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Former airports, eaten away by urbanization or transformed into giant car parks. List of these places where planes landed. in Gabon.

#1 Wagny airport in Wagny (Gabon)aéroport fermé

aéroport Wagny

Altitude : 312 m = 1024ft

Wagny airport is located close to Wagny, Lastoursville in 57 km, Limbenga in 59 km, Koulamoutou in 63 km, Booue in 67 km, Mounana in 134 km, Mimongo in 134 km,

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#2 Cocobeach airport in Cocobeach (Gabon) FOOCaéroport fermé

aéroport Cocobeach

Altitude : 21 m = 69ft

Cocobeach airport is located close to Cocobeach, Cocobeach in 0.1 km, Bitica in 48 km, Edouangani I in 62 km, Mbini in 64 km, Libreville in 69 km, Ntoum in 72 km,

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#3 Manega airport in (Gabon)aéroport fermé

aéroport Manega

Altitude : 70 m = 230ft

Manega airport is located close to Fougamou in 71 km, Mouila in 94 km, Gamba in 105 km, Omboue in 108 km, Dakar in 115 km, Lambarene in 115 km,

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#4 Bongo airport in Bongo (Gabon)aéroport fermé

aéroport Bongo

Altitude : 37 m = 121ft

Bongo airport is located close to Bongo, Gamba in 58 km, Mouila in 100 km, Fougamou in 114 km, Tchibanga in 119 km, Omboue in 124 km, Ndende in 130 km,

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