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Taiz airport near Ta'izz Yemen / ICAO OYTZ IATA TAI

Taiz airport is located near Ta'izz, Manzil ash Shubaykinī in 1 mi, At Ta‘izzīyah in 9 mi, Salh in 10 mi, Dhī as Sufāl in 10 mi, Taizz in 11 mi, As Sayyani in 11 mi, Dar an Nasr in 12 mi, Mashraah in 14 mi, Mawiyah in 16 mi, Muḩāfaz̧at Ta‘izz in 16 mi, Ad Dimnah in 16 mi, Jiblah in 16 mi,

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aerial view of Taiz airport

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Elevation : 1475 m = 4839 ft


weather : sky clear in Manzil ash Shubaykinī

ciel dégagé
64 °F
61 ↗ 75 °F

Wind 2 mph

Aviation weather for Taiz airport OYTZ/TAI

METAR for Taiz airport OYTZ/TAI

No METAR for Taiz airport, but aviation weather is available at

TAF for Taiz airport OYTZ/TAI

No TAF but aviation weather is available at

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