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Aeronautical current weather observation and short-term forecast for pilots, flight preparation with the METAR (Meteorological Aerodrome Report : current weather report), and TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast: short-term weather forecast message for aviation). And other resources like VAC (Visual Approach Chart) to prepare a flights.

METAR, TAF, VAC Resolute airport (Canada) / ICAO CYRB/ IATA YRB

This airport is located near the North Pole. It is one of the northernmost airports in the world.

Resolute airport (Canada) is located close to Resolute Bay, Resolute at 3 mile, Arctic Bay at 221 mile, Isachsen at 311 mile, Nunavut at 326 mile, Pond Inlet at 356 mile, Taloyoak at 359 mile, Gjoa Haven at 421 mile, Mould Bay at 432 mile, Kugaaruk at 441 mile, Cambridge Bay at 442 mile, Igloolik at 461 mile, Qaanaaq at 461 mile,

Elevation : 66 m = 217 ft


weather : light snow at Resolute

faible chute de neige
1 °F

Wind 19 mph

Hotels in Resolute


aerial view of Resolute

METAR for Resolute airport - CYRB

CYRB 242000Z 14016KT 25SM IC DRSN FEW210 M17/M23 A3056 RMK CI2 SLP363

Decoded METAR for Resolute Airport (Canada)

METAR issued by CYRB on Sunday, April 24, 2022 at 20:00 UTC, Warning : this METAR is out of date, issued 29 days and 700 hours and -41750 minutes ago.

Visibility is 40 km = 25 sm.

Temperature is -17 °C = 1 °F and dew point is -23 °C = -9 °F . This correspond to 60% relative humidity.

QNH is 1035 mb = 30.56 inHg

Wind speed is 30 km/h = 16 kt, direction is 140°.

Clouds : few clouds at 21000 ft = 6400 m.

ice crystals

DR snow

Remarks : CI2 Sea Level Pressure SLP=363

TAF for Resolute airport - CYRB

CYRB 241740Z 2418/2518 13018KT P6SM FEW120 SCT200 RMK NXT FCST BY 250000Z

Decoded TAF for Resolute Airport (Canada)

TAF issued by CYRB on Sunday, April 24, 2022 at 17:40 UTC Warning : this TAF is out of date, issued 29 days and 6 hours and 30 minutes ago. A 24 hour weather forecast that is updated every 6 hours.

from Sunday, April 24, 2022 à 18:00 heure TU to Monday, April 25, 2022 à 18:00 heure UTC

2418/2518 13018KT P6SM FEW120 SCT200

Wind 18 kt = 33 km/h, direction is 130°

Visibility is greater than 10 km = greater than 6 sm.

few clouds at 12000 ft = 3660 m scattered clouds at 20000 ft = 6100 m

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