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Aeronautical current weather observation and short-term forecast for pilots, flight preparation with the METAR (Meteorological Aerodrome Report : current weather report), and TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast: short-term weather forecast message for aviation). And other resources like VAC (Visual Approach Chart) and NOTAM (Notice To Airman) to prepare a flights.

METAR, TAF, VAC, NOTAM Cremona Migliaro airport (Italy) / ICAO LILR

Cremona Migliaro airport (Italy) is located close to Cremona, Castelverde at 2 mile, Crémone at 2 mile, Cremona (crémone) at 3 mile, Pozzaglio ed Uniti at 3 mile, Spinadesco at 4 mile, San Felice at 4 mile, Sesto ed Uniti at 4 mile, Castelvetro Piacentino at 5 mile, Gerre de Caprioli at 5 mile, Olmeneta at 5 mile,

Elevation : 49 m = 161 ft


weather : moderate rain at Castelverde

pluie d'intensité moyenne
66 °F
64↗75 °F

Wind 5 mph
gusting to 9 mph

Hotels in Cremona Migliaro


aerial view of Cremona Migliaro

METAR for Cremona Migliaro airport - LILR

No METAR for Cremona Migliaro airport, but aviation weather is available at for Piacenza S Damiano airport (LIMS) at 36 km

TAF for Cremona Migliaro airport - LILR

No TAF but aviation weather is available at for Ghedi airport (LIPL) at 36 km

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