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Mbigou airport in M'Bigou Gabon / ICAO FOGG IATA MBC

Mbigou airport is located near M'Bigou, Mbigou in 2 mi, Mimongo in 29 mi, Ndende in 53 mi, Mouila in 61 mi, Koulamoutou in 64 mi, Mounana in 91 mi, Tchibanga in 91 mi, Moanda in 92 mi, Limbenga in 92 mi, Mossendjo in 92 mi, Lastoursville in 92 mi, Comilog in 93 mi,

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aerial view of Mbigou airport

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Elevation : 715 m = 2346 ft

weather : moderate rain in Mbigou

pluie d'intensité moyenne
68 °F
66 ↗ 79 °F

Wind 2 mph

Aviation weather for Mbigou airport FOGG/MBC

METAR for Mbigou airport FOGG/MBC

No METAR for Mbigou airport, but aviation weather is available at for Mouila Ville airport (FOGM) at 97 km

TAF for Mbigou airport FOGG/MBC

No TAF but aviation weather is available at

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