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Former airports, eaten away by urbanization or transformed into giant car parks. List of these places where planes landed. in Uzbekistan.

#1 Balykchi Southwest airport at Saryksu (Uzbekistan) UZ-0005defunct airport

aéroport Balykchi Southwest

Altitude : 410 m = 1345ft

Balykchi Southwest airport is located close to Saryksu, Toshbuloq at 20 km, Namangan at 21 km, Namangan Shahri at 21 km, Elxon at 25 km, Chortoq at 28 km, Chortoq Shahri at 28 km,

-> Aviation weather for Balykchi Southwest airport

#2 Dustlik Northeast airport at Dustlik (Uzbekistan) UZ-0075defunct airport

aéroport Dustlik Northeast

Altitude : 274 m = 899ft

Dustlik Northeast airport is located close to Dustlik, Dustlik at 6.9 km, Paxtakor at 21 km, Gagarin at 22 km, Zhetysay at 34 km, Myrzakent at 43 km, Jizzax at 45 km,

-> Aviation weather for Dustlik Northeast airport

#3 Bayaut Pervyy West airport at Bayaut Pervyy (Uzbekistan) UZ-0064defunct airport

aéroport Bayaut Pervyy West

Altitude : 285 m = 935ft

Bayaut Pervyy West airport is located close to Bayaut Pervyy, Guliston at 17 km, Sirdaryo Viloyati at 20 km, Yangiyer at 21 km, Buston at 33 km, Bekobod at 34 km, Pakhtakoron at 35 km,

-> Aviation weather for Bayaut Pervyy West airport

#4 Payark airport at Payark (Uzbekistan) UZ-0040defunct airport

aéroport Payark

Altitude : 607 m = 1991ft

Payark airport is located close to Payark, Chelak at 2 km, Daxbet at 20 km, Matrid at 28 km, Charxin at 28 km, Juma at 30 km, Samarqand at 33 km,

-> Aviation weather for Payark airport

#5 Ilich North airport at Ilich (Uzbekistan) UZ-0018defunct airport

aéroport Ilich North

Altitude : 255 m = 837ft

Ilich North airport is located close to Ilich, Ilyich at 10 km, Asykata at 14 km, Sirdaryo at 16 km, Chinaz at 17 km, Chinoz at 21 km, Zhetysay at 29 km,

-> Aviation weather for Ilich North airport

#6 Dustlik East airport at Dustlik (Uzbekistan) UZ-0074defunct airport

aéroport Dustlik East

Altitude : 274 m = 899ft

Dustlik East airport is located close to Dustlik, Dustlik at 11 km, Gagarin at 22 km, Paxtakor at 23 km, Zhetysay at 32 km, Myrzakent at 40 km, Jizzax at 47 km,

-> Aviation weather for Dustlik East airport

#7 Dutyr airport at Rishtan (Uzbekistan) UZ-0011defunct airport

aéroport Dutyr

Altitude : 449 m = 1473ft

Dutyr airport is located close to Rishtan, Oltiariq at 9 km, Hamza at 12 km, Fergana at 17 km, Alga at 17 km, Khanavat at 28 km, Uzumzor at 31 km,

-> Aviation weather for Dutyr airport

#8 Dimitrovskoye airport at Dimitrovskoye (Uzbekistan) UZ-0073defunct airport

aéroport Dimitrovskoye

Altitude : 304 m = 997ft

Dimitrovskoye airport is located close to Dimitrovskoye, Yangiyer at 19 km, Bekobod at 21 km, Guliston at 31 km, Viloyati Sughd at 33 km, Sirdaryo Viloyati at 34 km, Buston at 35 km,

-> Aviation weather for Dimitrovskoye airport

#9 Tmeni Telmana airport at Gagarin (Uzbekistan) UZ-0132defunct airport

aéroport Tmeni Telmana

Altitude : 264 m = 866ft

Tmeni Telmana airport is located close to Gagarin, Zhetysay at 6.6 km, Gagarin at 8.8 km, Asykata at 22 km, Ilyich at 27 km, Myrzakent at 27 km, Dustlik at 28 km,

-> Aviation weather for Tmeni Telmana airport

#10 Karakoy Southwest airport at Karakoy (Uzbekistan) UZ-0092defunct airport

aéroport Karakoy Southwest

Altitude : 257 m = 843ft

Karakoy Southwest airport is located close to Karakoy, Zhetysay at 15 km, Gagarin at 17 km, Asykata at 19 km, Ilyich at 29 km, Dustlik at 34 km, Myrzakent at 36 km,

-> Aviation weather for Karakoy Southwest airport

#11 Soldatskiy Southeast airport at Soldatskiy (Uzbekistan) UZ-0045defunct airport

#12 Denau Southwest airport at Denau (Uzbekistan) UZ-0072defunct airport

#13 Shakhrikhan West airport at Shakhrikhan (Uzbekistan) UZ-0123defunct airport

#14 Ak Kurgan airport at Ak Kurgan (Uzbekistan) UZ-0002defunct airport

#15 Komsomolsk-na-Ustyurte airport at Komsomolsk-na-Ustyurte (Uzbekistan) UZ-0148defunct airport

#16 Tardzhilga airport at Tardzhilga (Uzbekistan) UZ-0050defunct airport

#17 Kairma airport at Mevali (Uzbekistan) UZ-0088defunct airport

#18 Mitan airport at Kara Darya (Uzbekistan) UZ-0115defunct airport

#19 Aim Southeast airport at Kurgantepa (Uzbekistan) UZ-0001defunct airport

#20 Isbaskent airport at Kochkor-ata (Uzbekistan) UZ-0086defunct airport

#21 Galyabita East airport at Galyabita (Uzbekistan) UZ-0015defunct airport

#22 Guzar airport at Guzar (Uzbekistan) UZ-0016defunct airport

#23 Kishiseit Northeast airport at Kishiseit (Uzbekistan) UZ-0105defunct airport

#24 Yangi Kurgan airport at Karym Baba (Uzbekistan) UZ-0137defunct airport

#25 Uzunkuduk airport at Uzunkuduk (Uzbekistan) UZ-0134defunct airport

#26 Fergana Southwest airport at Fergana (Uzbekistan) UZ-0014defunct airport

#27 Udurgi airport at Udurgi (Uzbekistan) UZ-0055defunct airport

#28 Karshi East airport at Karshi (Uzbekistan) UZ-0094defunct airport

#29 Golodnaya Step Southeast airport at Golodnaya (Uzbekistan) UZ-0080defunct airport

#30 Kilab Southeast airport at Kilab (Uzbekistan) UZ-0103defunct airport

#31 Aravan Northeast airport at Shorkishlak (Uzbekistan) UZ-0062defunct airport

#32 Dustlik North airport at Dustlik (Uzbekistan) UZ-0010defunct airport

#33 Zar Chob airport at Zar Chob (Uzbekistan) UZ-0059defunct airport

#34 Ostrov Vozrozhdeniya Southwest airport at Kantubek (Uzbekistan) UZ-0038defunct airport

#35 Isat airport at Isat (Uzbekistan) UZ-0085defunct airport

#36 Naukent airport at Naukent (Uzbekistan) UZ-0118defunct airport

#37 Srentenka airport at Srentenka (Uzbekistan) UZ-0129defunct airport

#38 Andizhan Northeast airport at Andizhan (Uzbekistan) UZ-0004defunct airport

#39 Chim airport at Chim (Uzbekistan) UZ-0067defunct airport

#40 Kilab Northwest airport at Kilab (Uzbekistan) UZ-0102defunct airport

#41 Margelan airport at Margelan (Uzbekistan) UZ-0113defunct airport

#42 Kazakly Baudark airport at Kazakly Baudark (Uzbekistan) UZ-0099defunct airport

#43 Daul airport at Daul (Uzbekistan) UZ-0070defunct airport

#44 Irdzharskaya Northwest airport at Irdzharskaya (Uzbekistan) UZ-0083defunct airport

#45 Pap airport at Khalkabad (Uzbekistan) UZ-0039defunct airport

#46 Shamaldy Say Southeast airport at Shamaldy Say (Uzbekistan) UZ-0125defunct airport

#47 Yangiabad East airport at Yangiabad (Uzbekistan) UZ-0139defunct airport

#48 Zolotaya Orda airport at Zolotaya (Uzbekistan) UZ-0145defunct airport

#49 Kishiseit East airport at Kishiseit (Uzbekistan) UZ-0104defunct airport

#50 Shabskiy North airport at Shabskiy (Uzbekistan) UZ-0121defunct airport

#51 Yangi Yul airport at Yangi Yul (Uzbekistan) UZ-0138defunct airport

#52 Obi Kiik airport at Khodzhi Sagat (Uzbekistan) UZ-0036defunct airport

#53 Denau airport at Denau (Uzbekistan) UZ-0071defunct airport

#54 Kattaming airport at Kattaming (Uzbekistan) UZ-0098defunct airport

#55 Eski-Jomboy airport at Dzhambay (Uzbekistan) UZ-0152defunct airport

#56 Put'k Sotsialismu airport at Put'k Sotsialismu (Uzbekistan) UZ-0120defunct airport

#57 Karakoy airport at Karakoy (Uzbekistan) UZ-0091defunct airport

#58 Khatyrchi Northwest airport at Khatyrchi (Uzbekistan) UZ-0100defunct airport

#59 Chimkurgan Northwest airport at Chimkurgan (Uzbekistan) UZ-0069defunct airport

#60 Irdzharskaya West airport at Irdzharskaya (Uzbekistan) UZ-0084defunct airport

#61 Yangi-Kent airport at Yangi-Kent (Uzbekistan) UZ-0057defunct airport

#62 Qo'shrabot airport at Chor Bakr (Uzbekistan) UZ-0026defunct airport

#63 Atakent airport at Atakent (Uzbekistan) UZ-0017defunct airport

#64 Oktyabrskoye Airstrip airport at Jizzax (Uzbekistan) UZ-0149defunct airport

#65 Shurchi North airport at Shurchi (Uzbekistan) UZ-0044defunct airport

#66 Bakht Southeast airport at Bakht (Uzbekistan) UZ-0063defunct airport

#67 Termez East airport at Termez (Uzbekistan) UZ-0052defunct airport

#68 Yakkatu airport at Yakkatu (Uzbekistan) UZ-0135defunct airport

#69 Toytepa airport at Nurafshon (Uzbekistan) UZ-0053defunct airport

#70 Kumushkent airport at Kumushkent (Uzbekistan) UZ-0027defunct airport

#71 Matlha airport at Parchayuz (Uzbekistan) UZ-0114defunct airport

#72 Kattakurgan East airport at Kattakurgan (Uzbekistan) UZ-0097defunct airport

#73 Tallimarjon airport at Tallimarjon (Uzbekistan) UZ-0049defunct airport

#74 Shakhrikhan South airport at Shakhrikhan (Uzbekistan) UZ-0122defunct airport

#75 Tashkent Sergeli airport at Toshkent (Uzbekistan) UZ-0146defunct airport

#76 Kukaral Sedmoy airport at Kukaral (Uzbekistan) UZ-0109defunct airport

#77 Chimkurgan airport at Chimkurgan (Uzbekistan) UZ-0068defunct airport

#78 Kuvasay North airport at Ualik (Uzbekistan) UZ-0111defunct airport

#79 Namangan Southwest airport at Namangan (Uzbekistan) UZ-0117defunct airport

#80 Quvvacha airport at Quvvacha (Uzbekistan) UZ-0110defunct airport

#81 Yaypan Northeast airport at Yaypan (Uzbekistan) UZ-0058defunct airport

#82 Karadarya East airport at Karadarya (Uzbekistan) UZ-0090defunct airport

#83 Yerzhar Southwest airport at Yerzhar (Uzbekistan) UZ-0144defunct airport

#84 Syrdar Northwest airport at Syrdarya (Uzbekistan) UZ-0131defunct airport

#85 Yangiabad Northwest airport at Yangiabad (Uzbekistan) UZ-0140defunct airport

#86 Karakoy Southeast airport at Karakoy (Uzbekistan) UZ-0089defunct airport

#87 Faizabad airport at Faizabad (Uzbekistan) UZ-0078defunct airport

#88 Imeni Chkalova airport at Imeni Chkalova (Uzbekistan) UZ-0082defunct airport

#89 Chartak airport at Chartak (Uzbekistan) UZ-0008defunct airport

#90 Shurchi West airport at Shurchi (Uzbekistan) UZ-0127defunct airport

#91 Yangikishiak airport at Yangikishiak (Uzbekistan) UZ-0141defunct airport

#92 Yangikurgan / Akdaya airport at Yangikurgan (Uzbekistan) UZ-0142defunct airport

#93 Ulmas airport at Karabag (Uzbekistan) UZ-0133defunct airport

#94 Qorako'l airport at Qorako'l (Uzbekistan) UZ-0093defunct airport

#95 Kolodets Sari Bel West airport at Kolodets Sari (Uzbekistan) UZ-0108defunct airport

#96 Beleuli North airport at Jasliq (Uzbekistan) UZ-0003defunct airport

#97 Kodzhar Southwest airport at Chodshar (Uzbekistan) UZ-0106defunct airport

#98 Saybui airport at Saybui (Uzbekistan) UZ-0041defunct airport

#99 Kokand North airport at Kokand (Uzbekistan) UZ-0107defunct airport

#100 Ishbulak North airport at Nushkent (Uzbekistan) UZ-0087defunct airport

#101 Charkhin airport at Charkhin (Uzbekistan) UZ-0007defunct airport

#102 Dustlik Southeast airport at Dustlik (Uzbekistan) UZ-0076defunct airport

#103 Siyazy/Pa Yan airport at Char-Khana (Uzbekistan) UZ-0128defunct airport

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