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Aeronautical current weather observation and short-term forecast for pilots, flight preparation with the METAR (Meteorological Aerodrome Report : current weather report), and TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast: short-term weather forecast message for aviation). And other resources like VAC (Visual Approach Chart) to prepare a flights.

METAR, TAF, VAC Ice runway airport (Antarctica) / ICAO NZIR

Ice Runway is built on the pack ice to accommodate the planes that serve the United States Antarctic Program during the austral summer. This track is rebuilt at the beginning of each season and used until the beginning of December when the sea ice begins to come off.

This airport is located near the South Pole. It is one of the southernmost airports in the world.

Ice runway airport (Antarctica) is located close to McMurdo Station, McMurdo Station (Mac Murdo) at 29 mile, Otara at 2158 mile, Bluff at 2160 mile, Invercargill City at 2168 mile, Owaka at 2172 mile, Invercargill at 2174 mile, Avenal at 2174 mile, Waverley at 2175 mile, Woodlands at 2176 mile, Riverton at 2177 mile,

Elevation : 0 m = 0 ft


weather : overcast at McMurdo Station

ciel couvert
12 °F
12↗27 °F

Wind 1 mph
gusting to 4 mph

thursday : extreme cold alert with 12 °F at McMurdo Station

friday : extreme cold alert with 16 °F at McMurdo Station

Hotels in Ice runway


aerial view of Ice runway

METAR for Ice runway airport - NZIR

No METAR for Ice runway airport, but aviation weather is available at for Williams Field airport (NZWD) at 14 km

TAF for Ice runway airport - NZIR

No TAF but aviation weather is available at for Williams Field airport (NZWD) at 14 km

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