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The airports that have the longest runways, because they are at altitude where planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate larger aircraft or non-standard aircraft in French Guiana.

#1 Cayenne-Rochambeau airport (Base aérienne Cayenne-Rochambeau BA367) at Cayenne (French Guiana) SOCA CAY

aéroport Cayenne-Rochambeau

Altitude : 8 m = 26ft

Cayenne-Rochambeau airport is located close to Cayenne, Le Dix-Septième at 1.9 km, La Désirée at 4.5 km, Matoury at 4.7 km, Tonnégrande at 9.4 km, Macouria at 11 km, Roura at 11 km,

The longest runway measure : 3196 m = 10486ft

-> Aviation weather for Cayenne-Rochambeau airport

#2 Saint-Georges-de-l'Oyapock airport at Saint-Georges-de-l'Oyapock Airport (French Guiana) SOOG OYP

aéroport Saint-Georges-de-l'Oyapock

Altitude : 14 m = 46ft

Saint-Georges-de-l'Oyapock airport is located close to Saint-Georges-de-l'Oyapock Airport, Saint-Georges-de-lOyapock at 0.5 km, Oiapoque at 7 km, Camopi at 99 km, Saint-Joseph at 104 km, Cacao at 106 km, Roura at 109 km,

The longest runway measure : 1200 m = 3937ft

-> Aviation weather for Saint-Georges-de-l'Oyapock airport

#3 Maripasoula airport at Maripasoula (French Guiana) SOOA MPY

aéroport Maripasoula

Altitude : 124 m = 407ft

Maripasoula airport is located close to Maripasoula, Maripa-Village at 3 km, Grand-Santi at 76 km, Stoelmanseiland at 88 km, Guyane at 121 km, Apatou at 170 km, Distrikt Brokopondo at 174 km,

The longest runway measure : 1199 m = 3934ft

-> Aviation weather for Maripasoula airport

#4 Sinnamary airport at Sinnamary (French Guiana) SOOY

aéroport Sinnamary

Altitude : 10 m = 33ft

Sinnamary airport is located close to Sinnamary, Sinnamary at 1.5 km, Iracoubo at 31 km, Kourou at 40 km, Le Bourg at 41 km, Macouria at 82 km, Tonnégrande at 82 km,

The longest runway measure : 500 m = 1640ft

-> Aviation weather for Sinnamary airport

#5 Kourou airport at Kourou (French Guiana) GF-0001

aéroport Kourou

Altitude : 14 m = 46ft

Kourou airport is located close to Kourou, Kourou at 5.2 km, Le Bourg at 5.7 km, Sinnamary at 37 km, Macouria at 46 km, Tonnégrande at 47 km, Cayenne at 48 km,

-> Aviation weather for Kourou airport

#6 Ouanary airport at Ouanary (French Guiana) GF-0002

aéroport Ouanary

Altitude : 12 m = 39ft

Ouanary airport is located close to Ouanary, Saint-Georges-de-lOyapock at 37 km, Oiapoque at 45 km, Roura at 93 km, Cacao at 98 km, Matoury at 102 km, La Désirée at 103 km,

-> Aviation weather for Ouanary airport

#7 Saint-Élie airport at Saint-Élie (French Guiana) GF-0003

aéroport Saint-Élie

Altitude : 134 m = 440ft

Saint-Élie airport is located close to Saint-Élie, Sinnamary at 72 km, Iracoubo at 74 km, Le Bourg at 80 km, Kourou at 81 km, Tonnégrande at 94 km, Cacao at 94 km,

-> Aviation weather for Saint-Élie airport

#8 Camopi airport at Camopi (French Guiana) OYC GF-0004

aéroport Camopi

Altitude : 67 m = 220ft

Camopi airport is located close to Camopi, Camopi at 2.4 km, Saint-Joseph at 4.3 km, Oiapoque at 93 km, Saint-Georges-de-lOyapock at 100 km, Guyane at 118 km, Cacao at 157 km,

-> Aviation weather for Camopi airport

#9 Mana airport at Mana (French Guiana) GF-0010

aéroport Mana

Altitude : 5 m = 16ft

Mana airport is located close to Mana, Mana at 1.4 km, Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni at 34 km, Albina at 36 km, Saint-Louis at 38 km, Iracoubo at 65 km, Moengo at 70 km,

-> Aviation weather for Mana airport

#10 Kouachinana airport at Mana (French Guiana) GF-0012

aéroport Kouachinana

Altitude : 7 m = 23ft

Kouachinana airport is located close to Mana, Mana at 11 km, Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni at 40 km, Albina at 42 km, Saint-Louis at 43 km, Iracoubo at 55 km, Moengo at 79 km,

-> Aviation weather for Kouachinana airport

#11 Grand-Santi airport at Grand-Santi (French Guiana) SOGS GSI

#12 Kourou airport at Kourou (French Guiana) SOOK

#13 Saint Laurent de Maroni airport at Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni (French Guiana) SOOM LDX

#14 Regina airport at Regina (French Guiana) SOOR REI

#15 Saúl airport at Saúl (French Guiana) SOOS XAU

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