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Airports at the highest altitudes, located in the mountains or on the highlands. A high altitude which rhymes with the drop in atmospheric pressure which increases the taxiing distance to allow planes to take off and therefore requires a longer runway than at lower altitudes. in Luxembourg.

#1 Wiltz Noertrange airport (Luxembourg) / OACI ELNT

aéroport Wiltz Noertrange

Altitude : 464 m = 1522 ft

Wiltz Noertrange airport is located close to Winseler, Wiltz at 1.7 km, Canton de Wiltz at 1.9 km, Weidingen at 2 km, Winseler at 2.5 km, Grumelscheid at 3.3 km, Derenbach at 4.3 km,

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#2 Luxembourg-Findel airport (Luxembourg) / OACI ELLX/ IATA LUX

aéroport Luxembourg-Findel

Altitude : 376 m = 1234 ft

Luxembourg-Findel airport is located close to Luxembourg, Findel at 0.1 km, Sandweiler at 1.5 km, Senningen at 3.3 km, Hostert at 3.8 km, Oberanven at 4.3 km, Rameldange at 4.3 km,

The longest runway measures : 4000 m = 13123 ft

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#3 Useldange Glider airport (Luxembourg) / OACI ELUS

aéroport Useldange Glider

Altitude : 283 m = 928 ft

Useldange Glider airport is located close to Useldange, Everlange at 1 km, Useldange at 1.2 km, Rippweiler at 2 km, Schandel at 2.7 km, Reichlange at 2.7 km, Reimberg at 3.3 km,

The longest runway measures : 800 m = 2625 ft

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