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Airports closest to the South Pole.

#1 South Pole Station airport (Antarctica) / OACI NZSP

aéroport South Pole Station

Altitude : 2835 m = 9301 ft.


-> Aviation weather, South Pole Station airport NOTAM and VAC

#2 Antartica Chilena Patriot Hills airport (Antarctica) / OACI SCPZ

aéroport Antartica Chilena Patriot Hills

Altitude : 884 m = 2900 ft.

-> Aviation weather, Antartica Chilena Patriot Hills airport NOTAM and VAC

#3 Unión Glaciar airport (Antarctica) / OACI SCGC

aéroport Unión Glaciar

Altitude : 750 m = 2461 ft.


-> Aviation weather, Unión Glaciar airport NOTAM and VAC

#4 McMurdo Station Pegasus Field airport (Antarctica) / OACI NZPG

aéroport McMurdo Station Pegasus Field

Altitude : 5 m = 16 ft.


-> Aviation weather, McMurdo Station Pegasus Field airport NOTAM and VAC

#5 Base Belgrano airport (Antarctica) / OACI SAYB

aéroport Base Belgrano

Altitude : 250 m = 820 ft.

-> Aviation weather, Base Belgrano airport NOTAM and VAC

#6 Williams Field airport (Antarctica) / OACI NZWD

aéroport Williams Field

Altitude : 21 m = 69 ft.


-> Aviation weather, Williams Field airport NOTAM and VAC

#7 Ice runway airport (Antarctica) / OACI NZIR

aéroport Ice runway

Ice Runway is built on the pack ice to accommodate the planes that serve the United States Antarctic Program during the austral summer. This track is rebuilt at the beginning of each season and used until the beginning of December when the sea ice begins to come off.


-> Aviation weather, Ice runway airport NOTAM and VAC

#8 Halley Research Station airport (Antarctica) / OACI EGAH

aéroport Halley Research Station

Altitude : 31 m = 102 ft.


-> Aviation weather, Halley Research Station airport NOTAM and VAC

#9 Sky-Blu Field Station airport (Antarctica) / OACI EGAT

aéroport Sky-Blu Field Station

Altitude : 1445 m = 4741 ft.

-> Aviation weather, Sky-Blu Field Station airport NOTAM and VAC

#10 Base San Martin airport (Antarctica) / OACI SAYS

aéroport Base San Martin

Altitude : 23 m = 75 ft.

-> Aviation weather, Base San Martin airport NOTAM and VAC

#11 Rothera Research Station airport (Antarctica) / OACI EGAR

#12 Rothera Point airport (Antarctica) / OACI AAXX

#13 Wilkins Runway airport (Antarctica) / OACI YWKS

#14 Casey Station airport (Australia) / OACI YCSK

#15 Base Matienzo airport (Antarctica) / OACI SAWZ

#16 Base Marambio airport (Antarctica) / OACI SAWB

#17 Base Esperanza airport (Antarctica) / OACI SAYE

#18 Base Antarctica Bernado o'Higgins airport (Antarctica) / OACI SCBO

#19 Jubany Airbase airport (Antarctica) / OACI SAYJ

#20 Isla Rey Jorge airport (Antarctica) / OACI SCRM/ IATA TNM

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