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Former airports, eaten away by urbanization or transformed into giant car parks. List of these places where planes landed. in Peru.

#1 Kirigueti airport in Kirigueti (Peru) PE-0005aéroport fermé

aéroport Kirigueti

Altitude : 356 m = 1168ft

Kirigueti airport is located close to Kirigueti, Pangoa in 62 km, Quillabamba in 143 km, Ayna in 147 km, Santa Ana in 151 km, Mazamari in 155 km, Satipo in 168 km,

-> Aviation weather for Kirigueti airport

#2 Sullana airport in Sullana (Peru) SPANaéroport fermé

aéroport Sullana

Altitude : 60 m = 197ft

Sullana airport is located close to Sullana, Sullana in 0 km, Marcavelica in 3.7 km, Salitral in 5.2 km, Querecotillo in 8.6 km, La Huaca in 30 km, Castilla in 33 km,

-> Aviation weather for Sullana airport

#3 San Juan Aposento airport in San Juan Aposento (Peru) SPAO APEaéroport fermé

aéroport San Juan Aposento

Altitude : 7 m = 23ft

San Juan Aposento airport is located close to San Juan Aposento, San Juan de Marcona in 1.9 km, Minas de Marcona in 17 km, Acari in 60 km, Pangaravi in 62 km, Nazca in 62 km, Palpa in 91 km,

-> Aviation weather for San Juan Aposento airport

#4 Ica airport in Ica (Peru) SPIAaéroport fermé

aéroport Ica

Altitude : 457 m = 1499ft

Ica airport is located close to Ica, Santiago in 15 km, Los Aquijes in 17 km, Ica in 23 km, San Juan Bautista in 27 km, Subtanjalla in 28 km, Rio Grande in 54 km,

-> Aviation weather for Ica airport

#5 Cuno Cuno airport in Cunocuno (Peru) SPCNaéroport fermé

aéroport Cuno Cuno

Altitude : 1615 m = 5299ft

Cuno Cuno airport is located close to Cunocuno, Quepacc in 59 km, Aplao in 67 km, Camana in 83 km, Orcopampa in 114 km, Lluta in 117 km, Coracora in 127 km,

-> Aviation weather for Cuno Cuno airport

#6 Santa Maria airport in Santa María (Peru) SPMR SMGaéroport fermé

aéroport Santa Maria

Altitude : 234 m = 768ft

Santa Maria airport is located close to Santa María, Quinta Wisse in 3.6 km, Independencia in 5 km, Santa Anita in 6.6 km, Naranjal in 6.9 km, Aznapuquio in 7.3 km, Lima in 7.3 km,

-> Aviation weather for Santa Maria airport

#7 Barranca airport in Barranca (Peru) SPBAaéroport fermé

aéroport Barranca

Altitude : 49 m = 161ft

Barranca airport is located close to Barranca, Barranca in 0 km, Pativilca in 5.8 km, Supe in 6.7 km, Puerto Supe in 7.6 km, Paramonga in 12 km, Vegueta in 33 km,

-> Aviation weather for Barranca airport

#8 Chilca airport in Chilca (Peru) PE-0028aéroport fermé

aéroport Chilca

Altitude : 21 m = 69ft

Chilca airport is located close to Chilca, Chilca in 2 km, San Bartolo in 14 km, Punta Hermosa in 21 km, Mala in 21 km, Lurín in 28 km, Pachacamac in 34 km,

-> Aviation weather for Chilca airport

#9 Olmos airport in Peru) SPHLaéroport fermé

aéroport Olmos

Altitude : 178 m = 584ft

Olmos airport is located close to , Olmos in 0 km, Motupe in 19 km, Pueblo Nuevo in 33 km, Jayanca in 46 km, Tucume in 60 km, Mochumi in 64 km,

-> Aviation weather for Olmos airport

#10 Requena airport in Requena (Peru) SPQNaéroport fermé

aéroport Requena

Altitude : 120 m = 394ft

Requena airport is located close to Requena, Saquena in 59 km, Rumo Cocha in 157 km, Iquitos in 163 km, Lagunas in 202 km,

-> Aviation weather for Requena airport

#11 Chinchero International (under construction) airport in Chinchero (Peru) PE-0012aéroport fermé

#12 Lobitos airport in Lobitos (Peru) SPLTaéroport fermé

#13 Zorritos airport in Contralmirante Villar (Peru) SPOSaéroport fermé

#14 Camana airport in Camana (Peru) SPAMaéroport fermé

#15 Collique airport in Collique Bajo (Peru) SPOLaéroport fermé

#16 Bayovar airport in Bayovar (Peru) SPBYaéroport fermé

#17 Tintay airport in Tintay (Peru) SPTYaéroport fermé

#18 Satipo airport in Satipo (Peru) SPIPaéroport fermé

#19 Ancón airport in Ancón (Peru) SPNOaéroport fermé

#20 Puerto Ocopa airport in Puerto Ocopa (Peru) SPPAaéroport fermé

#21 Chincha airport in Chincha (Peru) SPHAaéroport fermé

#22 Paramonga airport in Paramonga (Peru) SPPGaéroport fermé

#23 LIMA/JORGE CHAVE airport in (Peru) SPIMaéroport fermé

#24 Pomacocha airport in Pomacocha (Peru) SPPMaéroport fermé

#25 Aldora airport in Paita (Peru) PE-0031aéroport fermé

#26 Fausa airport in Fausa (Peru) SPFAaéroport fermé

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