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The airports that have the longest runways in the world, because they are at altitude or the planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate the largest planes or non-standard aircraft like the American space shuttle in Nepal.

#1 Tribhuvan International airport at Kathmandu (Nepal) VNKT KTM

aéroport Tribhuvan International

Altitude : 1338 m = 4390ft

Tribhuvan International airport is located close to Kathmandu, Pashupatināth at 1 km, Sinamangal at 1 km, Baudhatinchule at 2.4 km, Thimi at 2.8 km, Bāneswar at 2.9 km, Shankhamul Dobhan at 3 km,

The longest runway measure : 3050 m = 10007ft

-> Aviation weather for Tribhuvan International airport

#2 Dhangarhi airport at Dhangarhi (Nepal) VNDH DHI

aéroport Dhangarhi

Altitude : 210 m = 689ft

Dhangarhi airport is located close to Dhangarhi, Dhangarhi at 5.2 km, Mahendranagar at 30 km, Palia Kalan at 34 km, Kalinagar at 49 km, Puranpur at 50 km, Banbasa at 56 km,

The longest runway measure : 1524 m = 5000ft

-> Aviation weather for Dhangarhi airport

#3 Gautam Buddha airport (Gautam Buddha) at Bhairawa (Nepal) VNBW BWA

aéroport Gautam Buddha

Altitude : 109 m = 358ft

Gautam Buddha airport is located close to Bhairawa, Sunauli at 0.6 km, SiddharthNagarN.P. at 3.2 km, Bhairahawa at 3.4 km, Nautanwa at 8.1 km, Rummin-dei at 13 km, Rūpandehī at 18 km,

The longest runway measure : 1510 m = 4954ft

-> Aviation weather for Gautam Buddha airport

#4 Biratnagar airport at Biratnagar (Nepal) VNVT BIR

aéroport Biratnagar

Altitude : 72 m = 236ft

Biratnagar airport is located close to Biratnagar, Airport at 0.8 km, Biratnagar at 1.9 km, BiratnagarN.P. at 3.4 km, Jogbani at 7.3 km, Forbesganj at 20 km, Ithari at 21 km,

The longest runway measure : 1505 m = 4938ft

-> Aviation weather for Biratnagar airport

#5 Nepalgunj airport at Nepalgunj (Nepal) VNNG KEP

aéroport Nepalgunj

Altitude : 165 m = 541ft

Nepalgunj airport is located close to Nepalgunj, Nepalgunj at 7.7 km, Bhojpur at 22 km, Nanpara at 31 km, Gulariya at 36 km, Bardiya at 38 km, Surkhet at 47 km,

The longest runway measure : 1504 m = 4934ft

-> Aviation weather for Nepalgunj airport

#6 Pokhara airport at Pokhara (Nepal) VNPK PKR

aéroport Pokhara

Altitude : 827 m = 2713ft

Pokhara airport is located close to Pokhara, Syaldule at 0.5 km, PokharaN.P. at 1.8 km, Rānīpauwa at 2.5 km, Nalamukh at 3.4 km, Pokhara at 3.6 km, Pashchimanchal at 5.5 km,

The longest runway measure : 1439 m = 4721ft

-> Aviation weather for Pokhara airport

#7 Tumling Tar airport at Tumling Tar (Nepal) VNTR TMI

aéroport Tumling Tar

Altitude : 518 m = 1699ft

Tumling Tar airport is located close to Tumling Tar, Khandbari at 6.7 km, Purwanchal at 9.5 km, Bhojpur at 22 km, Kosī Zone at 22 km, Dhankuta at 39 km, Sagarmāthā Zone at 52 km,

The longest runway measure : 1219 m = 3999ft

-> Aviation weather for Tumling Tar airport

#8 Bhadrapur airport at Bhadrapur (Nepal) VNCG BDP

aéroport Bhadrapur

Altitude : 91 m = 299ft

Bhadrapur airport is located close to Bhadrapur, Bhadrapur at 3.3 km, Thakurganj at 14 km, Naksalbari at 18 km, Baghdogra at 28 km, Islampur at 36 km, Mirik at 37 km,

The longest runway measure : 1209 m = 3967ft

-> Aviation weather for Bhadrapur airport

#9 Simara airport at Simara (Nepal) VNSI SIF

aéroport Simara

Altitude : 137 m = 449ft

Simara airport is located close to Simara, Auraha at 0.8 km, PiparaSimara at 4.4 km, Bārā at 13 km, Birganj at 19 km, Raxaul at 23 km, Nārāyanī Zone at 24 km,

The longest runway measure : 1192 m = 3911ft

-> Aviation weather for Simara airport

#10 Bharatpur airport at Bharatpur (Nepal) VNBP BHR

aéroport Bharatpur

Altitude : 183 m = 600ft

Bharatpur airport is located close to Bharatpur, Bharatpur at 0.7 km, Nārāyangarh at 1.4 km, Maruwā Ghāt at 3.8 km, Madhuwaghat at 3.9 km, Gaidakot at 4.6 km, Tikoli at 8.6 km,

The longest runway measure : 1158 m = 3799ft

-> Aviation weather for Bharatpur airport

#11 Meghauli airport at Meghauli (Nepal) VNMG MEY

#12 Surkhet airport at Surkhet (Nepal) VNSK SKH

#13 Janakpur airport at Janakpur (Nepal) VNJP JKR

#14 Mahendranagar airport at Mahendranagar (Nepal) VNMN XMG

#15 Tulsipur airport at Dang (Nepal) VNDG DNP

#16 Jomsom airport at Jomsom (Nepal) VNJS JMO

#17 Taplejung airport at Taplejung (Nepal) VNTJ TPJ

#18 Phaplu airport at Phaplu (Nepal) VNPL PPL

#19 Jumla airport at Jumla (Nepal) VNJL JUM

#20 Manang airport at Ngawal (Nepal) VNMA NGX

#21 Rukumkot airport at Rukumkot (Nepal) VNRK RUK

#22 Lukla airport at Lukla (Nepal) VNLK LUA

#23 Rolpa airport at Rolpa (Nepal) VNRP RPA

#24 Rumjatar airport at Rumjatar (Nepal) VNRT RUM

#25 Syangboche airport at Namche Bazaar (Nepal) VNSB SYH

#26 Ramechhap airport at Ramechhap (Nepal) VNRC RHP

#27 Rukum Salle airport at Musikot (Nepal) VNSL

#28 Rajbiraj airport at Rajbiraj (Nepal) VNRB RJB

#29 Pokhara International airport at Pokhara (Nepal) VNPR PKR

#30 Sanfebagar airport at Sanfebagar (Nepal) VNSR FEB

#31 Simikot airport at Simikot (Nepal) VNST IMK

#32 Thamkharka airport at Khotang Bazar (Nepal) VNTH

#33 Tikapur airport at Tikapur (Nepal) VNTP TPU

#34 Lamidada airport at Lamidanda (Nepal) VNLD LDN

#35 Darchula airport at Darchula (Nepal) VNDL DAP

#36 Talcha Rara Mugu airport at Karkibada (Nepal) NP-0002

#37 Khanidanda airport at Diktel (Nepal) NP-0015

#38 Mountain airport at Mountain (Nepal) NP-MWP

#39 Bajhang airport at Bajhang (Nepal) VNBG BJH

#40 Bhojpur airport at Bhojpur (Nepal) VNBJ BHP

#41 Baglung airport at Baglung (Nepal) VNBL BGL

#42 Bajura airport at Bajura (Nepal) VNBR BJU

#43 Baitadi airport at Baitadi (Nepal) VNBT BIT

#44 Langtang airport at Langtang (Nepal) VNLT LTG

#45 Dolpa airport (Juphal) at (Nepal) VNDP DOP

#46 Dhorpatan airport at Dhorpatan (Nepal) VNDR

#47 Silgadi Doti airport at Silgadi Doti (Nepal) VNDT SIH

#48 Palungtar airport at Gorkha (Nepal) VNGK GKH

#49 Jiri airport at Jiri (Nepal) VNJI JIR

#50 Kangel Danda airport at (Nepal) VNKL

#51 Kamal Bazar airport at Kamal Bazar (Nepal) NP-0001

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