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The airports that have the longest runways, because they are at altitude where planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate larger aircraft or non-standard aircraft in Slovakia.

#1 M. R. Štefánik airport at Bratislava (Slovakia) LZIB BTS

aéroport M. R. Štefánik

Altitude : 133 m = 436ft

M. R. Štefánik airport is located close to Bratislava, Dvor Prebosek at 2.3 km, Most pri Bratislave at 5.3 km, Bratislava at 8.2 km, Svaty Jur at 9.1 km, Dúbravka at 13 km, Pezinok at 14 km,

The longest runway measure : 3190 m = 10466ft

-> Aviation weather for M. R. Štefánik airport

#2 Košice airport at Košice (Slovakia) LZKZ KSC

aéroport Košice

Altitude : 230 m = 755ft

Košice airport is located close to Košice, Lajošháza at 2.3 km, Kosice at 5.8 km, Košický Kraj at 6.8 km, Moldava nad Bodvou at 19 km, Gonc at 22 km, Hejce at 26 km,

The longest runway measure : 3100 m = 10171ft

-> Aviation weather for Košice airport

#3 Poprad-Tatry airport at Poprad (Slovakia) LZTT TAT

aéroport Poprad-Tatry

Altitude : 718 m = 2356ft

Poprad-Tatry airport is located close to Poprad, Svit at 2.9 km, Poprad at 4.4 km, Nova Lesna at 5.8 km, Vysoke Tatry at 7 km, Nový Smokovec at 7.2 km, Strba at 12 km,

The longest runway measure : 2600 m = 8530ft

-> Aviation weather for Poprad-Tatry airport

#4 Kuchyňa Air Base airport at Malacky (Slovakia) LZMC

aéroport Kuchyňa Air Base

Altitude : 207 m = 679ft

Kuchyňa Air Base airport is located close to Malacky, Malacky at 8.1 km, Bratislavský Kraj at 8.4 km, Sološnica at 11 km, Stupava at 16 km, Modra at 16 km, Pezinok at 17 km,

The longest runway measure : 2487 m = 8159ft

-> Aviation weather for Kuchyňa Air Base airport

#5 Sliač airport (Tri Duby) at Sliač (Slovakia) LZSL SLD

aéroport Sliač

Altitude : 318 m = 1043ft

Sliač airport is located close to Sliač, Tri Duby at 0.5 km, Zvolen at 7.2 km, Banska Bystrica at 11 km, Kremnica at 18 km, Ziar nad Hronom at 22 km, Detva at 23 km,

The longest runway measure : 2400 m = 7874ft

-> Aviation weather for Sliač airport

#6 Piešťany airport at Piešťany (Slovakia) LZPP PZY

aéroport Piešťany

Altitude : 166 m = 545ft

Piešťany airport is located close to Piešťany, Bašovce at 2.5 km, Piestany at 3.4 km, Vrbove at 7.8 km, Cachtice at 10 km, Nove Mesto nad Vahom at 15 km, Siváci at 18 km,

The longest runway measure : 2000 m = 6562ft

-> Aviation weather for Piešťany airport

#7 Trenčín airport at Trenčín (Slovakia) LZTN

aéroport Trenčín

Altitude : 206 m = 676ft

Trenčín airport is located close to Trenčín, Trencin at 5 km, Istebník at 5.2 km, Rožňové Mitice at 11 km, Nova Dubnica at 14 km, Trencianske Teplice at 14 km, Nemsova at 15 km,

The longest runway measure : 2000 m = 6562ft

-> Aviation weather for Trenčín airport

#8 Spišská Nová Ves airport at Spišská Nová Ves (Slovakia) LZSV

aéroport Spišská Nová Ves

Altitude : 492 m = 1614ft

Spišská Nová Ves airport is located close to Spišská Nová Ves, Spisska Nova Ves at 2.1 km, Levoca at 9.9 km, Spisske Podhradie at 17 km, Dobsina at 18 km, Lubica at 20 km, Poprad at 22 km,

The longest runway measure : 1362 m = 4469ft

-> Aviation weather for Spišská Nová Ves airport

#9 Svidník airport at Svidník (Slovakia) LZSK

aéroport Svidník

Altitude : 354 m = 1161ft

Svidník airport is located close to Svidník, Svidnik at 2.9 km, Stropkov at 16 km, Krempna at 20 km, Jasliska at 21 km, Bardejov at 22 km, Giraltovce at 25 km,

The longest runway measure : 1200 m = 3937ft

-> Aviation weather for Svidník airport

#10 Žilina airport at Žilina (Slovakia) LZZI ILZ

aéroport Žilina

Altitude : 311 m = 1020ft

Žilina airport is located close to Žilina, Veľká Kotešová at 1 km, Bytca at 4.1 km, Závodie at 8.1 km, Zilina at 9.2 km, Kysucke Nove Mesto at 14 km, Rajec at 16 km,

The longest runway measure : 1150 m = 3773ft

-> Aviation weather for Žilina airport

#11 Dubnica airport at Dubnica nad Váhom (Slovakia) LZDB

#12 Male Bielice airport at Partizánske (Slovakia) LZPT

#13 Nitra airport at Nitra (Slovakia) LZNI

#14 Nové Zámky airport at (Slovakia) LZNZ

#15 Prievidza airport at Prievidza (Slovakia) LZPE

#16 Ružomberok airport at (Slovakia) LZRU

#17 Martin airport at Martin (Slovakia) LZMA

#18 Ocova airport at (Slovakia) LZOC

#19 Jasná airport at (Slovakia) LZJS

#20 Letisko Veľká Ida airport at (Slovakia) CZ-0052

#21 Kvetoslavov airport at (Slovakia) LSKV

#22 Bidovce airport at Košice (Slovakia) LZBD

#23 Dubová airport at Dubová (Slovakia) LZDV

#24 Holic airport at Holič (Slovakia) LZHL

#25 Kamenica nad Cirochou airport at Kamenica nad Cirochou (Slovakia) LZKC

#26 Lučenec airport at Lučenec (Slovakia) LZLU LUE

#27 Presov airport at Prešov (Slovakia) LZPW POV

#28 Razany airport at Sabinov (Slovakia) LZRY

#29 Senica airport at Senica (Slovakia) LZSE

#30 Å urany airport at (Slovakia) LZSY

#31 Boleraz airport at Boleráz (Slovakia) LZTR

#32 Dobra Niva airfield airport at Zvolen (Slovakia) SK-0001

#33 Košťany nad Turcom Airstrip airport at Košťany nad Turcom (Slovakia) SK-0002

#34 Dunajská Streda airport at (Slovakia) SK-0003

#35 Hrabušice airport at (Slovakia) SK-0004

#36 Kamenný Most airport at (Slovakia) SK-0005

#37 Krakovany airport at (Slovakia) SK-0006

#38 Malý Madaras airport at (Slovakia) SK-0007

#39 Sládkovicovo airport at (Slovakia) SK-0008

#40 Tekovský Hrádok airport at (Slovakia) SK-0009

#41 Trnava-Kopánka airport at Trnava (Slovakia) SK-0010

#42 Želiezovce airport at (Slovakia) SK-0011

#43 Gajary UL airport at Dolečky (Slovakia) SK-0012

#44 Zborov airport at (Slovakia) SK-0013

#45 Letisko Mirkovce airport at Mirkovce (Slovakia) SK-0014

#46 Čab Airstrip airport at Čab (Slovakia) SK-0015

#47 Bojná Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0017

#48 Kačanov Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0018

#49 Ludanice Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0019

#50 Rybany Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0020

#51 Morovno Airstrip airport at Morovno (Slovakia) SK-0021

#52 Plášťovce Airstrip airport at Plášťovce (Slovakia) SK-0022

#53 Prusy Airstrip airport at Prusy (Slovakia) SK-0023

#54 Rusovce Airstrip airport at Rusovce (Slovakia) SK-0025

#55 Babin Most Airstrip airport at Ožďany (Slovakia) SK-0026

#56 Tornala Airstrip airport at Tornala (Slovakia) SK-0027

#57 Prša Airstrip airport at Prša (Slovakia) SK-0028

#58 Sklabiná Airstrip airport at Sklabiná (Slovakia) SK-0029

#59 Letisko Horný Jatov airport at Horný Jatov (Slovakia) SK-0030

#60 Letisko Šalgovce-Orešany airport at (Slovakia) SK-0031

#61 Letisko Pohronský Ruskov airport at Pohronský Ruskov (Slovakia) SK-0032

#62 Hontianske Nemce Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0034

#63 Janova Lehota Airstrip airport at Janova Lehota (Slovakia) SK-0035

#64 Pliešovce Airstrip airport at Pliešovce (Slovakia) SK-0036

#65 Drienovec Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0037

#66 Ďačov Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0038

#67 Bátka Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0039

#68 Buzica Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0040

#69 Kecerovce Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0041

#70 Volica Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0042

#71 Chotín Airstrip airport at Chotín (Slovakia) SK-0043

#72 Tužina Airstrip airport at Tužina (Slovakia) SK-0044

#73 Seleška Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0045

#74 Domaniža airport at Domaniža (Slovakia) SK-0046

#75 Hertník Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0047

#76 Kolonica Airstrip airport at Kolonica (Slovakia) SK-0048

#77 Kurov Airstrip airport at Kurov (Slovakia) SK-0049

#78 Širkovce Airstrip airport at Širkovce (Slovakia) SK-0050

#79 Jasenov Airstrip airport at Jasenov (Slovakia) SK-0051

#80 Novosad Airstrip airport at Novosad (Slovakia) SK-0052

#81 Hucín Airstrip airport at Hucín (Slovakia) SK-0053

#82 Dlžín Airstrip airport at Dlžín (Slovakia) SK-0054

#83 Senné Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0055

#84 Haniska Airstrip airport at Haniska (Slovakia) SK-0056

#85 Čerín-Čačín Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0057

#86 Rimavská Seč Airstrip airport at Zádor (Slovakia) SK-0058

#87 Kalša Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0059

#88 Dolná Strehová Airstrip airport at Dolná Strehová (Slovakia) SK-0060

#89 Kráľovský Chlmec Airstrip airport at Kráľovský Chlmec (Slovakia) SK-0061

#90 Udavské Airstrip airport at Udavské (Slovakia) SK-0062

#91 Trebišov Airstrip airport at Trebišov (Slovakia) SK-0063

#92 Vyšná Myšľa Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0064

#93 Dolná Štubňa Airstrip airport at Dolná Štubňa (Slovakia) SK-0065

#94 Kamienka/Hniezdne Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0066

#95 Veľká Lomnica Airstrip airport at Veľká Lomnica (Slovakia) SK-0068

#96 Streda nad Bodrogom Airstrip airport at Streda nad Bodrogom (Slovakia) SK-0069

#97 Mokraď Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0070

#98 Klčov Airstrip airport at Klčov (Slovakia) SK-0071

#99 Komoča Airstrip UL airport at Zemné (Slovakia) SK-0072

#100 Vankovia Airstrip airport at Vankovia (Slovakia) SK-0073

#101 Rozhanovce Airstrip airport at Rozhanovce (Slovakia) SK-0074

#102 Tomášovce Airstrip airport at Tomášovce (Slovakia) SK-0075

#103 Nevoľné Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0076

#104 Šarišské Michaľany Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0077

#105 Hatalov airport at Hatalov (Slovakia) SK-0078

#106 Nemčice-Topoľčany Airstrip airport at Topoľčany (Slovakia) SK-0079

#107 Mlynica airport at (Slovakia) SK-0080

#108 Vranov nad Topľou Airstrip airport at (Slovakia) SK-0081

#109 Vavrečka airport at (Slovakia) SK-0082

#110 Masníkovo airport at (Slovakia) SK-0083

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