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The airports that have the longest runways, because they are at altitude where planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate larger aircraft or non-standard aircraft in Taiwan.

#1 Taiwan Taoyuan International airport at Taipei (Taiwan) RCTP TPE

aéroport Taiwan Taoyuan International

Altitude : 32 m = 105ft

Taiwan Taoyuan International airport is located close to Taipei, Pojiao at 1.4 km, Dongbuzi at 11 km, Taoyuan City at 11 km, Guoxizi at 11 km, Taoyuan at 13 km, Songwu at 15 km,

The longest runway measure : 3660 m = 12008ft

-> Aviation weather for Taiwan Taoyuan International airport

#2 Taichung Ching Chuang Kang airport at Taichung City (Taiwan) RCMQ RMQ

aéroport Taichung Ching Chuang Kang

Altitude : 202 m = 663ft

Taichung Ching Chuang Kang airport is located close to Taichung City, Dongshan at 1.5 km, Houzhuangzi at 8.9 km, Fengyuan at 9.9 km, Dingjiaotan at 11 km, Zhigaozhuang at 12 km, Taichung at 15 km,

The longest runway measure : 3658 m = 12001ft

-> Aviation weather for Taichung Ching Chuang Kang airport

#3 Hsinchu Air Base airport at Hsinchu City (Taiwan) RCPO HSZ

aéroport Hsinchu Air Base

Altitude : 8 m = 26ft

Hsinchu Air Base airport is located close to Hsinchu City, Shalun at 0.8 km, Hsinchu at 3.4 km, Zhubei at 7.3 km, Touchongbu at 12 km, Hsinchu at 28 km, Songwu at 30 km,

The longest runway measure : 3644 m = 11955ft

-> Aviation weather for Hsinchu Air Base airport

#4 Taidong Zhihang airport at Taitung City (Taiwan) RCQS

aéroport Taidong Zhihang

Altitude : 37 m = 121ft

Taidong Zhihang airport is located close to Taitung City, Taitung at 5.3 km, Taitung City at 5.5 km, Huiyaozi at 6.2 km, Zhongkangle at 9.6 km, Zhongliao at 33 km, Pingtung at 67 km,

The longest runway measure : 3370 m = 11056ft

-> Aviation weather for Taidong Zhihang airport

#5 Kaohsiung International airport at Kaohsiung (Xiaogang) (Taiwan) RCKH KHH

aéroport Kaohsiung International

Altitude : 9 m = 30ft

Kaohsiung International airport is located close to Kaohsiung (Xiaogang), Zhongdacuo at 0.7 km, Erqiao at 3.5 km, Fengshan at 5.6 km, Kaohsiung at 5.8 km, Lindefu at 5.8 km, Chishan at 6.9 km,

The longest runway measure : 3150 m = 10335ft

-> Aviation weather for Kaohsiung International airport

#6 Tainan airport at Tainan City (Taiwan) RCNN TNN

aéroport Tainan

Altitude : 19 m = 62ft

Tainan airport is located close to Tainan City, Tongpanqian at 0.9 km, Chikanlou at 5.5 km, Tainan at 5.8 km, Yujing at 33 km, Chonglan at 40 km, Pingtung at 42 km,

The longest runway measure : 3050 m = 10007ft

-> Aviation weather for Tainan airport

#7 Chiayi airport at Chiayi City (Taiwan) RCKU CYI

aéroport Chiayi

Altitude : 26 m = 85ft

Chiayi airport is located close to Chiayi City, Laodian at 1.4 km, Jiayi Shi at 6 km, Taibao at 6.2 km, Xinying at 19 km, Yunlin at 27 km, Douliu at 31 km,

The longest runway measure : 3050 m = 10007ft

-> Aviation weather for Chiayi airport

#8 Kinmen airport at Shang-I (Taiwan) RCBS KNH

aéroport Kinmen

Altitude : 28 m = 92ft

Kinmen airport is located close to Shang-I, Xiguoshan at 0.9 km, Jincheng at 4.3 km, Dadeng at 13 km, Lianhe at 16 km, Liuwudian at 22 km, Xindian at 22 km,

The longest runway measure : 3007 m = 9865ft

-> Aviation weather for Kinmen airport

#9 Makung airport at Makung City (Taiwan) RCQC MZG

aéroport Makung

Altitude : 31 m = 102ft

Makung airport is located close to Makung City, Wucheng at 0.5 km, Penghu at 1.8 km, Ma-kung at 4.3 km, Taibao at 73 km, Xinying at 76 km, Yunlin at 79 km,

The longest runway measure : 3000 m = 9843ft

-> Aviation weather for Makung airport

#10 Hualien airport at Hualien City (Taiwan) RCYU HUN

aéroport Hualien

Altitude : 16 m = 52ft

Hualien airport is located close to Hualien City, Jiali at 1.2 km, Xincheng at 1.7 km, Guomin at 2.6 km, Shuiyuandi at 4.8 km, Hualian at 5.3 km, Hualien at 35 km,

The longest runway measure : 2750 m = 9022ft

-> Aviation weather for Hualien airport

#11 Taipei Songshan airport at Taipei City (Taiwan) RCSS TSA

#12 Gangshan airport at Gangshan (Taiwan) RCAY

#13 Pingtung North airport at Pingtung (Taiwan) RCSQ PIF

#14 Taitung airport at Taitung City (Taiwan) RCFN TTT

#15 Pingtung South airport at Pingtung (Taiwan) RCDC

#16 Hengchun airport at Hengchung (Taiwan) RCKW HCN

#17 Matsu Nangan airport at Nangang Island (Taiwan) RCFG LZN

#18 Taiping Island airport at (Taiwan) RCSP

#19 Lanyu airport at Orchid Island (Taiwan) RCLY KYD

#20 Matsu Beigan airport at Beigan Island (Taiwan) RCMT MFK

#21 Longtan airport at Longtan Township (Taiwan) RCDI

#22 Lyudao airport at Lyudao (Taiwan) RCGI GNI

#23 Wang-an airport at Wang-an (Taiwan) RCWA WOT

#24 Qimei airport at Qimei (Taiwan) CMJ TW-CMJ

#25 Guanshan Airstrip airport at Guanshan (Taiwan) TW-0061

#26 Taipingshan Paragliding Field airport at Yanping (Taiwan) TW-0059

#27 PIngtung Saijia Paragliding Field airport at Saijia (Taiwan) TW-0058

#28 Hualien Baiyun airport at Shoufeng (Taiwan) TW-0053

#29 Wuri Weihui airport at Taichung (Taiwan) TW-0042

#30 Puli - Hutoushan Gliderport airport at Puli (Taiwan) TW-0041

#31 Wanrong Paraglider Base airport at Fenglin (Taiwan) TW-0040

#32 Mingli Gliderport airport at Fenglin (Taiwan) TW-0039

#33 Fenglin Airstrip airport at Fenglin (Taiwan) TW-0037

#34 Gogofly Flight Training airport at Fenglin (Taiwan) TW-0036

#35 Taimali airport at Taimali (Taiwan) TW-0032

#36 Chiayi Highway Airstrip airport at Minxiong (Taiwan) TW-0007

#37 Hualien (Chiashan) Air Base airport at Hualien (Taiwan) TW-0006

#38 Zuoying Naval airport at Kaohsiung (Zuoying) (Taiwan) TW-0004

#39 Dongsha Island (Pratas Island) airport at Kaohsiung (Cijin - Pratas Island) (Taiwan) DSX TW-0002

#40 Guiren / Guiren Army airport at Guiren (Taiwan) RCXY

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