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Cologne Butzweilerhof airport near Germany defunct airport / ICAO ETBB

Cologne Butzweilerhof airport is located near Ossendorf in 0 mi, Laubenkolonie in 1 mi, Lindweiler in 1 mi, Volkhoven in 2 mi, Koeln-Ehrenfeld in 3 mi, Nippes in 3 mi, Koeln-Chorweiler in 3 mi, Koeln-Nippes in 3 mi, Braunsfeld in 3 mi, Kasselberg in 4 mi, Lindenthal in 4 mi, Pulheim in 4 mi,

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aerial view of Cologne Butzweilerhof airport

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Elevation : 48 m = 157 ft

weather : broken clouds in Ossendorf

nuages fragmentés
25 °F
43 ↗ 48 °F

Wind 2 mph

Aviation weather for Cologne Butzweilerhof airport ETBB defunct airport

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