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Motiers airport at (Switzerland)

Motiers airport is located near with Môtiers at 0mi, Val-de-Travers at 1mi, Couvet at 1mi, Fleurier at 2mi, Travers at 3mi, Buttes at 4mi, La Brévine at 4mi, Mauborget at 4mi, Fontaines-sur-Grandson at 4mi, Les Bayards at 5mi, Provence at 6mi, Noiraigue at 6mi,

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aerial view of Motiers airport

Airport code

Elevation : 732 m = 2402ft

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weather : scattered clouds at Môtiers

nuages épars

wind 2mph
gusting to 9mph

Aviation weather for Motiers airport LSTO

No METAR for Motiers airport

but aviation weather is available at Les Eplatures airport (LSGC) at 23 km

No TAF for Motiers airport

but aviation weather is available at Les Eplatures airport (LSGC) at 23 km

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