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The airports that have the longest runways, because they are at altitude where planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate larger aircraft or non-standard aircraft in Zimbabwe.

#1 HARARE/KUTSAGA(M airport at (Zimbabwe) FVHA


Altitude : 1503 m = 4931ft

HARARE/KUTSAGA(M airport is located close to Mazoe at 11 km, Glendale at 22 km, Concession at 22 km, Newlands at 29 km, Avenues at 30 km, Harare at 31 km,

The longest runway measure : 4725 m = 15502ft

-> Aviation weather for HARARE/KUTSAGA(M airport

#2 Hwange National Park airport at Hwange (Zimbabwe) FVWN HWN

aéroport Hwange National Park

Altitude : 1080 m = 3543ft

Hwange National Park airport is located close to Hwange, Dahlia at 15 km, Dete at 16 km, Kamativi Mine at 35 km, Hwange at 62 km, Lupane at 89 km, Binga at 117 km,

The longest runway measure : 4600 m = 15092ft

-> Aviation weather for Hwange National Park airport

#3 Thornhill Air Base airport at Gweru (Zimbabwe) FVTL GWE

aéroport Thornhill Air Base

Altitude : 1426 m = 4678ft

Thornhill Air Base airport is located close to Gweru, Gweru at 5 km, Shurugwi at 30 km, Lalapanzi at 35 km, Redcliff at 46 km, Kwekwe at 57 km, Shangani at 65 km,

The longest runway measure : 2672 m = 8766ft

-> Aviation weather for Thornhill Air Base airport

#4 Bulawayo airport at (Zimbabwe) FVBU

aéroport Bulawayo

Altitude : 1329 m = 4360ft

Bulawayo airport is located close to Umvutcha A at 23 km, Bulawayo at 27 km, Inyathi at 62 km, Esigodini at 66 km, Plumtree at 78 km, Insiza at 90 km,

The longest runway measure : 2588 m = 8491ft

-> Aviation weather for Bulawayo airport

#5 Victoria Falls International airport at Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) FVFA VFA

aéroport Victoria Falls International

Altitude : 1064 m = 3491ft

Victoria Falls International airport is located close to Victoria Falls, Victoria Falls at 19 km, Livingstone at 28 km, Highlands at 29 km, Chichili at 29 km, Pandamatenga at 53 km, Lesoma at 67 km,

The longest runway measure : 2349 m = 7707ft

-> Aviation weather for Victoria Falls International airport

#6 Buffalo Range airport at Chiredzi (Zimbabwe) FVCZ BFO

aéroport Buffalo Range

Altitude : 433 m = 1421ft

Buffalo Range airport is located close to Chiredzi, Chiredzi at 10 km, Zimbabwe at 107 km, Mucheke Township at 130 km, Masvingo at 131 km, Chipinge at 142 km, Mashava at 157 km,

The longest runway measure : 1763 m = 5784ft

-> Aviation weather for Buffalo Range airport

#7 Masvingo International airport at Masvingo (Zimbabwe) FVMV MVZ

aéroport Masvingo International

Altitude : 1096 m = 3596ft

Masvingo International airport is located close to Masvingo, Masvingo at 3.4 km, Mucheke Township at 5.4 km, Zimbabwe at 24 km, Mashava at 39 km, Zvishavane at 88 km, Mvuma at 93 km,

The longest runway measure : 1726 m = 5663ft

-> Aviation weather for Masvingo International airport

#8 Kwekwe East airport at Kwekwe (Zimbabwe) FV76

aéroport Kwekwe East

Altitude : 1227 m = 4026ft

Kwekwe East airport is located close to Kwekwe, Kwekwe at 24 km, Redcliff at 26 km, Lalapanzi at 39 km, Gweru at 54 km, Mvuma at 61 km, Shurugwi at 73 km,

The longest runway measure : 1711 m = 5614ft

-> Aviation weather for Kwekwe East airport

#9 Kariba International airport at Kariba (Zimbabwe) FVKB KAB

aéroport Kariba International

Altitude : 520 m = 1706ft

Kariba International airport is located close to Kariba, Charara at 7.9 km, Kariba at 9.1 km, Siavonga at 19 km, Makuti at 45 km, Chirundu at 54 km, Karoi at 92 km,

The longest runway measure : 1650 m = 5413ft

-> Aviation weather for Kariba International airport

#10 Zvishavane airport at (Zimbabwe) FVSH

aéroport Zvishavane

Altitude : 918 m = 3012ft

Zvishavane airport is located close to Zvishavane at 4.7 km, Mashava at 50 km, Shurugwi at 69 km, Mucheke Township at 79 km, Masvingo at 81 km, Zimbabwe at 86 km,

The longest runway measure : 1202 m = 3944ft

-> Aviation weather for Zvishavane airport

#11 Charles Prince airport (Mount Hampden) at Harare (Zimbabwe) FVCP

#12 Mount Darwin airport at (Zimbabwe) FVMD

#13 Kotwa airport at (Zimbabwe) FVOT

#14 Mutoko airport at Mutoko (Zimbabwe) FVMT

#15 Centenary airport at (Zimbabwe) FVCN

#16 kwe airport at Kwekwe (Zimbabwe) FVKK

#17 Mutare airport at Mutare (Zimbabwe) FVMU UTA

#18 Dawsons airport at Mvurwi (Zimbabwe) FVDA

#19 Marondera airport at Marondera (Zimbabwe) FVMA

#20 Mhangura airport at (Zimbabwe) FV77

#21 Aberdeen airport at Aberdeen (Zimbabwe) FVAB

#22 Braebourne airport at Braebourne (Zimbabwe) FVAE

#23 Beitbridge airport at (Zimbabwe) FVBB

#24 Binga airport at Binga (Zimbabwe) FVBI

#25 Mabalauta airport at Mabalauta (Zimbabwe) FVBL

#26 Bumi airport at Bumi (Zimbabwe) FVBM BZH

#27 Bosbury airport at Bosbury (Zimbabwe) FVBO

#28 C.C. Strip airport at C.C. Strip (Zimbabwe) FVCC

#29 Chirundu airport at Chirundu (Zimbabwe) FVCD

#30 Celina airport at Celina (Zimbabwe) FVCE

#31 Chipinge airport at Chipinge (Zimbabwe) FVCH CHJ

#32 Cam+Motor airport at Cam+Motor (Zimbabwe) FVCM

#33 Chizarira airport at Chizarira (Zimbabwe) FVCR

#34 Chivu airport at Chivu (Zimbabwe) FVCV

#35 Deka airport at Deka (Zimbabwe) FVDE

#36 Dudley airport at Dudley (Zimbabwe) FVDU

#37 Eduan airport at Eduan (Zimbabwe) FVED

#38 Fothergill airport at Fothergill (Zimbabwe) FVFG

#39 Filabusi airport at Filabusi (Zimbabwe) FVFI

#40 Gombera airport at Gombera Ranch (Zimbabwe) FVGB

#41 Gwanda airport at Gwanda (Zimbabwe) FVGD

#42 gache airport at Gache Gache (Zimbabwe) FVGG

#43 Gowke airport at (Zimbabwe) FVGO

#44 Grand Reef airport at Mutare (Zimbabwe) FVGR

#45 Gaths Mine airport at Gaths Mine (Zimbabwe) FVGT

#46 Gweru airport at Gweru (Zimbabwe) FVGW

#47 Home Park airport at Home Park (Zimbabwe) FVHP

#48 Hippo Valley airport at Chiredzi (Zimbabwe) FVHY

#49 Induna airport at Induna (Zimbabwe) FVIN

#50 Impinge airport at Impinge Ranch (Zimbabwe) FVIP

#51 Itafa airport at Itafa (Zimbabwe) FVIT

#52 Mkwasine airport at Mkwasine (Zimbabwe) FVKW

#53 Kezi airport at Kezi (Zimbabwe) FVKZ

#54 Langford airport at Langford (Zimbabwe) FVLA

#55 Longuiel airport at Longuiel (Zimbabwe) FVLG

#56 Airport of Linkwasha airport at Linkwasha (Zimbabwe) FVLK

#57 Lonestar airport at Chiredzi (Zimbabwe) FVLS

#58 Lusulu airport at Lusulu (Zimbabwe) FVLU

#59 Mashumbi airport at Mashumbi (Zimbabwe) FVMB

#60 Hwange Main Camp airport at (Zimbabwe) FVMC

#61 Mabikwa airport at Mabikwa (Zimbabwe) FVMF

#62 Mahenye airport at Gonarezhou National Park (Zimbabwe) FVMH MJW

#63 Mkonono airport at Mkonono (Zimbabwe) FVMK

#64 Mlibizi Airstrip airport at Mlibizi (Zimbabwe) FVML

#65 Mana Pools airport at Mana Pools (Zimbabwe) FVMN

#66 Middle Sabi airport at Middle Sabi (Zimbabwe) FVMS

#67 Murewa airport at Murewa (Zimbabwe) FVMW

#68 Nyanyadzi airport at Nyanyadzi (Zimbabwe) FVNY

#69 Plumtree airport at Plumtree (Zimbabwe) FVPL

#70 Ratelshoek airport at Ratelshoek (Zimbabwe) FVRA

#71 Barberton Lodge airport at (Zimbabwe) FVRB

#72 Renroc airport at Renroc (Zimbabwe) FVRE

#73 Rifa Airstrip airport at (Zimbabwe) FVRF

#74 Robert Gabriel Mugabe International airport (Harare International) at Harare (Zimbabwe) FVRG HRE

#75 Kipling's Rukari Airstrip airport at (Zimbabwe) FVRI

#76 Rutenga airport at Rutenga (Zimbabwe) FVRT

#77 Rusape airport at Rusape (Zimbabwe) FVRU

#78 Zisco airport at (Zimbabwe) FVSC

#79 Sanyati Estate airport at Sanyati Estate (Zimbabwe) FVSE

#80 Sun Yet Sen airport at Sun Yet Sen (Zimbabwe) FVSN

#81 Sengwa Gorge airport at Sengwa Gorge (Zimbabwe) FVSX

#82 Siyalima airport at Siyalima (Zimbabwe) FVSY

#83 Tashinga airport at Tashinga (Zimbabwe) FVTA

#84 Tiger Bay Airstrip airport at Kariba (Zimbabwe) FVTB

#85 Tinfields airport at Tinfields (Zimbabwe) FVTD

#86 Tengwe airport at Tengwe (Zimbabwe) FVTE

#87 Tsholothso airport at Tsholothso (Zimbabwe) FVTS

#88 Tuli airport at Tuli (Zimbabwe) FVTU

#89 Wedza airport at Wedza (Zimbabwe) FVWD

#90 Hwange (Town) airport at Hwange (Zimbabwe) FVWT WKI

#91 Yomba airport at Yomba (Zimbabwe) FVYB

#92 Inyati airport at Inyati (Zimbabwe) FVYT

#93 Zisco airport at Zisco (Zimbabwe) FVZC

#94 Zaka airport at Zaka (Zimbabwe) FVZK

#95 Matetsi airport at Matetsi (Zimbabwe) ZW-0001

#96 Sinamatella Camp airport at Hwange (Zimbabwe) ZW-0002

#97 Tilbury airport at Tilbury (Zimbabwe) ZW-0003

#98 Bridge Camp Airstrip airport at (Zimbabwe) ZW-0004

#99 Boli airport at Boli (Zimbabwe) ZW-0005

#100 Malipati airport at Malipati (Zimbabwe) ZW-0006

#101 Makado airport at Makado (Zimbabwe) ZW-0007

#102 Towla airport at Towla (Zimbabwe) ZW-0008

#103 West Nicholson airport at West Nicholson (Zimbabwe) ZW-0009

#104 Belingwe airport at Belingwe (Zimbabwe) ZW-0010

#105 Hwali airport at Hwali (Zimbabwe) ZW-0011

#106 Mwenezi airport at Mwenezi (Zimbabwe) ZW-0012

#107 Lupane airport at Lupane (Zimbabwe) ZW-0013

#108 Nkayi airport at Nkayi (Zimbabwe) ZW-0014

#109 Maronga airport at (Zimbabwe) ZW-0015

#110 Chete airport at Binga (Zimbabwe) ZW-0016

#111 Lake Kariba airport at Binga (Zimbabwe) ZW-0017

#112 Sijarira Lodge Airstrip airport at Binga (Zimbabwe) ZW-0018

#113 Manjolo airport at Binga (Zimbabwe) ZW-0019

#114 Chigwell airport at Chigwell (Zimbabwe) ZW-0020

#115 Hot Springs airport at Hot Springs (Zimbabwe) ZW-0021

#116 Dorowa airport at Dorowa (Zimbabwe) ZW-0022

#117 Peoza Pasi Airstrip airport at (Zimbabwe) ZW-0023

#118 Chapoto Road Airstrip airport at (Zimbabwe) ZW-0024

#119 Kanyemba airport at Kanyemba (Zimbabwe) ZW-0025

#120 Mucumbura River airport at (Zimbabwe) ZW-0026

#121 Mwanja River airport at (Zimbabwe) ZW-0027

#122 Kuperinengu Airstrip airport at Kuperinengu (Zimbabwe) ZW-0028

#123 Chikwenya Game Lodge Airstrip airport at Hurungwe (Zimbabwe) ZW-0029

#124 Rukomeshe Research Station Airstrip airport at (Zimbabwe) ZW-0030

#125 Honde Valley airport at Honde Valley (Zimbabwe) ZW-0031

#126 Chewonde airport at Chewonde (Zimbabwe) ZW-0032

#127 Sengwa airport at (Zimbabwe) ZW-0033

#128 Sengwa Research Area Airstrip airport at (Zimbabwe) ZW-0034

#129 Gokwe North airport at Gokwe (Zimbabwe) ZW-0035

#130 Renco airport at Renco (Zimbabwe) ZW-0036

#131 Rupangwana airport at Rupangwana (Zimbabwe) ZW-0037

#132 Chipinge Farm Airstrip airport at (Zimbabwe) ZW-0038

#133 Turwi River Airstrip airport at (Zimbabwe) ZW-0039

#134 Kwaraguza airport at Nyanga (Zimbabwe) ZW-0040

#135 Mana West airport at Hurungwe (Zimbabwe) ZW-0041

#136 Sipepa Airstrip airport at (Zimbabwe) ZW-0042

#137 Robins Airstrip airport at Robins Camp (Zimbabwe) ZW-0045

#138 Dandawa Airstrip airport at Dandawas (Zimbabwe) ZW-0046

#139 Rusape South airport at Rusape (Zimbabwe) ZW-0047

#140 Little Vundu Camp airport at Hurungwe (Zimbabwe) ZW-0050

#141 Chief Simupas Village airport at Binga (Zimbabwe) ZW-0051

#142 Kapoka Airstrip airport at Siakobvu (Zimbabwe) ZW-0052

#143 Batoka Gorge South airport at Hwange (Zimbabwe) ZW-0053

#144 Kazungula airport at Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) ZW-0054

#145 Neyuka Airstrip airport at Mangara (Zimbabwe) ZW-0058

#146 Bomani Airstrip airport at Bomani Pan (Zimbabwe) ZW-0060

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