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Airports like no other, with specific approaches or situations that make them separate runways worldwide.

#1 Narsarsuaq airport (Greenland) / OACI BGBW/ IATA UAK

aéroport Narsarsuaq

Altitude : 34 m = 112 ft

Narsarsuaq airport is located close to Narsarsuaq, Narsarsuaq at 1.1 km, Narsaq at 43 km, Kujalleq at 59 km, Qaqortoq at 59 km, Nanortalik at 114 km, Kangilinnguit at 143 km,

Airport located in a fjord with peaks on the approach path.

The longest runway measures : 1830 m = 6004 ft

-> Aviation weather, Narsarsuaq airport VAC

#2 Barra (Beach) airport (United Kingdom) / OACI EGPR/ IATA BRR

aéroport Barra (Beach)

Altitude : 2 m = 7 ft

Barra (Beach) airport is located close to Eoligarry, Daliburgh at 16 km, Gramisdale at 52 km, Baugh at 69 km, Eilean Siar at 73 km, Portree at 87 km, Ardvasar at 93 km,

Barra Airfield is located in the shallow bay of Traigh Mhor, north of the Isle of Barra in Scotland. It is the only airport in the world where scheduled services land on a beach. Three tracks are established on the beach, delimited by wooden poles at their ends. Flight times therefore depend on the tide because at high tide, the water covers the runways are covered by the sea. The beach is also popular with tourists and shellfish collectors, who are asked to observe the round at air to check if the airport is in operation.

The longest runway measures : 846 m = 2776 ft

-> Aviation weather, Barra (Beach) airport VAC

#3 Matekane Air Strip airport (Lesotho) / OACI FXMEaéroport fermé

aéroport Matekane Air Strip

Altitude : 2334 m = 7657 ft

Matekane Air Strip airport is located close to Mohales Hoek at 43 km, Tosing at 47 km, Quthing at 54 km, Mafeteng at 60 km, Kingdom of Lesotho at 62 km, Machekoaneng at 62 km,

Matekane Air Strip is a high altitude runway serving Matekane, Lesotho, with a runway that extends to the edge of a 500m cliff. The trail is often used by charities and doctors to access remote villages in the region, and is known as one of the scariest tracks in the world.

-> Aviation weather, Matekane Air Strip airport VAC

#4 Telluride Regl airport (USA) / OACI KTEX/ IATA TEX

aéroport Telluride Regl

Altitude : 2765 m = 9072 ft

Telluride Regl airport is located close to Telluride, Mountain Village at 5.2 km, Telluride at 8.6 km, Ouray at 22 km, Silverton at 27 km, Lake City at 53 km, Montrose at 58 km,

The Telluride regional airport is located at an altitude of 2767m. And the aerology is made complex by two cliffs of 305 meters at the two ends of the runway, with strong vertical turbulence, especially in winter.

The longest runway measures : 2094 m = 6870 ft

-> Aviation weather, Telluride Regl airport VAC

#5 Nasa Shuttle Landing Facility airport (USA) / OACI KTTS

aéroport Nasa Shuttle Landing Facility

Altitude : 3 m = 10 ft

Nasa Shuttle Landing Facility airport is located close to Titusville, Merritt Island at 8.7 km, Titusville at 11 km, Manatee Hammock Park Mobile Home Park at 15 km, Mims at 16 km, Port Saint John at 18 km, Sharpes at 21 km,

The Shuttle Landing Facility is a private airport located on Merritt Island in Florida, United States. It is part of the John F. Kennedy Space Center and was used by the NASA space shuttle for landing until the end of the program in 2011. It was also used for takeoffs and landings of aircraft NASA training such as the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft and for civil aircraft.

The longest runway measures : 4572 m = 15000 ft

-> Aviation weather, Nasa Shuttle Landing Facility airport VAC

#6 Cape Canaveral Air Force Skid Strip airport (USA) / OACI KXMR

aéroport Cape Canaveral Air Force Skid Strip

Altitude : 3 m = 10 ft

Cape Canaveral Air Force Skid Strip airport is located close to Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral at 7.8 km, Merritt Island at 13 km, Cocoa Beach at 17 km, Sharpes at 19 km, Cocoa at 19 km, Rockledge at 20 km,

Military airport Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The runway was called the Skid Strip because SM-62 Snark cruise missiles (which did not have the wheels) returning from test flights were supposed to come to a halt. It serves the NASA rocket launch base. The airport is mainly used by USAF for the transport of satellites and for the coupling with launch vehicles.

The longest runway measures : 3048 m = 10000 ft

-> Aviation weather, Cape Canaveral Air Force Skid Strip airport VAC

#7 L'Alpe d'Huez airport (France) / OACI LFHU/ IATA AHZ

aéroport L'Alpe d'Huez

Altitude : 1860 m = 6102 ft

L'Alpe d'Huez airport is located close to L'Alpe d'Huez, Huez at 2.2 km, Mont-de-Lans at 6.8 km, Les Deux Alpes at 9.1 km, Livet-et-Gavet at 12 km, Revel at 20 km, Vaulnaveys-le-Bas at 20 km,

-> Aviation weather, L'Alpe d'Huez airport VAC

#8 Itxassou airport (France) / OACI LFIX

aéroport Itxassou

Altitude : 185 m = 607 ft

Itxassou airport is located close to Moulins, Itxassou at 1.3 km, Espelette at 2.3 km, Cambo-les-Bains at 2.9 km, Halsou at 3.3 km, Larressore at 3.7 km, Souraïde at 3.9 km,

The longest runway measures : 600 m = 1969 ft

-> Aviation weather, Itxassou airport VAC

#9 Courchevel airport (France) / OACI LFLJ/ IATA CVF

aéroport Courchevel

Altitude : 2008 m = 6588 ft

Courchevel airport is located close to Courchevel, Courchevel at 2.1 km, Saint-Bon-Tarentaise at 4.2 km, Bozel at 5.3 km, Meribel at 5.8 km, Tincave at 6.3 km, Les Allues at 7.3 km,

The oldest Altiport in the Alps, with a runway of 375 m with a slope of 12.5% to 18.6%. This slope is the steepest in the world for an international airport according to the Guinness Book of Records.

The longest runway measures : 526 m = 1726 ft

-> Aviation weather, Courchevel airport VAC

#10 Chateau-Arnoux-St-Auban airport (France) / OACI LFMX

aéroport Chateau-Arnoux-St-Auban

Altitude : 460 m = 1509 ft

Chateau-Arnoux-St-Auban airport is located close to Avignon, Les Mées at 3 km, Malijai at 3.6 km, Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban at 3.9 km, Peyruis at 5.5 km, Volonne at 5.9 km, Peipin at 9.1 km,

-> Aviation weather, Chateau-Arnoux-St-Auban airport VAC

#11 Saint Etienne En Devoluy airport (France) / OACI LFNY

#12 Samos airport (Greece) / OACI LGSM/ IATA SMI

#13 Venezia San Nicolo airport (Italy) / OACI LIPV

#14 Funchal airport (Portugal) / OACI LPMA/ IATA FNC

#15 Gibraltar airport (Gibraltar) / OACI LXGB/ IATA GIB

#16 Toncontín airport (Honduras) / OACI MHTG/ IATA TGU

#17 Koro airport (Fiji) / OACI NFNO/ IATA KXF

#18 Gisborne airport (New Zealand) / OACI NZGS/ IATA GIS

#19 Wellington airport (New Zealand) / OACI NZWN/ IATA WLG

#20 Sao Paulo Congonhas airport (Brazil) / OACI SBSP/ IATA CGH

#21 Saint Barthelemy airport (Saint Barthélemy) / OACI TFFJ/ IATA SBH

#22 Princess Juliana International airport (Sint Maarten (Dutch part)) / OACI TNCM/ IATA SXM

#23 Saba airport (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba) / OACI TNCS/ IATA SAB

#24 Kai Tak airport (Hong Kong) / OACI VHHXaéroport fermé

#25 Lukla airport (Nepal) / OACI VNLK/ IATA LUA

#26 Paro airport (Bhutan) / OACI VQPR/ IATA PBH

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