanbu (Saudi Arabia) OEYN YNB

#655 Kandahar airport at (Afghanistan) OAKN KDH

#656 Bolshoye Savino airport at Perm (Russian Federation) USPP PEE

#657 Billings Logan International airport at Billings (USA) KBIL BIL

#658 Philadelphia International airport at Philadelphia (USA) KPHL PHL

#659 Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall airport (BWI Marshall) at Baltimore Maryland Washington, D. C. (USA) KBWI BWI

#660 Grand Junction Regional airport at Grand Junction (USA) KGJT GJT

#661 Cape Town International airport at Cape Town (South Africa) FACT CPT

#662 Great Falls International airport at Great Falls (USA) KGTF GTF

#663 Riga International airport at Riga (Latvia) EVRA RIX

#664 Pica Coposa airport at Pica (Chile) SCKP CPP

#665 Khorram Abad airport at (Iran) OICK KHD

#666 Vishakhapatnam airport at Visakhapatnam (India) VOVZ VTZ

#667 Băneasa International airport at Bucharest (Romania) LRBS BBU

#668 Qionghai Bo'ao airport at Qionghai (China) ZJQH BAR

#669 Ostend-Bruges International airport (Ostende-Bruges) at Ostend Bruges (Belgium) EBOS OST

#670 Licenciado Manuel Crescencio Rejon Int airport at Mérida (Mexico) MMMD MID

#671 Longjia airport at Changchun (China) ZYCC CGQ

#672 Taoxian airport at Shenyang (China) ZYTX SHE

#673 Ramstein Air Base airport at Ramstein (Germany) ETAR RMS

#674 Kemerovo airport at Kemerovo (Russian Federation) UNEE KEJ

#675 Užice-Ponikve airport at Užice (Serbia) LYUE

#676 Roland Garros airport (Gillot Saint-Denis Détachement air 181) at Saint Denis (Réunion) FMEE RUN

#677 Piarco International airport at Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) TTPP POS

#678 Ingeniero Ambrosio Taravella airport (Pajas Blancas) at Córdoba (Argentina) SACO COR

#679 Bateen airport at Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) OMAD AZI

#680 Malé International airport at Malé (Maldives) VRMM MLE

#681 Hotan airport at Hotan (China) ZWTN HTN

#682 Tunis Carthage International airport at Tunis (Tunisia) DTTA TUN

#683 Chongqing Jiangbei International airport at Chongqing (China) ZUCK CKG

#684 Longdongbao airport at Guiyang (China) ZUGY KWE

#685 Awantipur Air Force Station airport at (India) VIAW

#686 Tenerife South airport at Tenerife (Spain) GCTS TFS

#687 Maseru Moshoeshoe airport at Maseru (Lesotho) FXMM MSU

#688 Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International airport at San Salvador (San Luis Talpa) (El Salvador) MSLP SAL

#689 Chelyabinsk Balandino airport at Chelyabinsk (Russian Federation) USCC CEK

#690 Del Caribe Santiago Mariño International airport at Isla Margarita (Venezuela) SVMG PMV

#691 Al Massira airport at Agadir (Temsia) (Morocco) GMAD AGA

#692 Kashgar airport at Kashgar (China) ZWSH KHG

#693 Málaga airport at Málaga (Spain) LEMG AGP

#694 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International airport at Naqpur (India) VANP NAG

#695 Taiping airport at Harbin (China) ZYHB HRB

#696 Carrasco International /General C L Berisso airport at Montevideo (Uruguay) SUMU MVD

#697 Almería International airport at Almería (Spain) LEAM LEI

#698 Rzeszów-Jasionka airport at Rzeszów (Poland) EPRZ RZE

#699 Taiyuan airport at Taiyuan (China) ZBYN TYN

#700 Diosdado Macapagal International airport at Angeles Mabalacat (Philippines) RPLC CRK

#701 Moulay Ali Cherif airport at Errachidia (Morocco) GMFK ERH

#702 Saïss airport at Fes (Morocco) GMFF FEZ

#703 Halifax / Stanfield International airport at Halifax (Canada) CYHZ YHZ

#704 Reese Airpark airport at Lubbock (USA) REE 8XS8

#705 Lungi International airport at Freetown (Sierra Leone) GFLL FNA

#706 Hakkari Yüksekova airport at Hakkari (Turkey) LTCW YKO

#707 Grottaglie airport at Grottaglie (Italy) LIBG TAR

#708 Wenzhou Longwan International airport at Wenzhou (China) ZSWZ WNZ

#709 Daytona Beach International airport at Daytona Beach (USA) KDAB DAB

#710 Santiago de Compostela airport (Lavacolla compostelle) at Santiago de Compostela (Spain) LEST SCQ

#711 Dade Collier Training and Transition airport at Miami (USA) KTNT TNT

#712 Modibo Keita International airport at Bamako (Mali) GABS BKO

#713 Gannan Xiahe airport at Xiahe (China) ZLXH GXH

#714 Wilkins Runway airport at (Antarctica) YWKS

#715 Nizhnevartovsk airport at Nizhnevartovsk (Russian Federation) USNN NJC

#716 Gimhae International airport at Busan (South Korea) RKPK PUS

#717 Gbadolite airport at (Democratic Republic of Congo) FZFD BDT

#718 Burgas airport at Burgas (Bulgaria) LBBG BOJ

#719 Osvaldo Vieira International airport at Bissau (Guinea-Bissau) GGOV OXB

#720 Ningbo Lishe International airport at Ningbo (China) ZSNB NGB

#721 Shannon airport at Shannon (Ireland) EINN SNN

#722 Pueblo Memorial airport at Pueblo (USA) KPUB PUB

#723 Cairns International airport at Cairns (Australia) YBCS CNS

#724 Cayenne-Rochambeau airport (Base aérienne Cayenne-Rochambeau BA367) at Cayenne (French Guiana) SOCA CAY

#725 M. R. Štefánik airport at Bratislava (Slovakia) LZIB BTS

#726 Khudzhand airport at Khudzhand (Tajikistan) UTDL LBD

#727 Mazar I Sharif airport at (Afghanistan) OAMS MZR

#728 Jeju International airport at Jeju City (South Korea) RKPC CJU

#729 Sabzevar National airport at Sabzevar (Iran) OIMS AFZ

#730 Cold Bay airport at Cold Bay (USA) PACD CDB

#731 Maracay El Libertador airport at (Venezuela) SVBL

#732 Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway airport at Phoenix (USA) KIWA AZA

#733 Bratsk airport at Bratsk (Russian Federation) UIBB BTK

#734 Nam Phung Dam airport at Khon Kaen (Thailand) VTUZ

#735 Mianwali airport at Mianwali (Pakistan) OPMI MWD

#736 Lar airport at Lar (Iran) OISL LRR

#737 Kaunas International airport at Kaunas (Lithuania) EYKA KUN

#738 Aden Adde International airport at Mogadishu (Somalia) HCMM MGQ

#739 Djibouti-Ambouli Djibouti-Ambouli airport (Base aérienne Djibouti BA188) at Djibouti City (Djibouti) HDAM JIB

#740 Kaohsiung International airport at Kaohsiung (Xiaogang) (Taiwan) RCKH KHH

#741 Dumayr Air Base airport at (Syrian Arab Republic) OS61

#742 Gulu airport at Gulu (Uganda) HUGU ULU

#743 Crater Lake-Klamath Regional airport at Klamath Falls (USA) KLMT LMT

#744 Wichita Eisenhower National airport at Wichita (USA) KICT ICT

#745 Andravida Air Base airport at Andravida (Greece) LGAD PYR

#746 Chu Lai airport at Dung Quat Bay (Viet Nam) VVCA VCL

#747 Vehari airport at Vehari (Pakistan) OP21

#748 Duval County Ranch Co airport at Freer (USA) 28TA

#749 Al Sahra Army Air Field airport at Tikrit (Irak) ORSH

#750 Overberg airport at Overberg (South Africa) FAOB OVG

#751 Corisco International airport at Corisco Island (Equatorial Guinea) OCS

#752 Mwanza airport at Mwanza (Tanzania) HTMW MWZ

#753 Dochra airport at Singleton (Australia) YDOC

#754 Gander International airport at Gander (Canada) CYQX YQX

#755 Jirah Air Base airport at Al Mahdum (Syrian Arab Republic) OS62

#756 Melbourne International airport at Melbourne (USA) KMLB MLB

#757 Billund airport at Billund (Denmark) EKBI BLL

#758 Gran Canaria airport at Gran Canaria Island (Spain) GCLP LPA

#759 Dushanbe airport at Dushanbe (Tajikistan) UTDD DYU

#760 Marrakech Ménara airport at Marrakech (Morocco) GMMX RAK

#761 Ivato airport at Antananarivo (Madagascar) FMMI TNR

#762 Aden International airport at Aden (Yemen) OYAA ADE

#763 Cumana airport at (Venezuela) SVCU CUM

#764 Adelaide International airport at Adelaide (Australia) YPAD ADL

#765 Chiang Mai International airport at Chiang Mai (Thailand) VTCC CNX

#766 Gelendzhik airport at Gelendzhik (Russian Federation) URKG GDZ

#767 Brest Bretagne airport at Brest (France) LFRB BES

#768 Bordeaux-Mérignac airport (Base aérienne Bordeaux-Mérignac BA106) at Bordeaux (France) LFBD BOD

#769 Talakan airport at Talakan Oil Field (Russian Federation) UECT TLK

#770 Polyarny airport at Yakutia (Russian Federation) UERP PYJ

#771 Abadan airport at Abadan (Iran) OIAA ABD

#772 Košice airport at Košice (Slovakia) LZKZ KSC

#773 Noumérat - Moufdi Zakaria airport at Ghardaïa (Algeria) DAUG GHA

#774 Kruger Mpumalanga International airport at Mpumalanga (South Africa) FAKN MQP

#775 Chinggis Khaan International airport (Chinggis Khaan) at Ulan Bator (Mongolia) ZMUB ULN

#776 Samarkand airport at Samarkand (Uzbekistan) UTSS SKD

#777 Djerba Zarzis International airport at Djerba (Tunisia) DTTJ DJE

#778 Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International airport at Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) MMPR PVR

#779 Nacala Nacala airport at Nacala (Mozambique) FQNC MNC

#780 Ain el Beida airport at Ouargla (Algeria) DAUU OGX

#781 Punta Cana International airport at Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) MDPC PUJ

#782 Ilorin International airport at Ilorin (Nigeria) DNIL ILR

#783 Canchones West airport at Canchones (Chile) SC1A

#784 Casper-Natrona County International airport at Casper (USA) KCPR CPR

#785 Cozumel International airport at Cozumel (Mexico) MMCZ CZM

#786 Aktobe Aktobe airport at Aktyubinsk (Kazakhstan) UATT AKX

#787 Semipalatinsk airport at Semey (Kazakhstan) UASS PLX

#788 Kleine Brogel Air Base airport at Kleine Brogel (Belgium) EBBL

#789 Duluth International airport at Duluth (USA) KDLH DLH

#790 John Glenn Columbus International airport at Columbus (USA) KCMH CMH

#791 Nellis Air Force Base airport at Las Vegas (USA) KLSV LSV

#792 Gregorio Luperon International airport at Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) MDPP POP

#793 McChord Air Force Base airport at Tacoma (USA) KTCM TCM

#794 Sharm El Sheikh International airport at Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) HESH SSH

#795 M'Vengue El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba International airport at Franceville (Gabon) FOON MVB

#796 General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International airport at Peoria (USA) KPIA PIA

#797 Louis Armstrong New Orleans International airport at New Orleans (USA) KMSY MSY

#798 Ben Slimane airport at Ben Slimane (Morocco) GMMB GMD

#799 Beauvechain Air Base airport at Beauvechain (Belgium) EBBE

#800 General Edward Lawrence Logan International airport (Boston Logan) at Boston (USA) KBOS BOS

#801 Jacobabad airport at Jacobabad (Pakistan) OPJA JAG

#802 Lennart Meri Tallinn airport at Tallinn (Estonia) EETN TLL

#803 Verona Villafranca airport at Verona (Italy) LIPX VRN

#804 Keflavik International airport at Reykjavík (Iceland) BIKF KEF

#805 Taiz airport at Ta'izz (Yemen) OYTZ TAI

#806 Es Senia airport (Ahmed Ben Bella) at Oran (Algeria) DAOO ORN

#807 Al Ahsa airport at Hofuf (Saudi Arabia) OEAH HOF

#808 Iswahyudi airport at Madiun-Java Island (Indonesia) WARI

#809 Bitburg airport at Bitburg (Germany) EDRB BBJ

#810 Bokpyinn airport at Bokpyinn (Myanmar) VYBP VBP

#811 Lamerd airport at Lamerd (Iran) OISR LFM

#812 RAF Ascension Island airport at Ascension Island (Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha) FHAW ASI

#813 Anisakan airport at Anisakan (Myanmar) VYAS

#814 Taura airport at Taura (Ecuador) SETA

#815 Shaw Air Force Base airport at Sumter (USA) KSSC SSC

#816 Luke Air Force Base airport at Glendale (USA) KLUF LUF

#817 Birmingham airport at Birmingham (United Kingdom) EGBB BHX

#818 Phucat airport at Quy Nohn (Viet Nam) VVPC UIH

#819 Geilenkirchen Air Base airport at (Germany) ETNG GKE

#820 RAF Brize Norton airport at Brize Norton (United Kingdom) EGVN BZZ

#821 Tocumen International airport at Tocumen (Panama) MPTO PTY

#822 King Salman Abdulaziz airport at Dawadmi (Saudi Arabia) OEDM DWD

#823 Boeing Field King County International airport (Boeing Field) at Seattle (USA) KBFI BFI

#824 Gurayat Domestic Gurayat Domestic airport at Gurayat (Saudi Arabia) OEGT URY

#825 Eskișehir Air Base airport at (Turkey) LTBI ESK

#826 Grenoble-Isère airport (Saint-Geoirs) at Grenoble (France) LFLS GNB

#827 Khon Kaen airport at Khon Kaen (Thailand) VTUK KKC

#828 Tainan airport at Tainan City (Taiwan) RCNN TNN

#829 Arar Domestic airport at Arar (Saudi Arabia) OERR RAE

#830 Masirah Air Base airport at Masirah (Oman) OOMA MSH

#831 Jizan Regional airport at Jizan (Saudi Arabia) OEGN GIZ

#832 Palm Beach International airport at West Palm Beach (USA) KPBI PBI

#833 Wadi Al Dawasir airport at (Saudi Arabia) OEWD WAE

#834 Shaibah airport at (Saudi Arabia) OESB

#835 Al Wajh Domestic airport at Al Wajh (Saudi Arabia) OEWJ EJH

#836 Spangdahlem Air Base airport at Trier (Germany) ETAD SPM

#837 Tribhuvan International airport at Kathmandu (Nepal) VNKT KTM

#838 Cervia Air Base airport at Cervia (Italy) LIPC

#839 Capitan Oriel Lea Plaza airport at Tarija (Bolivia) SLTJ TJA

#840 Miramichi airport (Canadian Forces Base Chatham) at Miramichi (Canada) CYCH YCH

#841 Hat Yai International airport at Hat Yai (Thailand) VTSS HDY

#842 Bisha airport at (Saudi Arabia) OEBH BHH

#843 Nejran airport at (Saudi Arabia) OENG EAM

#844 Majeed Bin Abdulaziz airport at Al Ula (Saudi Arabia) OEAO ULH

#845 Chiayi airport at Chiayi City (Taiwan) RCKU CYI

#846 Comandante FAP German Arias Graziani airport at Anta (Peru) SPHZ ATA

#847 Manchester airport at Manchester (United Kingdom) EGCC MAN

#848 RAAF Scherger airport at Weipa (Australia) YBSG

#849 Quad City International airport at Moline (USA) KMLI MLI

#850 Campbeltown airport at Campbeltown (United Kingdom) EGEC CAL

#851 London Stansted airport at London (United Kingdom) EGSS STN

#852 Centennial airport at Denver (USA) KAPA APA

#853 Luis Munoz Marin International airport at San Juan (Puerto Rico) TJSJ SJU

#854 San Nicolas Island Nolf airport at San Nicolas Island (USA) KNSI

#855 RAAF Base Curtin airport at (Australia) YCIN DCN

#856 Henry E Rohlsen airport at Christiansted (Virgin Islands (U.S.)) TISX STX STX

#857 W K Kellogg airport at Battle Creek (USA) KBTL BTL

#858 Key Field airport at Meridian (USA) KMEI MEI

#859 Tyndall Air Force Base airport at Panama City (USA) KPAM PAM

#860 Chicago Rockford International airport at Chicago Rockford (USA) KRFD RFD

#861 Dobbins Air Reserve Base airport at Marietta (USA) KMGE MGE

#862 Northwest Florida Beaches International airport at Panama City Beach (USA) KECP ECP

#863 New Orleans NAS JRB/Alvin Callender Field airport at New Orleans (USA) KNBG NBG

#864 Santa Maria airport at Vila do Porto (Portugal) LPAZ SMA

#865 Mc Guire Air Force Base airport at Wrightstown (USA) KWRI WRI

#866 Williams Field airport at McMurdo Station (Antarctica) NZWD

#867 Pago Pago International airport at Pago Pago (American Samoa) NSTU PPG

#868 Avalon airport at Melbourne (Australia) YMAV AVV

#869 Elmendorf Air Force Base airport at Anchorage (USA) PAED EDF

#870 East Texas Regional airport at Longview (USA) KGGG GGG GGG

#871 Yampa Valley airport at Hayden (USA) KHDN HDN

#872 North Air Force Auxillary airport at North (USA) KXNO

#873 Sky Harbor airport at Duluth (USA) KDYT

#874 Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International airport at Birmingham (USA) KBHM BHM

#875 Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International airport at Ottawa (Canada) CYOW YOW

#876 Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field airport at Boise (USA) KBOI BOI

#877 Gerald R. Ford International airport at Grand Rapids (USA) KGRR GRR

#878 Southwest Wyoming Regional airport at Rock Springs (USA) KRKS RKS

#879 Jacksonville International airport at Jacksonville (USA) KJAX JAX JAX

#880 John C. Munro Hamilton International airport at Hamilton (Canada) CYHM YHM

#881 Tulsa International airport at Tulsa (USA) KTUL TUL

#882 Greeley–Weld County airport at Greeley (USA) KGXY GXY

#883 Lawson Army Air Field (Fort Benning) airport at Fort Benning(Columbus) (USA) KLSF LSF

#884 Tanner's airport at Port Lavaca (USA) 9TE4

#885 Misawa Air Base airport at Misawa (Japan) RJSM MSJ

#886 Cloud Dancer Private airport at Chetek (USA) WS13

#887 North Bay Jack Garland airport at North Bay (Canada) CYYB YYB

#888 CFB Bagotville airport (Base des Forces canadiennes Bagotville) at Bagotville (Canada) CYBG YBG

#889 Eareckson Air Station airport at Shemya (USA) PASY SYA

#890 CFB Trenton airport at Trenton (Canada) CYTR YTR

#891 Ä°ncirlik Air Base airport at Adana (Turkey) LTAG UAB

#892 Stephenville airport at Stephenville (Canada) CYJT YJT

#893 Batman airport at Batman (Turkey) LTCJ BAL

#894 Cam Ranh airport at Nha Trang (Viet Nam) VVCR CXR

#895 Harrisburg International airport at Harrisburg (USA) KMDT MDT

#896 Naval Air Station Key West/Boca Chica Field airport (Boca Chica) at Key West (USA) KNQX NQX

#897 Cannon Air Force Base airport at Clovis (USA) KCVS CVS

#898 Lindey's Landing airport at Deerwood (USA) 5MN7

#899 Wheeler Sack Army Air Field airport at Fort Drum (USA) KGTB

#900 Rajanpur airport at Rajanpur (Pakistan) OP22

#901 Metropolitan Oakland International airport at Oakland (USA) KOAK OAK

#902 San Bernardino International airport at San Bernardino (USA) KSBD SBD

#903 Palm Springs International airport at Palm Springs (USA) KPSP PSP

#904 Raleigh Durham International airport at Raleigh Durham (USA) KRDU RDU

#905 Val-d'Or airport at Val-d'Or (Canada) CYVO YVO

#906 Atlantic City International airport at Atlantic City (USA) KACY ACY

#907 Charlotte Douglas International airport at Charlotte (USA) KCLT CLT

#908 Cape Canaveral AFS Skid Strip airport at Cocoa Beach (USA) KXMR

#909 Long Beach /Daugherty Field/ airport at Long Beach (USA) KLGB LGB

#910 Scammon Bay airport at Scammon Bay (USA) PACM SCM

#911 Udon Thani airport at Udon Thani (Thailand) VTUD UTH

#912 Comox airport (19 Wing CFB Comox) at Comox (Canada) CYQQ YQQ

#913 Scott AFB/Midamerica airport at Belleville (USA) KBLV BLV

#914 Piedmont Triad International airport at Greensboro (USA) KGSO GSO

#915 Langley Air Force Base airport (Joint Base Langley–Eustis) at Hampton (USA) KLFI LFI

#916 Brindisi Papola Casale airport (Salento) at Brindisi (Italy) LIBR BDS

#917 Greater Moncton International airport at Moncton (Canada) CYQM YQM

#918 Robert Gray Army Air Field airport at Fort Hood Killeen (USA) KGRK GRK

#919 Montrose Regional airport at Montrose (USA) KMTJ MTJ

#920 RAAF Base Amberley airport at Ipswich (Australia) YAMB

#921 Lanseria airport at Johannesburg (South Africa) FALA HLA

#922 Learmonth airport at Exmouth (Australia) YPLM LEA

#923 Thule Air Base airport at Thule (Greenland) BGTL THU

#924 RAF Fairford airport (RAF Fairford) at Fairford (United Kingdom) EGVA FFD

#925 Phan Rang airport at Phan Rang (Viet Nam) VVPR PHA

#926 Mayor Buenaventura Vivas International airport at Santo Domingo (Venezuela) SVSO STD

#927 China Lake Naws (Armitage Field) airport at China Lake (USA) KNID

#928 Palanquero Air Force Base airport at La Dorada (Colombia) SKPQ PAL

#929 Tabas airport at Tabas (Iran) OIMT TCX

#930 Priština Adem Jashari International airport (Adem Jashari) at Prishtina (xk) BKPR PRN EX-LYPR

#931 Toussaint Louverture International airport at Port-au-Prince (Haiti) MTPP PAP

#932 Al Badie airport at (Yemen) OYBA

#933 Minhas Air Base airport at Kamra (Pakistan) OPMS ATG

#934 Ouagadougou airport at Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) DFFD OUA

#935 Volkel Air Base airport at Uden (Netherlands) EHVK

#936 Koltsovo airport at Yekaterinburg (Russian Federation) USSS SVX

#937 Capitan FAP Carlos Martinez De Pinillos International airport at Trujillo (Peru) SPRU TRU

#938 Nafurah 1 airport at Nafurah 1 (Libya) HLNR

#939 Captain Renán Elías Olivera International airport at Pisco (Peru) SPSO PIO

#940 El Arish airport at El Arish (Egypt) HEAR AAC

#941 Assiut International airport at Assiut (Egypt) HEAT ATZ

#942 Abel Santamaria airport at Santa Clara (Cuba) MUSC SNU

#943 Gamal Abdel Nasser airport at Tobruk (Libya) HLGN

#944 Limnos airport at Limnos Island (Greece) LGLM LXS

#945 Tobruk International airport at Adam (Libya) HLTQ

#946 Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne airport (Aulnat) at Clermont-Ferrand (France) LFLC CFE

#947 Sidi EL Barrani airport at Sidi El Barrani (Egypt) SQK HE40

#948 Juan Santamaria International airport at San Jose (Costa Rica) MROC SJO

#949 Nyala airport at Nyala (Sudan) HSNN UYL

#950 Goloson International airport at La Ceiba (Honduras) MHLC LCE

#951 Ramon Air Base airport at Beersheba (Israel) LLRM MIP

#952 Tunoshna airport at (Russian Federation) UUDL IAR

#953 Vilo Acuña International airport at Cayo Largo del Sur (Cuba) MUCL CYO

#954 Ponciano Arriaga International airport at San Luis Potosí (Mexico) MMSP SLP

#955 Bantirma airport at (Turkey) LTBG BDM

#956 Kinmen airport at Shang-I (Taiwan) RCBS KNH

#957 Guararapes - Gilberto Freyre International airport at Recife (Brazil) SBRF REC

#958 Punta Huete (Panchito) airport at Punta Huete (Nicaragua) MNFC

#959 Skrydstrup Air Base airport at Vojens (Denmark) EKSP SKS

#960 Porto Santo airport at Vila Baleira (Portugal) LPPS PXO

#961 Sulayel airport at (Saudi Arabia) OESL SLF

#962 Deputado Luiz Eduardo Magalhães International airport at Salvador (Brazil) SBSV SSA

#963 Atar International airport at Atar (Mauritania) GQPA ATR

#964 Aqaba King Hussein International airport at Aqaba (Jordan) OJAQ AQJ

#965 Roshchino International airport at Tyumen (Russian Federation) USTR TJM

#966 Shayrat Air Base airport at Shayrat (Syrian Arab Republic) OS65

#967 Skiros airport at Skiros Island (Greece) LGSY SKU

#968 Rovaniemi airport at Rovaniemi (Finland) EFRO RVN

#969 Smara airport at Smara (Western Sahara) GMMA SMW

#970 Ordu–Giresun airport at Ordu (Turkey) LTCB OGU OGU

#971 Zabol airport at (Iran) OIZB ACZ

#972 Ubon Ratchathani airport at Ubon Ratchathani (Thailand) VTUU UBP

#973 Thebephatshwa airport at (Botswana) FBTP

#974 Lomé-Tokoin airport at Lomé (Togo) DXXX LFW

#975 Yakubu Gowon airport at Jos (Nigeria) DNJO JOS

#976 Tiksi airport at Tiksi (Russian Federation) UEST IKS

#977 Mukalla Riyan airport at Riyan (Yemen) OYRN RIY

#978 Port Harcourt International airport at Port Harcourt (Nigeria) DNPO PHC

#979 Aomori airport at Aomori (Japan) RJSA AOJ

#980 Sidi Ahmed Air Base airport at Sidi Ahmed (Tunisia) DTTB

#981 Kurumoch International airport at Samara (Russian Federation) UWWW KUF

#982 Maiduguri International airport at Maiduguri (Nigeria) DNMA MIU

#983 Gioia Del Colle Air Base airport at Gioia Del Colle (BA) (Italy) LIBV

#984 Timimoun airport at Timimoun (Algeria) DAUT TMX

#985 Rabah Bitat airport at Annaba (Algeria) DABB AAE

#986 In Aménas airport at Aménas (Algeria) DAUZ IAM

#987 Oued Irara Oued Irara airport at Hassi Messaoud (Algeria) DAUH HME

#988 Djanet Inedbirene airport at Djanet (Algeria) DAAJ DJG

#989 Touat Cheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir airport at (Algeria) DAUA AZR

#990 Hamaguir airport at Hamaguir (Algeria) DA11

#991 Batna Mostefa Ben Boulaid airport at Batna (Algeria) DABT BLJ

#992 In Salah airport at In Salah (Algeria) DAUI INZ

#993 Touggourt Sidi Madhi airport at Touggourt (Algeria) DAUK TGR

#994 Mohamed Boudiaf International airport at Constantine (Algeria) DABC CZL

#995 Bou Chekif airport at Tiaret (Algeria) DAOB TID

#996 Cheikh Larbi Tébessi airport at Tébessi (Algeria) DABS TEE

#997 El Bayadh airport at El Bayadh (Algeria) DAOY EBH

#998 Illizi Takhamalt airport at Illizi (Algeria) DAAP VVZ

#999 Guemar airport at Guemar (Algeria) DAUO ELU

#1000 El Golea airport at (Algeria) DAUE ELG

Data sources