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The airports that have the longest runways in the world, because they are at altitude or the planes need more speed to be able to fly. And long runways to accommodate the largest planes or non-standard aircraft like the American space shuttle in Haiti.

#1 Port Au Prince airport (Haiti) / OACI MTPP/ IATA PAP

aéroport Port Au Prince

Altitude : 37 m = 121 ft

Port Au Prince airport is located close to Port-au-Prince, Maïs Gâté at 0.9 km, Cazeau at 0.9 km, Delmas 73 at 4.1 km, Port-au-Prince at 6.4 km, Croix des Bouquets at 7.1 km, Petionville at 7.5 km,

The longest runway measures : 3040 m = 9974 ft

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#2 Cap Haiten airport (Haiti) / OACI MTCH/ IATA CAP

aéroport Cap Haiten

Altitude : 3 m = 10 ft

Cap Haiten airport is located close to Cap Haitien, Shada at 0.7 km, Cap-Haitien at 3.5 km, Quartier Morin at 5.6 km, Plaine du Nord at 8.5 km, Limonade at 10 km, Milot at 12 km,

The longest runway measures : 2652 m = 8701 ft

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#3 Jacmel airport (Haiti) / OACI MTJA/ IATA JAK

aéroport Jacmel

Altitude : 51 m = 167 ft

Jacmel airport is located close to Jacmel, Jacmel at 1.9 km, Cayes Jacmel at 13 km, Marigot at 21 km, Leogane at 32 km, Dufour at 33 km, Kenscoff at 34 km,

The longest runway measures : 1006 m = 3301 ft

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#4 Cayes airport (Haiti) / OACI MTCA/ IATA CYA

aéroport Cayes

Altitude : 62 m = 203 ft

Cayes airport is located close to Les Cayes, Carrefour des Quatre Chemins at 8.9 km, Les Cayes at 8.9 km, Torbeck at 12 km, Chantal at 13 km, Cavaillon at 15 km, Roche-a-Bateau at 24 km,

The longest runway measures : 981 m = 3219 ft

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#5 Jeremie airport (Haiti) / OACI MTJE/ IATA JEE

aéroport Jeremie

Altitude : 45 m = 148 ft

Jeremie airport is located close to Jeremie, Jeremie at 5.8 km, Carrefour Canot at 11 km, Moron at 14 km, Abricots at 14 km, Chambellan at 19 km, Dame-Marie at 28 km,

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#6 Port de Paix airport (Haiti) / OACI MTPX/ IATA PAX

aéroport Port de Paix

Altitude : 3 m = 10 ft

Port de Paix airport is located close to Port-de-Paix, Ti Port-de-Paix at 1.6 km, Saint-Louis du Nord at 14 km, Arcahaie at 15 km, Fond Bassin Bleu at 16 km, Le Borgne at 34 km, Gros Morne at 34 km,

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