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Sarakhs airport at Sarakhs (Iran)

Sarakhs airport is located near Sarakhs, with Ḩasanābād at 3mi, Sarakhs at 6mi, Tejen at 68mi, Moḩammadābād at 81mi, Mashhad at 82mi, Murgab at 85mi, Mary at 86mi, Mary Welaýaty at 87mi, Yoloten at 90mi, Torbat-e Jam at 90mi, Amansha at 91mi, Bayramaly at 98mi,

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Hotels in Sarakhs airport


aerial view of Sarakhs airport

Airport code

Elevation : 288 m = 945ft

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Where to go from Sarakhs airport OIMC CKT

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weather : overcast at Ḩasanābād

ciel couvert

wind 6mph
gusting to 6mph

Aviation weather for Sarakhs airport OIMC CKT

No METAR for Sarakhs airport

but aviation weather is available at Sarakhs airport (OIMC) at 0mi

No TAF for Sarakhs airport

but aviation weather is available at Mashhad International airport (OIMM) at 81mi

NOTAM for Sarakhs airport


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